View Full Version : WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Week 4

12-17-2011, 12:54 PM
Michael: Hello WWE Universe, we are only 5 days away from Night of Champions! I'm Michael Cole joined by Josh Matthews and Booker T, and tonight should be a great night!
Josh: You're damn right Cole, our match card for Night of Champions is almost complete. But you never know here on Smackdown
**Mark Henry's Theme Song Hits**
Mark Henry: I deserve a match at Night of Champions, and not just any match. A match that will gurantee the next number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. I am not asking Teddy, I am demanding a match this Sunday, and if I don't get it. (laughs) Somebody's gonna get their ass kicked, somebody's gonna get their wig split. (Laughs)
**Cody Rhodes Theme Song Hits**

Cody: Mark, what have you done to prove yourself in the WWE. Your at the back of the line, your of no caliber, and of no ranking to talk of such an honor of performing at Night of Champions. Your not a champion theoretically and physically. Your the worst wrestler in this establishment. And in fact when I do get my title shot at Hell in a Cell LIVE in San Diego. I am going to win the World Heavyweight Championship
**Teddy Long's Theme Song Hits**
Teddy: Playaz, just relax. As I am here to inform you that Cody Rhodes! You will be facing Sheamus at Night of Champions this Sunday in a Number One Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship to see if you will face either Randy Orton or Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell. As for you Mark, Cody makes a point, you haven't made an impact here on Smackdown for me to hand you anything. However I'm all about oppurtunities, and Mark Henry if you win your match tonight against this man. You will be included in the Number One Contenders Match making it a triple threat consisted of Sheamus,Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry. And Mark your match is next.

Michael: Mark Henry is taking on the Big Show to kick off Friday Night Smackdown!
Josh: I want to remind everybody that if Mark Henry wins tonight he will be included in the Number One Contenders Match this Sunday LIVE in Toronto,Ontario. So this must be a KEY win for Mark Henry.
**The Match begins and lasts: (7:12)
Winner: Mark Henry by pinfall
Climax: Mark Henry dodges the "WMD" and performs World's Strongest Slam at 7:00. Mark Henry pins Big Show for the victory.

Michael: There you go, Mark Henry gets the victory and will compete this Sunday.
Booker T: Mark has a mic in hand, so let's listen in!

Mark Henry: I proved it didnt I? Didnt I WWE? I proved it! Right Teddy? Right Triple H? I proved it tonight that I will attain the Number One contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship. And there is nothing that anybody can do about it. I am the best that ever lived, and Big Show has been retired by Mark Henry. No one deserves this title shot but me. So Randy and Wade you guys can have your moment. But come Hell in a Cell I don't give a damn who faces me for the Championship. I am going to snatch it that night and I will never ever ever give it back.

Josh: Powerful words by Mark Henry, he begun Smackdown with a great promo, but the match after it really kicked things off here in Long Island,NY.
Booker T: We got Ted DiBiase backstage with Todd Grisham so let's listen in.
Todd: Ted, you have a match this Sunday against Daniel Bryan. What are you expecting from him, and how do you think you will get the victory?
Ted: It's very simple Todd. Dream Street. That's my move, and thats the move that I take people out on week after week here on Smackdown. It doesn't matter who I am facing all that matters is that I get the opportunity to defend my championship. I should be in the main event scene but I'm not going to rush myself. I have to prove to the WWE Universe that I am worth watching and that I can't keep a championship much longer then one month ;)
Todd: Thanks Ted!

Michael: We got Daniel Bryan taking on Yoshi Tatsu NEXT!