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12-26-2011, 04:12 PM
With the 100th Episode of UWA Carnage coming up this Saturday myself and a very dedicated reviewer have compiled the top 25 moments in UWA Carnage History in their entirety.


#25Triple H vs. Samoa Joe(c) UWA Title
AA Spinebuster for 2
Snap Powerbomb for 2
Samoa Joe grabbed Triple H's sledgehammer from under the ring
Joe was about to nail Triple H when CM Punk grabbed the hammer from him!
GTS to Joe!
But only a 2 count
Running boot to the face to Triple H!
Muscle Buster to Triple H for a VERY close 2!!
Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch!!
Triple H was able to climb up the the ropes and then fall backwards breaking Joe's grip!
Joe grabbed a chair
Before Joe could nail Triple H CM Punk grabbed the chair from Joe.
Punk nailed Joe with the chair!!
Triple H crawled to get the pin on Joe
Before the 3 count Triple H got pulled out of the ring by....Jeff Hardy!!
Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate on the outside!
CM Punk grabbed the chair and tried to hit Hardy but got a Twist of Fate as well!
Suicide Dive to all 3 men by Joe!
Joe dragged Triple H into the ring
As soon as Joe got into the ring CM Punk nailed a low blow!!
Pedigree to Samoa Joe for the win!
Triple H beat Samoa Joe at 35:35 by Pin
Triple H gains the UWA Championship

#24Shane McMahon's 1st Carnage
-Shane McMahon makes his way out
Shane says that tonight is the first night he has ever appeared on Carnage
And tonight he’s here for good reason: Never Gonna Stop
Shane says that earlier tonight Christian Cage mentioned a #1 Contenders Match
Shane says that the rumors are true
Shane says that at Never Gonna Stop 1 man will gain a UWA Title shot anyplace any time
However one man will also make the ultimate sacrifice
Shane says that one man will get fired
Shane says that 10 men will enter a steel cage
The first man to get a pinfall, submission, or to escape the cage
They will win a title shot
The very last person to be pinned, submitted, or escape the cage will be fired!
Shaen says that over the next few weeks the 10 men will be announced
Shaen says that he’s got another matter to attend to right now
Shane demands that The Undertaker come out here right now
With Paul Heyman or without him
The gong hits and out comes The Undertaker
Undertaker gets in the ring with McMahon
Taker says that he can respect a man whose willing to stand toe to toe with him
Shane says he doesn’t want to fight Undertaker
Shane says that he isn’t asking or begging or pleading
Undertaker WILL give Paul Heyman back to him
Undertaker shakes his head no
White says that unless he wants to be fired he will
Undertaker says that unless he gets what he wants nobody gets Paul E.
Shane is saying something when the lights die
A blue spotlight shows Paul Heyman slowly falling from the roof being held by a rope
Kane is at the rafters lowering him
Shane demands that Undertaker stop this!
Undertaker tells Kane to stop
Paul E is dangling in midair maybe 20-30 feet up
Undertaker says that only Shane McMahon can stop this
Undertaker says that all he wants is his title shot
Undertaker says that he wants is the title that SHOULD be his!
Shane says that the match is already made
Shane says that Vamp and Raven are facing John Morrison at Never Gonna Stop
Shane says that Morrison’s contract clearly says that he isn’t to defend the title before then
Undertaker says that he’ll take his shot at Never Gonna Stop
Shane says that the match is already made
Undertaker says then Paul’s fate is sealed
Kane drop him
Shane screams stop stop
Shane says fine!
At Never Gonna Stop in Houston John Morrison vs. Vamp vs. Raven vs. The Undertaker for the UWA World Heavyweight Championship!

