View Full Version : Wrestlemania 28 (if I had booked it)

12-30-2011, 02:56 AM
Hey guys! This is one of my first posts here on EWN. Thanks for talking a look, and I would love your feedback. With WM28 quickly approaching, I could only wonder about what could've happened if my wishes for WM came true. I will go through my list of what I think should have been the main event matches and how I came to these conclusions:

The Main Events:
John Cena vs. CM Punk (undisputed wwe championship match)
Undertaker vs. the Rock (the streak match)
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes (world heavyweight championship match)

Here's how I got there:
Punk vs. Cena
I think the most exciting angle of this year was the CM Punk walkout with the belt angle. It finally made things really interesting again IMO. If done right they could've kept Punk out until WM, teasing an appearance every now and then (i.e. the Comic-Con appearance/confrontation w/ HHH) to keep interest and still give Punk a presence. Cena would eventually win the WWE championship again with Punk being absent. This would culminate eventually with who is the real champion in an undisputed championship match @ WM28. The build could've been intense. Punk could've even possibly made a return at Royal Rumble, winning the Rumble, solidifying his shot at Cena, to settle the issue. On a side note, if Punk won he could then introduce a new title, extinguishing the tacky "spinner" title.

Taker vs. Rock
While there are mixed views on the Rock making a return(limited) to the ring, I thought it was a great draw for WWE. However, I feel the epic return should have lent itself to an attempt to end "the streak." Think about this for a second.. Taker only seems to have a couple of more in him. The last we saw him was at WM27. On the same note, legitimate opponents for Taker, one's who could actually make it believable to end the streak are diminishing. There's certainly no one on the current roster (imo) that could put up a good fight (except HHH). In comes the Rock. Definitely a viable opponent for Taker. WM28 is in Miami this year, the Rock's home town. This is also Taker's 20th WM match. Which could mean a retirement match, that could end with a 20th win, or 1 loss. But who could be more believable to end the streak this year other than the Rock? With it being in the Rock's hometown, and this being the 20th WM match for Taker, it makes it very possible and plausible that the streak ends at WM28. On a side note, this scenario would also help against the backlash of certain fans not appreciating the Rock's limited appearances, considering we haven't seen Taker since WM27.

Orton vs. Rhodes
This would leave a questionable spot on who would/could compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at WM28. With two huge matches to compete against (Punk/Cena and Taker/Rock) the guys fighting for the world heavyweight belt would have a lot on their shoulders. The solution for this: REALLY GOOD WRESTLING! This is where a bout with Orton and up-and-comer Rhodes would be great. Hands down probably the best "wrestling" match of the card. Something that fans would really appreciate. With Orton somehow gaining the championship back before WM28, this could mean a Rumble win for Rhodes to earn his shot at WM28. Cody Rhodes is definitely the guy that everyone should have their eye on in 2012. This match more than likely wouldn't draw close to Punk/Cena or Taker/Rock but Orton and Rhodes would no doubt out wrestle the others in what could be a classic in the likes of Savage/Steamboat at WM3.

Well, that's how I would've liked to see WM28 pan out. With other mid-carders such as Barrett, Ziggler, and Sheamus, this could've been a WM that would have out done the ones in recent years. Hopefully, with the real card it will still do the same, but we can all dream can't we? Let me know what you guys think. God bless!