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01-06-2012, 05:08 AM
This is the official show thread for the T.S.W. each month four episodes will air until we crown only one champion, who can be the next Endurance World Champion

01-06-2012, 05:13 AM
T.S.W. 1: New beginning

Wayne Kerr: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the debut of a brand new show and format known as the seven wonders

Al Emoney: That’s right wayne, This tournament tests ones will as well as their overall skills, seven starts yet only one can win

Wayne: we are about to go in ring as special guest lilian Garcia will announce the seven competitors

Lilian: Ladies and gentle, this is a seven man free for all where the winner of this match gets to choose his two opponents in the next match which will be a triple threat and the man that is pinned will be eliminated.

Introducing first One Half of the AWF,BWA and EWA tag team champions Kid wonder

Wayne: This guy really is the goods Al…. he is the tag team god

Al: He Aint nothing Wainker

Wayne: that’s Wayne Kerr and your upset cos you used to team with him and now

AL: now im stuck with you, moving on DAS-WA makes his way to the ring

Wayne: DAS-WA was huge in Australia and at a mammoth 7 foot 2, he is going to be force to be reckoned with in this tournament I bet you he wins this Al,

AL: your probably right wayne

Wayne: No I bet you 10K Das-Wa wins

AL: your on

Commentators shake hands

Lillian: No 3 in this free for all is VAN HOOLIGAN EEEEEXXXXXXX

AL: Van hooligan makes his way to the ring very slowly and cocky as the New Alpha Revolution Global Champion

Wayne: he has won three matches big deal

AL: Das WA hasn’t wrestled three seconds and your banking on him

Wayne: He Doesn’t need to His Seven Foot Two and built like a brick shit house

(All Of A Sudden five hooded guys with random letters of C, M, P, RA and S come out as one)

AL: Who the fuck are these morons security get them out

Wayne: I don’t know but whoever they are, they have a mission as they have bolted past VHX and made a beeline for Kid and DAS-

AL: My God, C, and M are mauling Kid as RA, S and P are attacking Das-Wa

Wayne: this is unbelievable, they have brass knucks and chairs as they are taking these two out and all VHX can do is sit there and watch as some one with only three wins can do.

AL: well hell I wouldn’t go in there mate it’s a five on two assault

Holy Jose comes out to help out but its still 5 on 3 and now here comes Karl Panzer and Mike Muir to help out but as Das Wa and Kid are out its still 5 on 3 and these guys are taking out everyone in there way until Connor chaos hits the ring and cleans up shop with lefts and rights everywhere as eventually these five men leave the ring as two more hooded men with Jaws Of Man printed on their jumpers come out and have something to say

?: you have just experienced the Jaws of Man, and this is only the beginning and they leave the arena as quickly as they got in.

AL: I don’t know what has just happened but the paramedics are out as Das-Wa, Kid-Wonder, Holy Jose and Karl Panzer are in serious trouble we are going to take a commercial break as we find out the condition of these four stars

01-06-2012, 05:17 AM

Wayne: Welcome back to an unbelievable and shocking start as five hooded guys just attacked all the participants bar Van Hooligan X and we have word that Holy Jose and Karl Panzer are cleared for battle but Kid Wonder and Das-Wa are looking out of it.

AL: we are going back stage now to see if the wrestlers in question to see whats going to happen

Paramedic: Look we don’t think you two are cleared to wrestle, there are emergencies waiting to replace you two.

Kid Wonder stands a bit wobbly and says I want to wrestle…… This Tournament is mine.

Das Wa is a bit more wobbly but manages to say Yes I want to wrestle

AL: We are back live as Kid Wonder makes his re-entrance into the arena and into the ring

Wayne: well this is great what spirit shown after that brutal attack

AL: And here he is DAS-WA wobbly as hell walking very slowly up the ramp listen wayne you can cancel that bet if you want

Wayne: Fuck that this guy will still win lets go Das-Wa

AL; Das-Wa look out

Das-Wa Turns around but its to late as the two hooded men who spoke before, hit Das-Wa with the retrieved Jaw Dropper

Al: that was one hell of a move ive never seen it before

??????: The end of an era arrives as the start of man commences…. The Jaws of Man

The two men walk out again as quickly as they came in

Wayne: What the fuck, those two cunts cost me 10K… im going after em

Al: Wayne wait….. wait
Wayne walks out to confront these two men

AL: Well I guess Wayne has just committed suicide and I have pocketed 10K as this match is set to start until the music of the boss of TWS hits

Leonicas enters the arena

Gentleman I am very sorry for what has happened and I have 30 security on the way to stop these monsters from ruining this match, unfortunately Das-Wa is out of Januarys tournament at least so without further ado the seventh wrestler in is
Jamie ‘The Eagle’ Evans

Wow this guy is a future awf superstar what a replacement as I wish Das-Wa all the best in his recovery.

Bell rings Match starts.

01-06-2012, 05:20 AM
First few minutes sees Karl Panzer, Mike Muir, Kid wonder and VHX team up on Holy Jose, Connor Chaos as Jamie evans and the quartet start getting on top unitl kid hits Kidnapped on VHX and goes for the pin.

Middle: Now it is a true free for all and kid is starting to get worn out but sees VHX resting outside the ring and decides on revenge for him not helping out earlier

End: what a match we have encountered connor chaos is running a muck taking out anyone and everyone as Kid Wonder gets the better of VHX out side the ring.

Connor Chaos is laying out lefts and rights to both Karl Panzer and Jamie evens as Holy Jose is getting on top of Mike Muir what a match.
Holy Jose hits his Final Judgement on Mike Muir and goes for the pin, 1…. 2….. THRE connor chaos kicks holy saving Mike Muir and leading Holy and Chaos to go toe to toe laying rights on each other when all of a sudden the two hooded men re-enter the ring and both hit the Jaws Of Man (RKO) on connor chaos and holy as both men are knocked out and security rush the ring to check on these two and catch the Jaws Of Man, but to no aveil.

In All the confusion Mike Muir and Jamie Evans take each other out with clotheslines and roll out out either side of the ring as Kid Wonder hits Kidnapped on VHX.

