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12-30-2011, 11:48 AM
TNA Champions

TNA World Champion Samoa Joe

TNA Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly)

TNA T.V Champion D'Angelo Dinero

TNA X Division Champion Austin Aires

TNA Knockout's Champion Gail Kim

S.E. Zero
12-30-2011, 02:36 PM
Right off the bat, TNA??!! Really? xD Just kidding Rya :)

Interesting roster for sure though 2 maybe 3 more tag teams could be good, champions are good and if you do well as you have in your WWE my way this should fare well.

Good luck.

01-13-2012, 10:52 AM
Impact review:

Before I get onto the show, that is one big roster.

To ensure that nobody worthy gets lost in the pack, I think you should cut a few names and fire some guys, there just appears to be too many.

And onto the show.

Samoa Joe kicking things off and showing his confidence to challenge anybody was good, as was Bischoff announcing a Fatal 4 Way match at Genesis, with qualifying matches tonight. Good way to start the show, but the promo was a little short.

Rhino picks up a victory over Christopher Daniels, and is heading for Genesis. A worthy challenger, and this win proves he deserves to be in the main event of Genesis.

Hardy and Pope have a backstage altercation but it was confusing whether or not Pope actually accepted Hardy's challenge?

Hardy is in tag action up next, and the attack by Pope on Hardy leads to Kaz getting pinned by Storm. I'm guessing that's how Pope accepts the challenge, but an awkward stare by Kaz leads me to think he may get involved next week.

Matt Sydal, aka Evan Bourne, is heading to TNA. A good signing, but like I said earlier, be careful with the size of your roster. I'd suggest a second brand, but you already have 3 WWE brands, plus this one, and obviously non-forum life, so it's a bit much of a workload.

Williams picking up the win over Moore was good, before Joe addresses the Fatal 4 Way match backstage in an interview, showing his face side by saying Rhino is a good opponent, but remaining confident in his abilities by saying he will win.

Now here's a freaking match! Kurt Angle gets the win over Bryan Danielson by using his experience to outwit Danielson. A shame this match is a qualifying match as it could be an awesome feud.

Vampiro & Abyss take out The MCMGs before winning the main event, a Tag Championships number one contender battle royal. I think that the eliminations would have been better if you'd've explained each elimination, as it did get a bit confusing. Also, some guys in this main event are better than the tag divison, CM Punk for example. With one spot left up for grabs in the main event of Genesis, hopefully Punk can get involved.

Overall, a decent start and I hope to see this over the next few weeks.

01-22-2012, 08:34 AM

Sinister Rise Above by Dale Oliver plays as the TNA Video is shown

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe comes down to the ring with microphone in hand.

In the ring

Joe: Well I know two of my challengers in the Elimination Match at Genesis in two weeks time.

I wonder who will be the final man.

It doesn’t really matter because I will walk into that match as champion and I will walk out as champion.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring with microphone in hand

Back in the ring

Angle: Joe give these pathetic fans false hope that you will retain you’re world championship because you’re not going to I am going to make sure of that.

Joe & Angle go face to face

Rhino comes down to the ring with microphone in hand

Back in the ring

Rhino: Angle & Joe it doesn’t matter what you two say I am going to eliminate both of you and the third man in the Championship match at Genesis and win that championship to become a 3 time TNA World Champion.

All three go head to head

TNA General Manger Eric Bischoff comes out to the stage with microphone in hand

Bischoff: Now hold it right there you three.

It’s not that I don’t want to see you three beat the hell out of each other but you all will have to wait til Genesis because tonight in the main event it will be Kurt Angle & Cm Punk VS Samoa Joe & Rhino and if Punk is the one who gets the pinfall he is the last man in the championship match at Genesis.

That is all

Bischoff heads to the backand Punk comes out onto the stage

Joe, Angle and Rhino & Punk stare down

Commercial Break

Match 1 Gunner beat Bobby Lashley

Finisher: Lashley has Gunner up for the Dominator but Gunner rakes the eyes.

Lashley turns around and Gunner grabs him and nails an F5 he covers Lashley for the win.

Backstage Kazarian & Jeff Hardy are arguing

Kazarian: What the hell happened last week Jeff I needed you and you weren’t there

Hardy: Kaz come on man did you see what Pope did to me he took me out I couldn’t help it.

