View Full Version : Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry Thoughts

11-29-2011, 11:14 PM
What did you guys think of the steel cage match between Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry?

Personally, I thought it was a good match. The last 5 minutes really was the most exciting part, IMO. D-Bry hooking the ankle lock and almost escaping the cage (with a nice touch of his feet dangling to the outside) not to mention Henry performing exceptionally for a big man his size. The fact that he lost to a World's Strongest Slam off the top rope just sements Bryan that much more as a legit contender. The fact that D-Bry lost makes me want him to be champion EVEN MORE and it'll make it that much sweeter when he does. I am more confident than ever that Daniel Bryan will be a world champion, as long as they continue to book him strongly like this. He can do nothing but get better and better.


Tommy Thunder
11-29-2011, 11:16 PM
My thoughts? Already a thread on it!

11-29-2011, 11:20 PM
Oops. My bad.