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12-22-2011, 12:06 AM
To say Vince McMahon was livid was the biggest understatement of the year. Phil “CM Punk” Brooks had just won the most prestigious title in the WWE, and was now leaving the company. The writers were under the impression that Punk had been resigned, so they booked him to win the match. The truth was that Vince hadn’t been able to resign Brooks to a new contract.

The CEO of the WWE kicked the door to his office open where chaos had ensued since the Pay-Per-View had gone off the air. Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, screamed into a phone for them to find Brooks and bring his ass back to the arena so they could get his ass back onto contract. Vince slowly dropped himself into the chair behind his desk. “What have we done Paul? He had agreed to Del Rio cashing in the title, and him resigning the contract.”

Paul Levesque had always been more of a fan of the bigger, more muscular figured wrestlers. He would admit that Phil Brooks, and Bryan Danielson had immense talent, but he just never felt that they had that superstar look to them, but they were both so over with the crowd that they couldn’t just ignore them. Twitter had almost crashed when Danielson won the Money in the Bank, and just now “CM Punk” had been trended worldwide since he won the damn match.

“We will get him back Vince, he knows where the money is.” Paul spoke, and just placed his hand to his forehead as he rubbed his temples. “Why the hell did we trust him to begin with!? Where the hell was Del Rio when we fucking needed him!?” Paul’s anger was finally at the breaking point. Vince just glared at his son-in-law, and then an evil smirk appeared on his face.

“We will get Brooks back by giving him what he wants. He wants to hold us hostage with the WWE Title and think he can run a show better than us… Well let’s see if the fucker can. We’ll give him a contract he cannot refuse, and with how much the fans just love him right now, I’m sure we’ll make a shit ton of money off this idea.”

Meanwhile, Phil Brooks decided to have some fun with this, and immediately started his Twitter Tirade.

Sorry 'Berto, but I wasn't about to let you take this title away from me. This was going to be the Chicago Screw Job. Where do you guys think the first defense should be at and against who? Hopefully a certain other someone will consider doing what I just did with the WWE's other major title. #Winning, #BestInTheWorld, #MaybeIWillDefendInRingofHonor
To be continued.