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Dr. Death
12-19-2011, 02:17 AM
TLC PPV Results and Ratings: (Contains Results/Spoilers/Match Breakdowns)

1. DOLPH ZIGGLER (c) (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. ZACK RYDER - U.S. Title Match: Dolph Ziggler shown his talents brightly in this match even though he lost the U.S. Championship to Zack Ryder at 10:23. And Zack Ryder had the performance of his career so far as he showed resiliency and heart in what probably would have been his last chance at the U.S. Title if he would have lost. Good back and forth, with just the right amount of interference from Dolph's manager Vicki Guerrero, before she was ejected from ringside. This was a good opening match for the PPV. (***) - For Zack Ryders first Title win. Was glad to see him finally step up.

2. AIR BOOM (c) vs. EPICO & PRIMO (w/Rosa Mendes) - WWE Tag Title Match: Basic tag match presented as filler after Ryder's match. This match was a short one with most of the match seeing Evan Bourne taking punishment from Primo and Epico. Bourne was finally able to make a tag to Kofi who was able to hit Primo with his Trouble in Paradise kick to pick up the win at 7:32. (*1/2)

3. RANDY ORTON vs. WADE BARRETT - Tables Match: This match saw good back and forth with Barrett dominating most of the match and table attempts early on. I expected the match to be a little longer, but at only 10:16 into the match we got another highlight-reel mid-air RKO for Orton putting Barrett through a table for the win. (**1/2)

4. BETH PHOENIX (c) vs. KELLY KELLY - Divas Title Match: Another filler match that should have been on RAW. Very little happens in this match with a few near falls from both. At 5:17 Beth countered a handstand into an emphatic overhead facebuster for the win. (*1/4)

5. TRIPLE H vs. KEVIN NASH - Sledgehammer Ladder Match: This match was better than I expected with some decisive back and forth. It seemed like they were drawing this match out as we got a somewhat slower pace to the match. Quite a bit of overacting from the both of them. However we did get to see Nash actually climb a ladder, a lot of good it done him as Triple H was already on the ladder with his hands on the sledgehammer. Two hammer shots to Nash's head makes him fall off the ladder like a stone. HHH went to work on Nash delivering multiple hammer shots to the body, then a Pedigree. Nash finally gets to his knees and flashed the Kliq/Wolfpack signal. Hunter shook his head, then shot Nash a crotch chop before delivering a hammer shot for the pin and win at 18:13. Considering their physical limitations and age, this was a solid brawl to conclude the Hunter-Nash feud. (**1/2) Nash gets carried out on a stretcher.

6. SHEAMUS vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero) Impromptu match by Teddy Long: Sheamus wins at 5:57 with the Brogue Kick. Another solid win for Sheamus. WWE at least seems to have some interest in re-focusing on Swagger since he lasted more than five minutes and was given a lot of offense. (*1/2)

7. MARK HENRY (c) vs. BIG SHOW - WHC Title Chairs Match: The build up to this match was better than the match itself. A lot of chairs getting thrown in the ring at the start of the match, with only a few chair shots delivered. Big Show hits Henry with the WMD KO Punch for the win at 5:31 to capture the World Title. After the match Henry hit Show with a chair, then gave him a DDT onto a chair. (**) - Daniel Bryan's music hits. (???)

8. BIG SHOW (c) vs. DANIEL BRYAN - Cash in of the MITB Briefcase for a WHC Title Match: Bryan rolled over Big Show and scored a three count to capture the World Title at 0:07. Bryan accepted the title and began celebrating as Show sat up on one knee selling that he was stunned. Bryan celebrated, then flashed the title belt in Cole's face. Cole sat stunned as Bryan celebrated with the crowd. The camera focused on Show again as he flashed a wink and a smile. A lot to digest here with Show, Henry, Orton, and Sheamus in the title picture. This eliminates Bryan's World Title cash-in situation at WrestleMania and opens up the Royal Rumble winner to receive a title shot at WM28. (***) - Just for the surprise factor and the look on Cole's face.