#23Jeff Hardy reveals a second X Title
Jeff Hardy walks into the ring with the X-Division title in his hand
Hardy grabs a microphone
Jeff says that Dana White told him he was to give Danielson back the X-Division title
Jeff hands over the title
Jeff says that before Danielson celebrates though he needs to ask himself a question
Jeff asks if THAT is really the X-Division title?
Jeff reveals another X-Division title underneath his trench coat!
Hardy says that there’s a really easy way to figure it all out
Hardy says how about Danielson takes his belt and he takes his title and they hang it 20 feet above the ring
Hardy says how about they put a big ladder in the middle of the ring and see just which one of them is TRULY X-Division champion!
Hardy says that only a REAL X-Division superstar would take up the challenge
Danielson is pissed
Bryan says that he’s on!

#22The Hooligans surprise win over The Dudley Boyz
-The Hooligans (London and Kendrick) beat The Dudley Boyz at 13:46 by pin
Whats Up to London for 2
Manhattan Drop to Devon by Spanky followed by a springboard calf kick by London for 2
London made a blind tag as Kendrick was getting shot off the ropes
Kendrick reversed the 3D into a Tornado DDT hitting Bubba with a dropkick as he spiked Devon down
London Calling to Devon for the win
After, London said that they COULD beat The Dudley Boyz, and if the titles were on the line they could do it again!
Bubba challenged him to a rematch RIGHT NOW!
The Dudley Boyz(c) vs. The Hooligans
UWA Tag Team Titles
Roll up to Bubba by Spanky for 3
The Hooligans beat The Dudley Boyz at 0:03 by Pin
The Hooligans gain the UWA Tag Team Titles

#20Mr. Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle Steel Cage Match
Angle quickly bust Kennedy open with the cage door
Angle nails a German Suplex to Kennedy that sends him into the cage
Only a 2 count
Kennedy reverses the Angle Slam into a suplex
Kennedy rakes Angle’s face all over the cage
Angle is busted wide open
Kennedy nails Angle with a forward Russian Leg Sweep for 2
Angle slides off Kennedy’s shoulders and nails Three German Suplex’s for 2
Angle takes off the straps
Angle Lock is in!!
Kennedy crawls to the cage door
Kennedy tries to crawl out of the door
Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring
Kennedy kicks Angle off him
Angle runs at Kennedy but gets nailed with a very quick Mic Check!
Kennedy tries to stand up but his ankle is done
Kennedy crawls over to Angle but only gets a 2 count
Both Angle and Kennedy get to their knees
Kennedy with a quick Snap DDT
Only a 2 count
Kennedy calls for the Kenton Bomb
Kennedy crawls up to the top rope
Angle some how makes it up to his feet and runs up the ropes
HUGE Belly to Belly Superplex!!!
Both men are laid out
Angle somehow crawls over to cover Kennedy but again only a 2
Angle picks up Kennedy but then gets nailed with a low blow by Kennedy!!
Mic Check to Angle for the win
Mr. Kennedy beat Kurt Angle at 20:08 by Pin
Both men are bloody and down
The cage is lifted and slowly Kennedy gets up
Kennedy stands up and looks down at Angle
Kennedy laughs and proclaims himself the most watchable thing in UWA History!

#21Rob Van Dam's Goodbye
Rob Van Dam makes his way out to the ring
RVD says that he's had a hell of a career
RVD says that since he's joined the UWA he's regrouped with old friends, and he's made new enemies.
RVD says that this is a sad sad day for him
RVD says that nobody should fear though
Cause RVD maybe gone for now
But he promises that CM Punk is going to pay some way some how for ending his career!
RVD says that this isn't goodbye...it's see ya later!
The fans all chant "please don't go" and "one more match" as RVD does his signature thumb pose.
RVD walks up the ramp and to the back

12-27-2011, 05:15 PM
#19The Return of DX
-RVD and Sabu are on their way to the ring when they're jumped by Triple H and Shawn Michaels!!!
DX beat the hell out of RVD and Sabu all the way to the ring!
HBK hit a Superkick on Van Dam while Triple H hit a Pedigree on Sabu
After the beat down DX challenged the two to a No Holds Barred match at Disloyalty and promised to beat the living snot out of these two has beens!