AL: OMG Kid Wonder what a warrior hes just dissembled VHX but now he has to get VHX in the ring to make the pin…. Kid Wonder struggles but finally gets VHX in the ring and hes made the pin 1….2……………†¦ theres no three count????? Kid Wonder checks on the referee who Karl Panzer has attacked from behind wow Kid Wonder was screwed out of the win as Karl Panzer huffs and puffs and Kid Wonder slowly gets up and BANG…. The Big Boot out of no where and Karl Panzer goes for the pin referee is slow to make the count




That’s it, its over congratulations to Karl Panzer on winning stage one of the Seven Wonders tournament, what a first tournament we had though, first the five mysterious men came out and jumped Wonder and Das-Wa as the rest of the crew came to help only for das wa to fall victim to the retrieved Jaw Dropper as the hooded clowns interfered but they were not done as they laid out IMO the Two Best performers Chaos and Jose only for then for Kid to miraculously hit KIDnapped on VHX and should have had the win but the smarter man Panzer took the ref out and kid wonder consecutively to win and he has a mic in hand as he has caught his breathe… lets see what he has to say???

Karl Panzer:The Seven Wonders Tournament was a tough battle, I can not lie about that. There were some well known talent competing from some of the majors- such as HolyJose and Kid Wonder. There were also some up and coming talent like Mike Muir and Van Hooligan. I took them all on. Once everybody went after HolyJose from the start, I took aim at the up and comers- then Kid Wonder decided to help me out. After pretty much taking care of Muir, Chaos and Evans, Chaos and I went at it.
Meanwhile the rest of the guys that were still standing were going at it outside of the ring. When he was arguing with the ref, I grabbed him, took him out with the Big Boot, and got the win. He didn't see it coming. Seeing that I have to pick two opponents for the next stage of the tournament- I chose Connor Chaos and Van Hooligan, two very different, but amazing talents.

Well there you have it after all this excitement the next weeks card looks like this

Seeded one triple threat: Karl Panzer V Connor Chaos V Mike Muir

Seeded Two Triple Threat match HolyJose V Jamie Evans V Van Hooligan X

Thanks everybody for supporting TWS Im Al Emoney not alemoney and ill see you next week

01-13-2012, 02:13 AM
The Seven Wonders Tournament part II

01-13-2012, 02:14 AM
*An Office is shown as leonicas takes a seat to address the fans of TWS*

Last week was our very first show and boy what a show that was.
Firstly a big congratulations to Karl Panzer on winning the free for all, a first up win for him and possibly TWS gold is just around the corner

Now to address what happened last week

*Video is shown of five hooded guys, all with letters on there shirts of RA, C, L, P and M Jump Wonder and DAS-WA, ending both there chances in the tournament and later on they interfered again possibly costing HolyJose or Connor Chaos the win*

Now I don’t know who any of the five men or the two men who appeared on the stage are but I am not going to have these guys running a mockery of my show that is why I announced that for the immediately future, no crowd members are too wear hoodies.

I want to ensure everyone that i am endeavoring to rid the TWS of these arseholes but i can only do my Best

And with that the new theme for TWS plays

01-13-2012, 02:19 AM
Ashleigh: I am currently joined by the man who was the onlyperson not to be attacked by the 5 hoodies last week. Van Hooligan X.

*loud boos can be heard when she says his name*

Van: I assure you, this pleasure is all yours.

Ashleigh: So, Van. Everyone who is still in the contestdoesn't exactly have you in there good books currently because of your refusalto help them with the attack. How do you feel about this?

Van: How do I feel about it? Who cares! Seriously. If 6wrestlers can't take down 5 weaklings that aren't even in wrestling attire.Then they deserve the beat down. Why would I help weaklings like that.

Ashleigh: Bu--

Van: No buts! This business is a hard business and if youcan't get the job down then you need to give up. I don't care what happens tothe others, I don't care what excuses they will have when I not only wintonight's triple threat match but win the whole god damn tournament!

Furthermore, I reallydon't care what the 5 hoodies do. *Van adjusts his Alpha Revolution title on his shoulder and walks away*

Al Emoney: Ladies and gentle welcome back to the second weekof TWS alongside me is Wayne Kerr and Wayne I had a very good weekend thank youvery much

Wayne: Yeah well you can go fuck yourself Al, Im 10K downand those fuckers in hoodies ran of scared before I could get my hands on them.

Al: Yeah well I still enjoyed the 10K and Leonicas hasstated that the guys in hoods will not be back anyways here is the man who ledthe charge against them and the first participate in the seeded 2 triple threatmatch, HolyJose

HolyJose comes out to a huge pop from the crowd here tonight

Wayne: The massive favourite in this triple threat for mine,Infact I want my money back Al, 10K on HolyJose for me

Al: No thanks Wayne, ikll take 6:1 but not 2:1
Wayne: Fuckin Pussy

AL: Anyways the next man out in this triple threat match isthe man we heard from earlier and the man everyone is speculating is behind theattacks on the roster last week

Wayne: Yeah well if I find out that Van Hooligan X hadanything to do with my losing my 10K ill kick his arse

AL: back to the match wayne and this guy has to have somechance

Wayne: you serious, he couldn’t even beat a bruised up Kid Wonder, this champ is a hack

AL: and now the theme for Jamie Evans as this emergency is about to make his way to the ring

Wayne: Wow what an opportunity for this guy right here, hewas ranked 8th and was lucky to get in and now is a 2 in 3 chance thathell make the semi finals, what a dream for this young kid.

Match starts

HolyJose as Kane V Van Hooligan X as Rey Mysterio V JamieEvans as Mike Knox


Al: Wow you were right Wayne, Holy Jose Does it and gets tochoose his stipulation for his semi-final match with the survivor of the PanzerV Chaos V Mike Muir

Wayne : and the winner of that match will face Van HooliganX as he is the survivor of his match but what match must Van X compete in

Al: Im not sure Wayne but we are going to take a quickcommercial break.