9. CODY RHODES (c) vs. BOOKER T - Intercontinental Title match: Booker starts the match by teeing off on Rhodes for the first couple of minutes before being dumped to the outside. Then it was Cody's turn to beat on Booker for a few minutes before a double clothesline brought them both down. Rhodes ducks all the moves Booker could throw at him then hit his step-up enziguiri for a believable nearfall. Cody followed with another kick to the head which gets him the pin and win at 7:18. Good heel win for Rhodes after the multiple pre-match attacks and Booker looked good in the ring. Booker said before the PPV this was probably his last match, but they could get another match out of this feud. (**)

10. CM PUNK (c) vs. THE MIZ vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO - Triple Threat WWE Title TLC Match: The match started with both Miz and Del Rio double-teaming Punk before starting to argue with each other on the outside of the ring, leading to a Punk intervention with a suicide dive on Del Rio. Then we got Miz and Punk going back and forth inside the ring. A lot of in and out of the ring action in this match, with it being an actual 3-way after about the first three or four minutes. We saw the ladders being used in some meh ways. I thought they could have been a little more creative with the ladders. Ricardo Rodriguez gets involved of course and although I do like ADR, I haven't been to hip about Ricardo. Well, I'm eating my words now as Ricardo brought some much needed life to this match. First with handcuffing Punk to a ladder, then with taking some of the best bumps I've seen in awhile. Punk eventually frees himself of the ladder, but not the cuffs, by breaking the ladder. OK, that lasted a little while until Miz handcuffs him to the second rope rod in the corner post. Meanwhile Miz and Del Rio are on the ladder trying to get the belt as Punk unscrews the Corner rope rod to once again free himself just in time to stop the other two from winning. All three eventually go down and Ricardo climbs the ladder for Del Rio, Punk and Miz tip the ladder toppling Ricardo to the floor through a table from the top of the ladder, (Where have I seen this before?). After a GTS, Punk climbs the ladder and grabs the WWE Title to retain at 18:25. A predictable, yet satisfying conclusion to the PPV. WWE toned down the dangerous spots in this match compared to past editions, but Ricardo's fall was too close for comfort. (***1/2)

Overall Rating and Thoughts: A good way to close the PPV year for WWE. Potentially replay-worthy. (**1/2) Total, and the only reason it got that high was because of the few surprises they got us with.

12-19-2011, 04:02 AM
Come on WWE, don't you dare give D~Bry a Christian reign.

12-19-2011, 05:57 AM
Come on WWE, don't you dare give D~Bry a Christian reign.

Agreed! I know Bryan wasn't ready to win the WHC, but hopefully he can prove us wrong!

Dr. Death
12-19-2011, 10:19 AM
Agreed! I know Bryan wasn't ready to win the WHC, but hopefully he can prove us wrong!

Gotta wait and see what happens here. I think a Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan feud is in the works for the WHC.

12-19-2011, 10:25 AM
Good night to be a face.

The Brown One
12-20-2011, 04:36 AM
Nice review mate. Just going to point out a few things about these feuds/matches:

*DOLPH ZIGGLER (c) (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. ZACK RYDER - U.S. Title Match: hopefully this will signal Ziggler moving onto bigger things. But he'll likely be put into rematches with Ryder for while. *sigh*

*TRIPLE H vs. KEVIN NASH - Sledgehammer Ladder Match: I think you gave this match a little too much credit. Triple H is over 40, but he can still wrestle as well as he used to 5 years ago. He had to slow down for Nash in this match though. When Nash went for the Jackknife on the table it looked like his knees were about to give way. They played that up as Triple H injuring him. Nash had a poor performance through that match, and I really hope that's it for his in - ring career.

*SHEAMUS vs. JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero) Impromptu match by Teddy Long: This feud is going nowhere. With Sheamus winning all the time, it's not doing anything for Swagger. Swagger needs to either get wins over main eventers, or feud with Ryder for the US title, because I don't want to see a good wrestler like himself wasted.