#18The Dudleyz vs. The Klique Steel Cage Match
-The Dudley Boyz vs. The Klique
Steel Cage Match
Devon is busted open early by Triple H and the cage wall
Bubba Cutter to X-Pac for 2
AA Spinebuster to Devon for 2
Bubba goes for the Bubba Bomb on Triple H but gets a kick to the head by X-Pac
3-D to Devon by The Klique
X-Pac goes for the cover but Triple H tells him no
Triple H asks for the door to be opened
Triple H drags Devon out of the cage and tells X-Pac that he’s got Bubba
X-Pac leaves the cage and begins to pound away on Devon on the outside
Running Knee to Bubba
Triple H busts open Bubba with the cage wall
Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Bubba back body drops him into the cage
Bubba taste his own blood and goes crazy
X-Pac tries to get back into the cage but gets nailed from behind by Devon!
Devon throws X-Pac into the barricade
Bubba nails the Bubba Cutter on Triple H
Bubba screams for Devon to get the tables
Devon goes to get a table underneath the ring but gets nailed with a kick that sends him into the cage by X-Pac
X-Pac goes underneath the ring and finds the Sledgehammer
Low blow to Bubba from Triple H
X-Pac throws the hammer into the cage and Triple H grabs it
Triple H stands over Bubba and tells him to beg
Triple H screams for him to beg for his life!
Bubba screams F**K YOU!
Triple H goes to nail Bubba in the head but Bubba moves at the last second
Bubba Bomb to Triple H!
Bubba grabs the hammer and screams
Bubba nails Triple H right in the jaw with the hammer!
On the outside Devon nails X-Pac with the Saving Grace!
Bubba gets the 3 count
The Dudley Boyz beat The Klique at 19:43 by Pin
After, Devon gets a table set up on the outside
Devon sets up X-Pac
The cage is raised
Bubba gets on the second rope and screams
Seated Senton Drop to X-Pac through the table!
The Dudley Boyz are standing tall in middle of the bloody carnage!

#18Raven joins the Never Gonna Stop Main Event
-Paul Heyman and Dana White are in the ring with a table and the official UWA World Heavyweight Championship Match contract
Heyman says that last year at Never Gonna Stop they were turning people away
Heyman says that this year they’re already sold out!
Heyman says that with not one single match announced they have sold out Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX
White says that right now they’re going to make the first match and the main event official
White introduces the #1 Contender to the UWA World Heavyweight Title Vamp!
Vamp slowly makes his way out to the ring
White and Heyman slowly back away from him
Vamp looks at the contract and then at White and Heyman and smiles
Heyman then introduces the defending UWA World Heavyweight Champion John Morrison!
Morrison makes his way out to the ring with the UWA title
Morrison stands across the table looking at Vamp
The two have an intense stare down before Vamp picks up his microphone
Vamp says that it’s been a long long time coming
Vamp says that years ago he let the fans and the “biz” tear his soul apart
Vamp says that years ago he pandered to these people
Vamp says no longer
Vamp says that at Never Gonna Stop it won’t only be the end of John Morrison’s UWA title reign
It will be the end of John Morrison
John Morrison is about to say something when Kurt Angle’s music hits
Kurt Angle and Randy Orton make their way out to the ring
Angle says that this contract signing is over
Angle says that this isn’t about to happen
Angle says that tonight Orton and Angle make their grand stand
Orton says that both Dana White and Paul Heyman have high hopes for Never Gonna Stop
Orton says that both White and Heyman are counting on Morrison and Vamp
Angle smiles and says that they’re both going to be disappointed
Angle and Orton stop outside the ring
Paul Heyman screams for the two of them to stop
Heyman says that he understands that the two of them are frustrated
The fans start making a lot of noise
Heyman says that he is going to PERSONALLY take care of both them
From behind two masked men attack Angle and Orton!
The masked men throw both Orton and Angle into the steel barrier
Reverse DDT to Angle
Big kick to the face and guardrail to Orton
In the ring John Morrison and Vamp look on before looking at each other
Morrison signs the contract
Vamp is about to grab the contract when from underneath the table he gets a low blow
Morrison flips over the table and gets a kendo stick shot to the knees from Raven!
Raven Effect DDT to Vamp!
Raven Effect DDT to Morrison on top of the UWA World Heavyweight Championship Belt!
Raven looks at Dana White and then looks at Paul Heyman
Raven smiles and grabs the UWA World Heavyweight Title Contract
Raven signs on the line for the challenger!
Raven looks up at Paul Heyman and Dana White and laughs evilly
The two masked men drag Raven out of the ring and carry him up the ramp as he laughs