01-13-2012, 02:37 AM
AL: and here comes the first Participant of our Seeded A triple threat match, Connor Chaos

Wayne: You serious Al listen this guy was lucky that 6 outof 7 guys advance and wonder was beaten up otherwise he would have been gone

Just then Two guys with the letters JM come out and attack Chaos

Wayne: There they are those punks wait here Al,

Al: Wayne don’t

Sounds of head phones thud the table as Wayne tries to attack JM but the run of as they always do when the numbers match up, then Chaos goes to shake Waynes hand but Wayne slaps him and walks off

Al: Why did you help Chaos only to slap him

Wayne: I did not help Connor, I want redemption

Just then Paul Conrad comes out to the ring and looks likehe has something to say

Wayne: OH MY GOD one half of the greatest tag team championsin E-Fed history are here whats going on

Al: Settle down Wayne don’t have a heart attack

Wayne: Lets see those smug punks come out now, No One willwant to mess with the conster

Al: I dare you to go up there and call him the conster

Wayne: I dare you to find a prostitute, Pay her to lose yourvirginity, grow a set and that could be the best thing you could spend my 10K on

Conrad: JM or random letters or whoever you are, I don’t knowwho the fuck you cunts think you are, but you cost us a win in the dream matchagainst Domination and we may never get the chance to face them again.

You best be getting to thinkin that we are going to find out who and where you are and when we do we will take you guys out. The dream match was ours to win, not yours to cost us so im telling you pricks you better grow eyes in the back of the head cause im coming and when I do, Two Of A Kind will be open for business

Wayne: WOW what remarks from Paul ‘Mad Dog’ Conrad one halof the Triple Crown World Tag Team Champions

Al: Yeah well as good as they are its 7 on 2 if they everfind them so they are going to need some help.

Last Commercial

01-13-2012, 02:46 AM
Here comes Van Hooligan X who was the only man not tointerfere in the match last week

Wayne: And here comes my man, The only man ever to in aseven man free for all here in TWS, Karl Panzer

AL: There has only ever been one Free for all

Wayne: And he won it

AL: With Help

Wayne: Just shut up and listen to what this great man has tosay

Karl Panzer: The Seven Wonders Free for all was a tough battle, I cannot lie about that.
There were some well-known talent competing from some of the majors - such as HolyJose and Kid Wonder. There were also some up and coming talent like Mike Muir and Van Hooligan. I took them all on. Once everybody went after HolyJose from the start, I took aim at the up and comers - then Kid Wonder decided to help me out. After pretty much taking care of Muir,Chaos and Das-Wa, Wonder and I went at it.

Meanwhile the rest of the guys thatwere still standing were going at it outside of the ring. Seeing that Wonderand I have wrestled each other in our respective tag teams, we pretty much know how each other operates in the ring. When he got me in a rollup for the pin, I just barely kicked out in time. When he was arguing with the ref, I grabbed him, took him out with a DDT, and got the win. He didn't see it coming. Seeing that I have to pick two opponents for the next stage of the tournament- I chose Connor Chaos and Van Hooligan X, two very different, but amazing talents.

Connor Chaos as Rey Mysterio V Karl Panzer as The GreatKhali V Van Hooligan X as Batista


Watch up to 7:51 Commentary starts from About 7:00


AL: What the hell these five hooded guys have attacked my broadcast partner somebody help.

Paul Conrad Storms out to meet the five hooded guys and hits a quick Conrad crusher on P before the other lettered bafoons get the better of him

And out comes HolyJose to help out but its still a 3 on 4 assault as P is not moving

AL: that’s it Wayne fight back but he have action in them iddle as Connor Chaos has both men down but looks at this assault and what’she doing? He’s coming out to help our guys and The Random letters are sent packing.

Hang on a minute Panzer up and he’s just landed the Big Boot on VHX and goes to pin him the referees about to count as Connor realises what’s happened


2…….. Chaos is in the ring now and creeping to the ref and pulls him off


Al: My God as Chaos was pulling up the ref he just put his hand down for the three count and once again Panzer has scored a controversial win against VHX and stolen two wins now from Connor Chaos.

These guys known as random letters or Jaws of man or who ever they are and I’m not insulting them after what they did to Wayne, have ruined yet another match and we now sure VHX hasn’t got anything to do with these attacks so the question marks start being thrown out at the beneficiary of these attacks, Karl Panzer

Anyway that’s all we have time for tonight thanks for watching everyone just a recap for the next episode the semi finals match will be between HolyJose V Connor Chaos and Karl Panzer V Jamie Evans.

My names AL and we are out

01-20-2012, 05:46 AM
Its SHowtime Fukers

01-20-2012, 05:49 AM
Al Emoney: Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to the first Semi Finals of the Seven Wonders tournament and alongside me is a battered and bruised Wainker

Wayne: Shut up idiot did you go in and attack then when I was out there????? No you stood there and looked pretty

Al: And thats why im paid the big bucks now

Wayne: please someone come out and save me from this lunatic

*Crowd starts chanting Y2J Y2J Y2J

Wayne: Hey dickheads.... This aint WWE we cant even afford Tommy Thunder... let alone Y2J

Al: Tommy Thunder please.... We'd Settle for Lenny Lightning

Wayne: Or even Kevin Tears

Al: Hey we are not that desperate

Wayne: Something we both agree on anyways lets get to the first promo of the evening from the ever confident Karl Panzer

Hi Ashleigh Rush here With the no holds barred Karl Panzer so Karl what are your thoughts heading into your semi final match?

Karl: People around here are complaining I won that last match in a, how to you say in English- controversial way.
They say the win was tainted. Who gives a shit. I won, thats all that matters.
I have proven two weeks in a row I am the man to beat- which I may add, nobody has done yet.

So next show I get to take on this guy Evans- ooooo I am scared. He means nothing to me. He is just a mere steppingstone for me.
Seeing that I get to chose my own stipulation for our match- how about lets make it a no DQ/No Count Out match.
That way he will have no place to run and hide.

Wayne: See here is my main man right here he has got the goods and the tournies in the bag

AL: Are you serious really? Listen this jamie evans kid isnt a nobody.

Wayne: whos he gotten past? VHX who has only ever won three matches in a row? Mike Muir.... WHO?

AL: I get it

Wayne: ANNNNND you disrespectful bitch.... a beaten and bruised kid wonder. He aint got no hope

AL: We will see about that

Quick commercial break

01-20-2012, 05:51 AM

TWS has posted more shows this year then EWNCW and JBW combined...

Jamie Evans runs straight into the ring, stares down Karl Panzer and then gets handed a mic and has something to say

Jamie: I gotta be honest, I never saw myself getting this far.
But now I'm in the semi-finals. However now I've got my biggest challenge in Karl Panzer.
I mean the guys way bigger than I am, and he's gonna be using his power game.