Kazarian: Jeff you didn’t have to antagonise him last week look I get it you want championship gold that is why we are all here but I needed you last week and you weren’t there.

But I will be there for you in your corner tonight against the Pope.

Hardy: Thanks man

They shake hands and walk off towards the ring

Match 2 TNA T.V Championship Jeff Hardy with Kazarian beat The Pope D’Angelo Dinero by DQ

Finish: Jeff has just hit the Twist of Fate on Pope and climbs to the top rope for the Swanton when Kazarian gets up on the apron and pushes Hardy off so that he lands on the ropes throat first.

Pope grabs his championship and leaves Kazarian grabs Hardy and nails Fade to Black on Hardy then leaves.

Commercial Break

Match 3 Tyler Black beat Kevin Steen & Matt Cross to win a TNA Contract

Finish: Steen takes out Cross with a Package Piledriver and then turns around to face Black and is met with a Super Kick. Black covers Cross for the win.

Backstage Rhino is knocked out on the floor with Referees checking on him and then being loaded into an ambulance

Match 4 Alex Shelly & Ashley beat Vamprio & Knockouts’ Champion Gail Kim with the returning James Mitchell

Finish: Ashley and Gail are in the ring brawling and Shelly & Vampiro are brawling on the outside.

Kim puts Ashley on one of the top turnbuckles and goes for a Superplex but Ashley reverses it and pushes Gail down onto the canvas and then hits Starstruck (Diving Elbow Drop) and covers for the win.

After the match Vampiro chokeslams Shelly through the announce table and leaves with James Mitchell

Chris Sabin & Ashley check on Shelly as Kim heads to the back

Commercial Break

Match 5 Kurt Angle & Cm Punk beat Samoa Joe in a handicap match because Rhino was not able to compete

Finish: Punk & Joe are in the ring brawling and they get close to the Punk’s corner.

Joe goes for a Suplex and Angle on the outside pulls Joe’s legs down so that Punk falls on top of him and holds onto his legs as Punk gets the pin.

After the match

Punk & Angle shake hands and then beat down Joe before security breaks it up

01-22-2012, 08:35 AM
TNA has come to terms with the firings of

Kevin Steen & Matt Cross

James Mitchell returned to TNA Wrestling this week

01-23-2012, 11:41 AM
Just quickly running through, I can't review this today as I'm shooting out in a second, but I should be able to do it tomorrow?

01-26-2012, 04:45 AM
Whenever you have time man I am focusing on my WWE Thread right now

01-26-2012, 02:23 PM
Sorry mate, been a bit hectic this week!

If I don't do it during today, I will do it tomorrow!

01-26-2012, 11:08 PM
TNA 2 Review:

Strong words from each superstar already named in the main event for Genesis, before CM Punk & Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe & Rhino is announced as the main event. A great main event, but I found it annoying that it was 99% certain after that announcement that Punk will be in the main event. I like the surprise, so maybe have a back up if Punk doesn't get the pinfall next time.

Gunner picks up the victory over Lashley, before Kazarian is angry at Jeff, which I find unjustified should Kazarian look at the video of last week's Impact Wrestling, but he does say he'll be in Jeff's corner next.

I like that the flow of events put that match right up next, where Kazarian screws Jeff and lays him out after the match. I would have liked to have seen Pope attack Kaz or confront Kaz in some way, setting up a three way feud over the TV Championship.

Tyler Black gets a TNA contract, and just like in your WWE, I expect to see him in the main event before long.

Rhino is laid out backstage, I wonder who attacked him. Intriguing.

Alex Shelley & Ashley pick up the victory but Vampiro gets the upper hand after the match by putting Shelley through the announce table. More build up for the Genesis Tag Championships match.

As expected, Punk gets the pinfall and gets into the main event of Genesis. Of course, I'm not gonna dispute Punk deserves the chance but it was pretty much guaranteed. Genesis could be amazing, with one hell of a main event.

Overall, it was a little short and was missing another one or two promos. The roster still seems very big and guys like Raven and Bryan Danielson get lost in the mix. Also, wasn't Matt Sydal supposed to debut tonight?

Again, a decent show but it looks like the shows have more potential. I look forward to seeing how this develops over the next few weeks, although I understand your WWE takes precedence.

Well done mate.