#16Bryan Danielson turns on ROH
Bryan Danielson makes his way out to the ring
Danielson says that he thought he would join Ring of Honor to help bring back the ART of professional wrestling
Not beat the hell out of the entire roster!
Danielson says that if THAT was what CM Punk and Ring of Honor was about then Bryan was OUT!
CM Punk and Ring of Honor make their way out to the ring.
Punk says that he personally brought Bryan Danielson to the Ring of Honor invasion and he WILL finish what he's started damnit!
Danielson asked how Punk was going to make him?
The ROH roster stepped in between Punk and Danielson

#15Triple H is revealed to be ROH leader
CM Punk beat Samoa Joe at 39:19 by pin
Shining Wizard to Joe for 2
Shining Wizard to Punk for 2
Devil Lock DDT to Joe for 2
Snap Powerbomb to Punk for 2
Joe nailed Punk with the Muscle Buster
Before Joe could get a pin fall Lethal and The Briscoes made their way out
MVP and LAX came out and began to brawl with them
Shelley, London, and Nigel all ran down to beat down on MVP and LAX
AJ, Sabin, and Kendrick came out to even things out
Punk nailed Joe with a pair of brass knuckles
Punk went for the cover but only got 2
The outside brawl spills into the ring and the referee tries to get AJ and Nigel outside
CM Punk set Joe up for the Pepsi Plunge
Joe was able to counter into the Muscle Buster!
Before Joe could go for the cover the lights died
The lights come back………………⠦.Triple H is standing across the ring from Samoa Joe with a sledge hammer and a ROH T-Shirt!!!
Triple H nails Joe with the hammer!
CM Punk covers Joe for the win!!
After, Triple H tells CM Punk to pick up Joe
Triple H nails Joe with the UWA title busting him open!
AJ Styles runs into the ring but gets a title shot to the head as well
ROH takes the upper hand in the brawl and lays out UWA
Powerbomb to MVP through the table
All of ROH gets into the ring and stand tall with Triple H holding the UWA title!!

12-29-2011, 12:36 PM
14Edge vs. Randy Orton The First Main Event
Edge and Randy Orton was a No Contest at 24:06
Edge O' Matic for 2
Drop down neckbreaker to Edge for 2
Edge hit the Impaler DDT and thought he had 3 only for the ref to see Randy Orton's arm on the rope
Edge had Randy set up for the spear but before he could hit it the lights died
When the lights came back Sting was in the ring and nailed both Orton and Edge with the baseball bat!
Paul Heyman is shown backstage in shock.
Sting is the ring beating down both Edge and Orton to close out the show.

13 Vamp vs Undertaker vs Raven
Vamp beat Raven and The Undertaker at 26:59 by Submission
Side Russian Leg Sweep to the turnbuckle to Undertaker for 2 from Raven
Chokeslam to Vamp for 2 from The Undertaker
Spinebuster to Raven for 2 from Vamp
Drop Toe Hold into Vamp's crotch to Undertaker from Raven
Undertaker nails both men with a flying lariat
Taker sets up Vamp for the Last Ride but Vamp reversed and send Undertaker over the top rope
Raven goes for the Raven Effect DDT on Vamp but Vamp sends him over the top rope to the outside ontop of Undertaker
Morrison stands up and looks right at Vamp
Vamp drags Raven into the ring
Vamp Bomb to Raven!
Vamp laughs as Raven tries to stand up
Vamp locks in the Triangle Choke on Raven!
Raven passes out
The referee calls the match
Vamp slowly stands up and looks right at John Morrison
Morrison stands on the announce table and raises his UWA World Title
Undertaker sits up and grabs Morrison by the throat and throws him deep into the crowd
Undertaker slides into the ring and nails a Tombstone on Vamp!
Undertaker poses in the ring on his knee