But I've faced big guys before and I know what I need to do, I live for the headrush that comes from facing odds as one-sided as this.
I can stand in that ring and take whatever Karl's got. When my adrenaline get's going, He's not gonna know what hit him.
The Eagle will not be grounded, and I'm gonna show Panzer just how much fight I've got.

AL: See that... thats confidence my friend

Wayne: Shut up dickhead..... thats fear and hope combined into an illusion of a chance right there, check the paint chart

Karl Panzer (Benjamin) V Jamie 'The Eagle' Evans (Archer)


01-20-2012, 05:52 AM
AL: I gotta say Wayne very impressive is Karl

Wayne: thats three matches in a row and a combined nine people hes beat

AL: well hell need to make it No 10 but who will it be.... HolyJose or Connor Chaos

Commercial Break:

01-20-2012, 05:54 AM
AL: we are back and chaos is in the ring and looks like he has something to say.

Connor: So here I am, The Herald of Havoc in the semis of the first Seven Wonders Tournament.
There's no dount I've worked my ass off to get here, I've put the hurt on just about every guy in this tournament, to have the win snatched away by either hooded cowards getting the sneak attack, or Karl Panzer.

Now I'm not denying Karl's a great athlete, but he best watch himself the next time I see him. For now I up against the one and only HolyJose.

Now this guys the real deal, a champion through and through.
I know I'm gonna need to bring everything I got, but I know I can beat him.
The Power of Chaos is on my side, and I'm gonna come out of this tournament on top.

Wayne: The Power of Chaos..... WTF is this guy on

AL: Thats how he motivates himself and hes been doing very very well

Wayne: Yeah well ive called all the matches tonight so far

AL: All of One match

Wayne: and im going to be Two from Two Jose for the win

AL: *whispers whatever*

Wayne: WHAT?

AL: nothing

Wayne: Anyways here comes HolyJose, and he looks determined lets hear what he has to say

HOLY: This match is going to be a Buried Alive Match. CHaos your mine

Wayne; wow short and sweet the man has spoken

AL: we will see we will see

Quick Commercial

01-20-2012, 05:56 AM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=638fuj-EFIw&feature=relatedHolyJose as Undertaker V Connor Chaos as Kane - Buried alive match

Watch up to 4:52

AL; These fuckin morons are back and they are destroying HolyJose

Wayne: Yes but now connor Chaos has gone in there to take care of the five fukers

AL: Hang on... Conrad is here and so is Kid Wonder Wonders back and Two of a kind, your triple crown world tag team champions

Wayne: yeah well its still 5 on 2 and the Randoms like there chances

Al: hold on Connor Chaos has exited the ring and is attacking the randoms but he is getting the beat down

wayne: these guys are terrifying AL they are a force to be reckoned with

Just then Domination enter the arena

AL: Holy Fukin smokes the EWNCW World Tag Team Champions are here and they are joining forces with Two Of A KInd and Connor Chaos

Wayne: Hang On look at the ring the two guys wearing JM are here and they are waiting for HolyJose To get up.

AL: Holy Stay down Stay down

Holy Gets Up only to recieve the Jaws Of Man:RKO, and down is HolyJose and while the ten men are brawling one of the JM Guys
climps the Tractor.

Wayne: and Connor Realises whats Going on and gets in the ring and clothesline the other member of team JM but as he
goes to save HolyJose the tractor releases the dirt onto The two combatants and you can merely see Connors head

Al: So whats the result???????

Wayne: Who cares those suns of bitches have run off leaving TOAK and Domination running into the dirt area
to dig out the two superstars.

AL: Ohh Oh here comes Leonicas and he looks pissed

Leonicas: Thats it i have had enough of these hooded idiots, Next week as a prelude to the Crowning of the first TWS World Champion
We are going to have ourselves a little handicap match.
The Seven hooded fuckers that keep ruining our shows will verse the Team of the triple crown world tag team champions
Two Of A Kind and the EWNCW world tag team Champions... Domination

Wayne: Yes those idiots will finally get whats coming to them

Leonicas: Now Regarding the result.... I checked the video footage and although both superstars were under the dirt and stones,
One superstar was not completely buried and therefore the winner of this match is Connor Chaos
HolyJose although you may seem this as unfair i am vey sorry but i can not postpone this math for another win as that would
give Karl Panzer a distinct advantage.

Wayne: WOW so the Final is Karl Panzer V Connor Chaos.

AL: hold up wainker Holy has a mic

HolyJose: Hey Leonicas, from one ownr to another..... i want a favour

Leonicas: whats that

HolyJose: I Want in on the handicap match next week

Leonicas: You know what you got it.

AL: Wow what a final we are going to have next week, first we have the randoms taking on a combined four times the tag team champs
and the current Alpha Revolution North American champion what a showing
And then We crown our first ever T.W.S. World champion either Connor Chaos or Karl Panzer will be our first ever world champions

Wayne: thats right but thats all we have time for tonight im WAYNE KERR and my partne Al Emoney wishing you good night

02-01-2012, 04:28 AM
Leonicas is unable to make the show tonight but has found a suitable replacement

02-01-2012, 04:29 AM
everyone ready for the five on seven handicap match??????

02-01-2012, 04:33 AM
not long now? whos going to win Karl or Connor

02-01-2012, 04:34 AM
Breaking news

Two Of A Kind have not ben seen and that begs the question.....? will the scheduled match go ahead

02-01-2012, 04:39 AM
Its The Start of the Show as we know it....... NOW

02-01-2012, 04:40 AM
We Get a Video package outlining the brutal attacks by the Randoms and JM on every single wrestler as well as Wayne Kerr and Leonicas


Ladies and Gentleman My name is Al E Mony and Wayne Kerr is No Where to be seen but the show must go one anyway and tonight we have a huge Five on Seven handicap match between the fuckin a holes and a team put together for one night only as The Holy Kind Of Domination, Holy Jose, Two Of A Kind and Domination and then the final of a very controversial Seven Wonders Tournament as The Undefeated Karl Panzer tries to make his Streak a championship winning one verses the herald of Havoc, Connor Chaos.

A Second Video plays showing Leonicas’s declaration to rid The Seven Wonders of The Jaws Of Men and then highlights of Karl Panzers and Connor Chaos road to the final.


02-01-2012, 04:47 AM
Welcome back guys and I have just got word from someone that we are going to get this match underway between the randoms and the Holy Kind Of Domination


Finally these seven mongrols are going to at least compete in a somewhat fair contest.

The seven wrestlers still hooded with there letters represented on there hoodies and as they enter the ring one of them has something to say.

P: Listen up idiots, You stand there like dumbfounded folk like as if this is a mystery as too who we are and why we are doing what w are doing? You obviously are not real wrestling fans

You Suck You Suck You Suck

C: Since Day One, 14 years ago on this very date, J and M made here debut in Amateur and since then have dominated in every Company in Every Country except One… America

L: Until three weeks ago when we took it upon ourselves to break out and start this group and launch ourselves into the big time and now we are here, we have caused Havoc on every roster member.

S: But not the Havoc that the self-Proclaimed Herald of Havoc, Connor Chaos would have you believe…. We have caused so much more, firstly we eliminated the two favourites for this piece of shit wannabe excuse for a tournament, Kid Wonder and Das-Wa. But then VHX the next favourite ran his mouth about how either of us put fear in him so we took him out. And Now Connor Chaos has shown tremendous disrespect to our group so sorry to spoil the party but Karl Panzer is your new Seven Wonders World Champion…. Not cause we like him cause we don’t but he hasn’t shown us any disrespect and by default Connor loses

RA: But now we have the true Main Event Ladies and Gentleman, The two guys that are going to dominate E-Fedding forever… Between them there 37 times amatuar world champions, 24 times amateur world tag team champions and both of these guys have been voted a never before seen 5 times amateur wrestlers of the Year.

Quick Break

02-01-2012, 04:49 AM
Al: No way… there finally here

Shane Jackson and Aurelio Mendoza…… Jackson-Mendoza

Just then J and M take their hoodies of to finally give the professional E-Fedding scene a first look at these two
Jackson: You idiots never saw it coming did you? The attacks, the beatings, the interferences we are the greatest thing ever to hit E-Wrestling and we are hitting the ground running

Mendoza: And before we go on I just want to wish Leonicas the best in all his future endeavours because after what we did to him Wednesday and yes that was us, he will never be here again and now we are running the show.

Jackson: So we decided to give you idiots a little surprise…. Roll the damn Footage

Seven guys are shown brutalising the hell out of Two Of A Kind

Mendoza: We decided it was unfair to face Four World Tag Tean Champions as well as a north American champion so we levelled the playing field so to speak and now the match will be between The Jaws Of Men: Jackson/Mendoza Verse Holy Domination So bring there arses out here now.

Goldberg theme plays as domination make their way to this farce

AL: So 7 on five wasn’t bad enough, these pricks now taken two of a kind out which makes this a 7 on 3 massacre

HolyJose stands at the top of the stage praying to his North American tile as he walks focused to the ring but half way through an unfamiliar face comes out

?????: Not so fast….. This match is not happening

Jackson: And who the hell are you?

My Name is Aloisick and I am Leonicas’s Cousin and heir to The Seven Wonders Crown

Mendoza: Blah Blah Blah

Then Mendozas face turns serious as Jackson and him drop the mics and head towards the new General Manager. But as they get close enough…..

Aloisick: Woah woah boys….. before you make the biggest mistake of your life you must not know who I am.
I am Aloisick of the Aloisicks alliance and you have already met some of my guys…. Lets meet a few more
As he says that G-Scorp, HOS, Il Cattivo and the slightly hampered Das-Wa make a line with the new Manager

AL; Holy Fuck, Most Of aloisicks alliance are here and now it’s an 8 on 7 onslaught as the alliance and HolyJose exact some revenge taking out all seven wrestlers before rolling Jackson-Mendoza into the ring.

Aloisick: Now this will be a Two on One Handicap match, Jackson and Mendoza V HolyJose

AL: Whoah what a handicap match Both these guys are knocked out what an easy win for the North American Champion

Aloisick: Ring the Bell

Ding Ding Ding

HolyJose is smashing the fuck out of these Two Clowns for about 2 minutes before Aloisick interrupts

Aloisick: Whoah, Stop the match Jose as much as I love to see these guys beaten to a pulp this isn’t right for the fans so This is now a TLC Match

AL: What the hell a TLC handicap match as Jose Smiles and grabs all the weapons he can and pounds these guys for a good ten minutes before standing on the ropes, he graps the Mic as the Referee makes the ten count


These guys are so hopeless


Im not even going to


Pin these fools


A Double count out


In a TLC handicap


What an embarrassment


But these clowns deserve it


*Now the Crowd counts*



Ladies and Gentleman the winner of this Two On One TLC handcap match, the Alpha Revolution North American Champion HolyJose

AL: Yes these guys got what was coming to them what a great result fuckin unbelievable well done Holy but now we are going to take a break before our main event of the evening.

02-01-2012, 04:53 AM
Aloisick: Welcome back everyone and if you missed the start of the show this is what you missed,

A Video Montage depicting the nights events culminating with HolyJose Reigning supreme
And now we will go to Ashleigh who has Both Opponents together before they go to war for the TSW World Championship

Ashleigh here first with Karl Panzer and Karl,

Karl: Tonight Ashliegh, after all the gruelling work I have put into this tournament, it will finally pay off. I am facing one of the very few opponents worthy of my time, well make that barely worth my time. Rest assured Connor Chaos, a one on one match between us will be your biggest challenge. And don't underestimate me my friend, just because I am a tag team specialist does not mean I can't go it alone, as I have shown all throughout the tournament. I will stretch you, I will break you, I will make you cry like a little bitch. That title is mine motherfucker.

Ashleigh thanks Karl now we have Connor Chaos…. Connor any thoughts or anything you would like to say?

Connor: So here I am, in the finals. What do you guys think of that?

*Large Cheer goes up from ther crowd*


Connor: But now I'm facing my toughest challenge yet: Karl Panzer. I've already seen what this guy is capable of first hand. He's already stole a win off me back in the Triple Threat. But I know how he works, and I know I can beat him. I've got the guts, the skills and the power of Chaos on my side. And when the dust settles you'll see me. The Herald of Havoc, The Tempest of Turmoil, The Anarchist Extraordinaire, standing on top as you're first ever SEVEN WONDERS CHAMPION!