12Lance Hoyt challenges CM Punk to a drinking contest
CM Punk makes his way out to the ring
Punk says that he loves his competitiveness and challenges Lance Hoyt to come out here and give him a chance to compete for the TV Title
Lance Hoyt comes out with a cooler
Lance Hoyt tells Punk that if Punk wants a chance to compete for the TV title fine
Hoyt says he'll face CM Punk at World Wide Suicide for the TV title
BUT FIRST Punk has to beat him
Punk says bring it, what? Ro Sham Bo? I GO FIRST!
Hoyt says no
Hoyt reaches into the cooler and pulls out a Bud Light
Hoyt says that all CM Punk has to do is out drink him
Hoyt says that being from Texas he knows a think or two about drinking!
But between the two of them....he's already started a little
Hoyt says that hell he's even kinda tipsy!
Hoyt says that all Punk has to do is out drink him
Hoyt opens the beer and takes a small baby sip
Hoyt fake gags and says that he can't have anymore
Hoyt throws the beer out into the crowd
Hoyt reaches down and gives Punk a beer
Punk looks at it and looks at Hoyt pissed
Punk says that he doesn't drink
He's straight edge
Hoyt tells him to suck it up and take two sips and he gets his TV title shot
The crowd begins to chant "drink"
Punk cracks open the beer and smells it
Punk says it smells like piss
Punk raises it up to his lips but can't put it in his mouth
Punk lowers the can and says that he can't
Punk says that he won't!
Punk says anything, anything else in the world and he can beat Hoyt at, but not a drinking contest
Hoyt laughs and says fine
Hoyt turns around and walks out of the ring
Punk screams wait
Punk pours half the beer out of the ring as Hoyt looks at the fans
Punk says there drank some!
Hoyt comes back into the ring and checks Punk's beer
Hoyt says he'll see him Sunday.

11CM Punk Introduces the Briscoes Nigel McGuinness and Colt Cabana
CM Punk beat The Miz at 2:29 by Submission
Knee to the Face/Bulldog combo for 2
Anaconda Vice for the win
After, Punk said that this was the weak competition that he's stuck!
Punk says that he's going to inject UWA with some REAL competition
Punk introduces us to Marc and Jay Briscoe, Colt Cabanna and Nigel McGuinness!
CM Punk says that TNA horded all of ROH's talent and now it's time for revenge!
At Forget to Remember Ring of Honor will make it's mark!

12-29-2011, 08:10 PM
10ROH takes over for 2 episodes
-All of ROH is in the ring minus Triple H.
CM Punk says that tonight is the biggest night in ROH history
Punk says that tonight they OFFICALLY begin their reign on top of the world!
CM Punk introduces the new ROH Champion….Triple H!
The camera goes up to the stage to see that it’s totally changed to look like ROH
Triple H comes out with the a new ROH belt on his shoulder
All of ROH clap for him as he walks down to the ring
Triple H says that ROH owns the UWA now and tonight they’re going to prove it
Triple H orders two stage hands to get the UWA aprons off the ring right now
Punk throws both of ROH aprons to put on
Triple H says that this is HIS company now!
Samoa Joe comes out!
Joe says that this isn’t Triple H’s company
And THAT isn’t Triple H’s belt!
Joe says that in Miami, FL he’s going to take his UWA title back!
Triple H says that MAYBE Samoa Joe could get a rematch
Triple H says that if Joe wants a rematch he’s gonna have to beat The Briscoes and Colt Cabanna!

9Vamp destroys John Morrison the night after NGS2!
-John Morrison beat Vamp at 5:09 by DQ
The two instantly started brawling
Vamp nailed a huge clothesline to Morrison
Vamp locked in the Triangle Choke
Morrison was able to use his legs to get to the bottom rope
Vamp refuses to break the hold
The referee DQ’s Vamp!
Vamp still has the hold on
Blood from Morrison’s mouth drips on Vamps leg
Officials all try to break the hold but nothing
Morrison’s body is purely limp
Vamp finally breaks the hold and looks at Morrison’s lifeless body
Vamp chuckles and cockily kicks Morrison in the head
The entire production team and medical staff all run out to help Morrison
Heyman and White are out and tell Vamp to get his ass to the back now

86 Man Ladder Match to Crown the Very First X-Division Champion
Gregory Helms beat Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Paul London, and Jerry Lynn in a 6 Man Ladder Match at 27:33
Jay Lethal nailed Paul London with an Elbow Drop off the top of the ladder
Jerry Lynn hit Lethal with the Cradle Piledriver on top of London
Just as Lynn had his hands on the X-Division title Chris Sabin climbed up the ladder and hit Lynn with a Cradle Shock
Sabin hit his hands on the X-Division title when out of nowhere Helms was able to hit a springboard Shining Whizard and grab the X-Division title at the same time!!
Gregory Helms has gained the X-Division title

7Bryan Danielsons debut
John Cena makes his way out to the ring and said that tonight he'll make his UWA in ring debut in the title tournament.
Cena says that he's used to the best competition in the world, and Paul Heyman better have some damn good competition for him.
Bryan Danielson comes to the ring and gets in Cena's face.

-Bryan Danielson beat John Cena at 0:20 by submission
Danielson hit Cena with a spinning elbow and then locked in the Cattle Mutilation to make Cena tap
Danielson moves on

6ECW vs. UWA vs. ROH
John Morrison(UWA) beat Jay Lethal(ROH) and Balls Mahoney(ECW) in a Triple Threat Match at 28:19 by pin
Sitout Spinebuster to Lethal for 2
Springboard DDT to Balls for 2 by Lethal
Flying Chuck to Lethal for 2
DDT off the top rope to Morrison for 2 by Balls
CM Punk came running down to the ring to try and interfere when Bryan Danielson cut him off!
Punk tried to yell at Danielson to move but Balls nailed a baseball slide to the back of Punk knocking him into Danielson!
Starship Pain to Lethal for the win!!
CM Punk can't believe it.

12-31-2011, 08:43 AM
5The first episode of Carnage
-Paul Heyman comes out and says that the UWA is newest wrestling promotion on the market and will become the hottest name associated with professional WRESTLING. Paul says that ECW didn't have the financial backing that TNA did, but TNA didn't have one key component....HIM!
Randy Orton made his way out to the ring and asked when Paul Heyman is going to announce him as the first UWA Champion?
Before Paul Heyman could answer Edge made his way out to ringside and said that Randy Orton shouldn't be HANDED the UWA title...but he should!
Paul Heyman announced that in the first ever main event Edge vs Randy Orton for the UWA Championship!

4Lance Hoyt vs. Samoa Joe TV Title match
Snap Powerbomb to Hoyt for 2
Big Boot to Joe for 2
Hoyt reversed the Muscle Buster into a Reverse DDT for 2
Flying Leg Lariat to Hoyt for 2
Hoyt missed a Springboard Dropkick
Joe went for a Suicide Dive on the outside but Hoyt moved and Joe ran head first into the barrier
Double Crossbody to put both men down for a 9 count
Double Big Boot to put both men down again for a 9 count
Hoyt is the first to his feet
Joe goes for another Powerbomb but Hoyt reverses into a Hurricanrana for 2
Hoyt goes up for a Moonsault, but Joe is able to cut him off and nails the Muscle Buster!
Joe crawls over Hoyt but only gets a 2
Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch
Hoyt rolls over onto his stomach and tries to crawl to the ropes
Hoyt falls to the ground
The referee raises Hoyt's arm once twice, but Hoyt is able to hold on
Hoyt slowly grabs the ropes
Hoyt set up Joe for a suplex but Joe flipped over Hoyt and locked in the Kokina Clutch again
Hoyt was able to ram Joe back into the turnbuckle
Joe went for a closeline but Hoyt ducked and nailed the Reverse DDT but only a 2
Hoyt nailed another Reverse DDT but before he could get a 3 the bell rung
Lance Hoyt and Samoa Joe fought to a DRAW at 30:00
Dana White comes out and says that he's going to give Hoyt and Joe another 5 minutes
Joe attempted to lock in the Kokina Clutch but Hoyt reversed
Hoyt nailed the Texas Tower Bomb for the win!
Lance Hoyt beat Samoa Joe at 34:16 by pin
Lance Hoyt retains the TV Title
After, Hoyt offers Joe a handshake
Joe stares at Hoyt before giving him a nod and then walking away