AL; Well there you have it ladies and gentleman the words have been spoken the passage set next is the TSW Final

02-01-2012, 04:58 AM
Britney Spears: Hello everyone how yall doing…..?

Crowd in hysterics

I am here as the special guest announcer for this finale

Karl Panzers Music starts as the ever so cocky superstar comes into the ring

The First contender in this match is undefeated in this tournament and is looking at his first Professional E-Fed World title Karl Panzer.

AL: This is crazy Britney Fucking spears bitch, how the hell did Alo get her here anyways back to the match and Karl looks like a man possessed.

And The fellow contender in this Seven Wonders Tournament final The Herald of Havoc…CONNOR CHAOS

AL: And look how pumped Connor is, he has faced criticism all tournament for scrapping through but so far hes impressed me and no matter if he wins or loses, He Beat HolyJose in a fantastic Buried alive match .

Karl Panzer/Sting V Connor Chaos/Goldberg


watch til 7:45

AL: And Chaos finally kicks out of the submission move and Panzer can not believe it, hes letting his fustrations show now as Chaos gets up and Karl starts landing a few rights and chaos finally gets one back 3 hits by panzer followed by one from chaos.

Panzer goes for another hit but Chaos grabs his hand and throws him into the ropes and yes clothesline from chaos and Panzers down. Chaos climbs on top of the ropes but whats this, Wayne Kerr my Broadcast partner is coming down the ring and hits connor with brass knucks WTF is this, Wayne grabs the Mic and says,

“That was a message from JM…. We told you Karl would win”

AL: No what are you doing you idiot

Wayne then grabs Chaos and throws him out the ring and leaves as the referee starts his count


AL: No Not Like this




AL: Come On Chaos get up



Chaos is not moving


Panzer stands up and realises whats just gone on


AL: Hes not moving Karl is the seven wonders champion


As the referee is about to count to ten Karl Panzer exits the ring and throws Chaos into the ring.

AL: What sportsmanship, Panzer hasn’t taken the easy way out my god what a match and it isn’t going to end in controversy

Panzer lets Chaos get up and they trade blow for blow til both men are staggering then once again a clothes line from Chaos, and now hes got Panzer in a figure four near the middle of the ring as panzer creeps closer to the ropes

AL: He is nearly at the ropes what a match this is but Chaos still has the hold on this last inch that panzer needs is taking an eternity and hes just about touched it.

AL: Hes collapsed, Karl Panzer has passed out and he have our very first Seven Wonders World Champion, Connor Chaos.

Connor Chaos goes to celebrate for a second then checks on the condition of Panzer and while the EMTS are at it
Aloisick makes his way to the ring belt in hand.

Aloisick: Ladies and Gentleman Thanks for all your support and all your cheering through out this match and to both combatants thank you for putting on a hell of show.
Before I go any further I just want to wish Leonicas a fast and speedy recovery and last time I checked he was in a serious but stable condition

Crowd chants Thank you Leonicas

Now I have an announcement to make regarding the future of the seven wonders.
I Have reached an agreement with E-WF just moments ago and as of next tournament, The Seven wonders will be seen on TNT and FNL.

Crowd in shock

As well as this there will be a second championship known as the Endurance championship. And after there efforts tonight and Karl Panzers sportsmanship I am naming Karl Panzer the Inaugural T.W.S. Endurance Champion.

AL: WOW what a decision by Aloisick and the right one in my books Karl Could Have been world Champion but he showed tremendous spirit by throwing Chaos back in the ring has earned the right to be the Endurance Champion

Aloisick: And now without Further ado, we will hand the reigns over to the New TWS World Champion, Connor Chaos

Chaos: Thanks Alo and thanks Panzer for an unbelievable match, I don’t wanna take up much time I just wanna say Karl, Thanks for doing the sportsman thing tonight and im sure you will hold this title before long but im hurt really bad so im going to the back and then im gunna PARRRRRRRTTYYYYY

AL: Well there you have it Ladies and Gentleman the crowning of our very first World Champion and Endurance champion from Al E MONY and the cast and crew hope you enjoyed the first season of The Seven Wonders

03-19-2012, 08:18 AM
Adrenaline Title Chase: March April Week 1

AL: Ladies and Gentleman my name is Al E Mony and im not sure where Wayne Kerr is hes scheduled to join me anyways well get straight into it as we have two free for all’s today, the first being for the T.S.W.Endurance champion and the second being for the T.W.S. World Champioship currently held by Connor Chaos.

First we are going to hear from some of the competitors for the Endurance title: Starting with The young and Vibrant Harry Richards.

Seven Wonders Tournament… TWS… Wait; surely it should be SWT for the Seven Wonders Tournament. Or TSW for The Seven Wonders. TWS is The Wonders Seven or Tournament Wonders Seven. Strange initialising. But anyway,that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m in it; Harry Richards, the top high flyer to ever come out of the UK, The Concorde. And I’m in it to win it. I may be only seventeen, but don’t underestimate me. You better be ready Seven Wonders, however you want to initialise your name, because I’m Harry Richards, and I’m ready to fly!

Wayne: What an arrogant young punk T.W.S. stands for the weekly show

Al: Fuck you scared me where were you

Wayne: This old guy was talking to me about WWII forever and I couldn’t bare to leave

AL: so what was he saying

Wayne: How the hell should I know, I hit him and knocked him out then was at the police station for four hours

Al: WOW what a class act, speaking of class acts, heres Avidico

Wayne: Well he is one half of the Lightning tag team champions as well as the AWF world champion and JBW superfly champion so letssee what he has to say

03-19-2012, 08:21 AM
Avidico makes his way down to the ring with his half of the E-WF tag titles around his waist

He jumps onto the top turnbuckle and takes a seat on it

Avi: So as some of you may or may not know
Me and scorpy won the E-WF Tag Team Titles on Lightning
Now when I came to E-WF I came for 1 main reason
to Win the 7 wonders tournament.
I don’t care who I have to go thru
I am going beat them all to claim what is rightfully mine.

avidico jumps off the rope rope and throws his mic into the crowd
Wayne: and I believe he can win it to
Al: and now we are going to hear from the man who has already won, with the ladies that this…. Miguel Tenorio

03-19-2012, 08:27 AM
*The fans don’t know how to react as the music is unknown to them. After several seconds, The Spanish Love Machine Miguel Tenorio emerges and the crowd begins to cheer, specially the ladies.
Tenorio goes down the ramp high fiving people, and playing tribute to the ladies. He stops at the corner,where a gorgeous brunette is sitting. He takes her hand, kisses it, and invites the lady to come with him. She is helped to climb the barrier, and Miguel leads her to the ring, climbing the steps first to help her up, then opening theropes to let her in. Then, he enters the ring after he’s given a mic. He goes next to the lady and puts his hand around her waist*

MT: Nobody expected The Spanish Love Machine after that music, huh?