3Jeff Hardy vs. Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson beat Jeff Hardy at 22:51 by Pin
Danielson moved before the Swanton Bomb
Hardy moved before the Missile Drop Kick
Danielson went for a German Suplex but Hardy landed on his feet
Hardy went for a Sitout Suplex but Danielson reversed into a roll up for 2
Whisper in the Wind to Danielson for 2
Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Danielson reversed into a Northern Lights Suplex for 2
Danielson locked in the Dragon Sleeper but Hardy made it to the ropes
Twist of Fate for 2
German Suplex with a rolling bridge to Hardy for the win!!
After, Hardy and Danielson shake hands
Danielson looks at the X-Division title as they shake

2Raven presents John Morrison his Past Present and Future
-Raven makes his way to the ring in the white tux
Raven announces that tonight he has a game just for John Morrison!
Raven calls out UWA Champion John Morrison!
The UWA World Champion John Morrison makes his way out to the ring
Morrison asks Raven what this is about?
Morrison says that he knows that Raven has a title shot at M.I.A
Morrison says that he knows that Raven isn’t to be taken lightly
But what the hell does he want?
Raven says that the time for beating Morrison inside this ring is coming
Raven says that the era for Raven is coming
Raven says that all of that is the future
Raven says that tonight is about the past
Raven asks for the guest to come out
Three huge black boxes are rolled onto the stage
Raven says that behind each and every one of these are for John Morrison
Raven says that the choice is his to which one he wants first?
Morrison says that he’ll take the first one.
Raven asks one of the crew hands to open the box
Out walks none other than The Miz!
Raven says that this is John Morrison’s tag team partner!
Raven says that there was a point in time that Morrison was the failure of their tag team
There was a point where The Miz was the one everybody was talking about
Now? Now Miz is lucky to even be under contract!
Miz can’t even get a match on a live event
And what does Morrison do about it?
What kind of champion leaves his partner out to die?
To the vultures?
To the crows?
Not a very good friend.
Morrison says he’ll take the second one now
The stage hand opens the box and out walks…..Melina!
Raven laughs and asks how Melina’s feeling tonight
Did you take your shot today?
Morrison gets in his face and tells him to watch it
Raven says that his former lover
His own girlfriend
Morrison can’t even stop her from sleeping with every man in the back
That’s why she’s not under contract in the UWA!
Raven says that hell even he had his turn with her
Morrison steps up and says that it’s enough now!
Raven asks if it really IS enough?
Raven asks if his past really hurts him that bad?!
Raven asks that he lied
The next box is his future
The next box should be a crystal ball
Raven says by the way he almost slept with Melina too except he wasn’t interested in sea creatures
Morrison goes to hit Raven but Raven beats him to the draw and nails him first
Miz comes in and nails Morrison with the Skull Crushing Finale!!
Raven picks up Morrison and nails the Raven Effect DDT!
Raven then says HE’S box number three!

1Dana White is Announced as the new Co-Booker of UWA
-AJ Styles beat Samoa Joe at 25:28 by pin
Joe locked in the Clutch but AJ Styles made it to the ropes
Pele Kick for 2
Styles Clash for 2
Samoa Joe had AJ on his shoulders for the Muscle Buster
Out of the crowd came Dana White!!!
School boy for the win
After, AJ Styles announced that straight from UWA Head Quarters the NEW Co-Booker of UWA Dana White!