*Crowd cheers*

MT: You’ve gotta get used to it, as I think it fits me like a glove, I’m the Soul Mover and the ladies now it!

*Fans keep cheering, and the ladies scream*

MT: Let me get back in time for a second. When I was a teen, back in Spain, I learned at school about a Renaissance Spanish poet named Jorge Manrique. He follwed the ideal of the courtesan. He was a poet in times of peace, and a warrior when called to the battlefield. AndI said to myself that I wanted to be like that guy, he got the ladies and could kick the enemies’ asses when required!

*The fans are enjoying*

MT: So I started to be courteus to the ladies, bringing nice words and compliments, and having the physique I have *he releases the lady,turns around slowly for everyone to see and goes back to her* and adding a bit of what a wrestling God called stylin’ and profilin’, and the ladies came to me!

*Cheers and a couple of WOOOOOOOOs*

MT: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then I started to train boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling, but I needed something more to become a huge star. O and i was lucky I could move here to the US to improve my technique and my mic skills. I took wrestling lessons, acting lessons, and after a few goes in the indies, Iimpressed the EWNCW staff to sign with them!

*This is not much liked as EWNCW is mentioned*

MT: I was put with two great fellas like Big Chief andT-Thunda, and the three of us are going to become tag team champs,as there are no one as fast and skillful than the Sexiest Alpha Males!

*”We love the Males” chant from the women*

MT: We know you do! *He smiles*When I heard there was going to be a Seven Wonders Tournament, I thought that there are not Seven Wonders, only one, and that one is me. So, after getting the OK from the guys and the owners of EWNCW, here I am, ready to defeat six other guys to become the Seven Wonders Tournament winner!

*Crowd supports the claim*

MT: According to maths, I have1/7 of chances of getting the win,l ike 14%. But you know what? I have a great repertoire of moves in my arsenal, I have damned good mic skills, and I have the support of the fans due to my charisma and my looks, so my chances of winning get a huge boost! I respect every other competitor I’m facing, but I’ll do whatever I need to do to defeat you, gentleman, never doubt about it!

*”Let’s go Miguel!”chants*

MT: So mark my words! As sure as I have my hand around the waist of this gorgeous looking lady, I’m gonna be crowned the Seven Wonders tournament champion! YOU BETCHA!

03-19-2012, 08:35 AM
AL: Certainly a fan favourite here especially with the ladies

Wayne: What a douche id kick his arse

Al : Hes in the ring

Wayne: Another time perhaps

AL:Well here come the three final participants Karl Panzer, Hanz Gruber and Barbie Panzer as im sure they will team together

Wayne: Best Way of winning this brutal match

Barbie Panzer: Just because I am a woman, nobody best underestimate me. I am one tough ass motherfucker. I have trained along with my brothers, Oli and Karl. I don't care who I have to go through tonight, other than my brother Karl. I know he would not dare beat the crap out of me. And a warning to all the guys in this tourney- you grab my ass or my breasts, I will break your fucking fingers.

Hanz Gruber: Well finally I get to take part in the Seven Wonders Tourney- been just a lil too busy lately with my work in the otherfeds. But this tourney is great for someone like me for I am the best wrestler in the world. Other than my friend Karl, there are a bunch of loser this go around- and Barbie is in it? Thats a fucking joke. She is just eye candy. She belongs in the kitchen cooking shit for the rest of us actually wrestling in the tourney.

Karl Panzer: I am not one to rest on my laurels, therefore Idecided I want to defend my Endurance Title in this tournament. There are a great bunch of guys this go around- even my lil sis- whom I have the up mostrespect for. It takes balls for a woman to want to step in the ring with us. I also am taking part in World Title Tournament- I want to prove that I am more than just a tag team wrestler- the Endurance Title is but a mere stepping stone to the World Title- soon both will be mine

03-19-2012, 09:06 AM
Adrenaline free for all

Last Moments of match:

The Spanish Love Machine has weirdly teamed up with Avidico and Kid Wonder and they are taking out KarlPanzer, Richards and Gruber while Barbie is Waiting on the outside,

Tenorio flat out DDTs Karl Panzer who is laying there flat while the other five are at it in the middle… Richards blindsides Avidico who falls on Panzer ref counts



Wonder breaks up the pin only to end up getting himself caught in a figure four by Richards this is crazy the action here Tenorio is taken care of Richards but Wonder is about to tap, Wonder is about to tap when Tenorio breaks the pin but ends up getting a nasty feel up by Barbie on the outside Tenorio then eats a big boot from Panzer and Avidico from no where lands a five star splash on Panzer goes for the pin



Barbie breaks it up as Avidico stares Barbie Panzer down

Wayne: He wouldn’t hit her

Al: Wouldn’t he

Barbie at the last moment kicks Avidico in the nuts and Karl Gives Avidico the Big Boot as Wonder lands WONDERful on
Harry Richards Karl Goes To Pin Avidico while Kid Wonder Pins Richards

Referee counts Panzers pin first




AL: No way, I don’t believe it, Avidico is defeated and weare down to six men in this competition

Wayne: Really Al. Really?

AL: Sorry Miz

Wayne: whatever that’s all for the adrenaline title chase but stay tuned cause next we have the main show, the world title chase

03-19-2012, 09:11 AM

Wayne: Here we are live and this has been what ive been waiting for, the return of the TWS World Title chase

AL: We are back and what a legendary field here as we have the returning TDA with EWNCW’s best ever Tommy Thunder, our two SEVEN WONDERS Champions ,HWA owner Broc Flucker and van hooligan X but first lets go backstage where wehave Thanatos an Athena waiting

*Athena is standing backstage in front of a TNT Logo with amicrophone.*

Athena: Now Ladiesand Gentlemen, it is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you the man who is going to win the Seven Wonders Tournament. He will be the World Champion. He is the E-WF TNT Hardcore Champion, representing the most dominant force in E-WF,The pride of Olympus. Please welcome MY Champion and soon to be the SWT World Champion, The Personification of death and the demise of all who come before him, Thanatos!

*Thanatos walks intothe view of the camera*

Thanatos: Why thankyou my Goddess for that lovely introduction. Now if I could have a moment alone to say a few words to my competition in this tournament.

*Athena nods andwalks out of the camera’s view*

Thanatos: Thank you. Now down to business! As the E-WF Hardcore champion, when I was asked to enter this tournament and represent E-WF as its most dominant competitor I expected better competition. Don’t get me wrong some of the guys I’m up against have done some great things in the past, but that’s the thing. It’s the past. It’s time to look at the future. And for my opponents in this tournament the future is dark.The Devil’s Advocate is coming out of retirement for this, well guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck. I will send him straight through the doors of death and back to the depths of Tartarus where he belongs. I run the underworld, sure Hades is the face of operations down there, but I’m the man who makes surepeople go away when they are supposed to and never come back and if TDA thinks he can just resurrect his dead career. Well I will put a stop to that.
And Tommy Thunder? Please, Chris Jericho called, he wants his gimmick back. That’s more than enough about him, but I must confess his name does remind me of a great show I know. I believe its called Tuesday Night Thunder! Anyway I don’t care about the HWA world champion. He’s going down just like the rest of the pathetic excuse for competition in this tournament.Seriously, Vanhooligan X might be able to use a cricket bat in HWA but I will take your bat, snap it in half and shove the handle straight up your ass. Then I will break every single bone in your body and throw you straight through the doors of death and send you deep into the pits of hell. When I am through with you Hooligan, there will be nothing left of you!
When It come to that worm Broc, well there is no words I can say that do justice to how pathetic he really is. So Broc, all I have to say to you is. Prepare to be shown what hardcore really means. I know that I haven’t mentioned the champions yet, but you know what, they are such a fucking joke that they deserve even less than Broc! I’m going to go out there, win tonight and every night until I become the SWT World Champion and I’m going to do it with Pride. As with everything I do, I will do it for the Pride of Olympus. See you losers out there!

*Thanatos leaves*

AL: Strong message there from Thanatos as we ae back in thering to hear from the legendary TDA
Here comes the returning TDA

03-19-2012, 09:19 AM
"I want to be in the Seven Wonders Tournament for various reasons. However, I will only name a few. I have gotten myself involved with this Tournament to test my skills, and to prove to everyone that I still have it. Many people would ask why I would want to come back after having what many people had thought was my last match at JBW's Rampage Of The Titans PayPer View. Standing before you today I have proven other wise with my spoken words and willingness to fight the good fight. Redemption means more to me than anything else. All of the people crowding around and also signing up are in for one hell of a fight, because I will not go down easily.

I have jumped through various obstacles throughout my career; I have main-evented almost every Warfare during my time as an active competitor, and I led one of the most successful stables in Warfare history.But one thing had always slipped past me.. I never accomplished anything more than that, and my accomplishments no-matter how astonishing they may be they never truly reach the career highlights of every other Wrestler. I want to have my defining moment. I want to win something for once. I want to prove to everyone that I am still able to go inside of the ring.

Life is harsh, and I know that many others want second chances as well, but I feel as if I can still deliver. I believe that I would make a great impact in the Tournament and win or lose I will come out learning something new in the end. Because not only is this a contest it is also just for fun. And fun is something that I plan on having, and hopefully I can last a very long time. All of you will lay witness to the new me.. A future wrapped around the lives of bright stars? Well, I will be meeting them since my star has never faded."

AL: what an inspirational and heart felt promo from TDA as we now hear from Broc

03-19-2012, 09:22 AM
Broc: So, I know what you're all wondering, why would a superstar like Broc want to waste his time in some tournament? well here's the answer to that, I came into this tournament to prove to all the doubters that I am a top competitor in all of wrestling, I came here to prove to people like Holy Jose, that I am more then capable of defeating the best of the best in this ring. Now, let me not waste my time mentioning someone like Jose, because his name does not deserve to come out of my mouth.

Now onto the actual tournament, I will dominate whoever I am placed into the ring with, because the bottom line is that I am the best wrestler in any company, and this tournament, as I'm sure that all of you fans have only tuned into this piece of shit tournament to see the one and only Broc, compete, and dominate, and destroy all of his competition, I mean that's why everyone is tuning into JBW SHOWDOWN! just to see Broc and Sully dominateas the single greatest tag team in JBW, sadly Sully couldn't make it to this tournament, due to severe Vagina sprain he suffered earlier in the week, but who cares, I'm here and that's all you people need, I hope you enjoy seeing this domination of a tournament.

03-19-2012, 09:26 AM
All Seven Competitors are in the ring so lets get this one started

(sorry guys not typing out whole match, im getting to the end game)

Wayne: We are back and it seems JBW and EWNCW have no love lost as TDA and Thunder go at it

*Crowd starts chanting JBW…. EWNCW in unisen*

AL: Lefts and rights everywhere by these to as

WAYNE SCREAMING: what the fuck Karl Panzer has just smashed chaos head with a steel chair what a shot and from behind Van Hooligan X goes after Panzer

Al: The rivalry between these two are fierce in the EWA and Thanatos has decided that he can use weapons too and grabbed his Hardcore title and Yells at Broc

I’m The RealHardcore Legend on here

Wayne: TDA and Thunder still going out it and TDA with a running Clothesline puts Thunder outside but as TDA turns around he is met by the Big Boot of Panzer

AL: My GOD, The Adrenaline champion is going to win both matches here,



Thanatos pulls Panzer of TDA, Throws him into the ropes and SPEAR, what a fucking spear, Panzer is pulled apart and Thanatos Goes for the pin



Wayne: Wow the finalist from last year is gone as the new boy Thanatos pulls of a massive victory and moves one step closer to becoming dual champion

AL: Well this is the Seven Wonders March/April stay tuned to next week where we will have 4 exciting triple threat matches, from your announce team and everyone at the back so long