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10-14-2010, 07:27 PM
Story: After Shawn Michaels left the WWE in 2010, he tried to stray away from the business appearing on hunting shows, trying to make movie deals, enjoying his kids as he grew up, then one day...It hit him...If he wanted to stay away from in-ring competition why not open his own league? The year is now 2012 and he has signed a pretty elite group of superstars, they are still small so they will hold a show once every two weeks...Are you ready?

Next on Spike TV Heart Break Wrestling: Rain down the Heartbreak! (45 minute time slot)
Taped from: The Providence Civics Center, Rhode Island.

The lights go out in the arena, the small crowd of two-hundred gathered around a ring, HBW in the middle inside a heart ensigma with a little drip of blood drawn on it. The crowd cheers, and the lights go back on. The PA system plays "Coming Undone" By Korn.


The crowd cheers expecting none other than Shawn Michaels but no! It's Bryan Danielson, he walks down in red wrestling trunks, black shoulder pads, and red boots. He has a tattoo of a heart that is broken over his own heart, it could be fake though. Bryan enters the ring, being cheered on.

Bryan: Are you guys ready to see the one the only Bryan Danielson in action?!

Crowd: Woo!

Bryan: Too bad you can't...Shawn Michaels the incompetant twat he is won't give me the title shot I deserve, he sits back there with a roster list going over every name for the title match tonight, and he skips of Bryan Danielson! I am the maker of heartbreak without me half of you wouldn't be in this piece of shit town of Providence!

Crowd: Fuc-

The instrumental to "Sexy Boy" plays as Shawn Michaels strolls down, he has a microphone. Hair long past his shoulders. He has his WWE wrestling pants on. Sliding into the ring he says

Shawn: Want a shot boy? Come get it! Step up to me! Show me you deserve it...

Bryan taps his chin.

Bryan: Or....

Shawn: Or what?

Bryan elbows shawn in the temple knocking him down, the "loaded" pads coming into play as he repeatedly elbows Shawn. Yelling while he does it.

Bryan: Should've gave me what I deserve!

Shawn Michaels is knocked out cold, Danielson still striking him, untill.....Tyler Black runs out, SUPERKICK! to the full mounted Danielson! He is out cold also! Wait! Tyler Black helps Michaels up, leaning him in to a near turnbuckle.

Black: Shawn is a legend! How dare you eve-

SUPERKICK TO SHAWN! Tyler Black helps Danielson up.

Black: This has been a work all along! We were in ROH together therefore in HBW we will show all these sorry rookies and veterans Danielson and I..The Black Dragons will...Dominate!

They beat on Michaels untill.........Team 3D runs from the crowd, with tables, and a referee along with them. A ring bell is rung!


Team 3D vs The Black Dragons
Tables match

Danielson and Black go back to back raising fists as Devon and Ray drop the tables, sliding into the ring, Daniel slides towards them, trying to hold them down elbowing both their heads. Black turns around helping Danielson hold them down when another suprise occours! SPIKE DUDLEY! He runs down the aisle quickly sliding into the ring, HURICARANA TO BLACK sending him to the outside, and a drop kick to Danielsons back. Ray and Devon power out the stunned Danielson, they stand him up, wrapping a leg around one of Danielsons legs each, and then alother hooked under his arm, around the back of his neck each, they drop back Danielson dropping on his skull. CRASH! "BROTHAS! GET THE TABLES!" Ray screamed. Devon went to the outside...SMASH! Black with a chair! Spike jumps on Blacks back but Black just falls back stunning Spike. Ray punches Danielson, eyeing the hold up he goes to the ropes leaning over to yell. CRACK! Black smashes him with the chair, Ray is groggy. Danielson gets up a table behind Ray, turning Ray around Black hops onto the ropes themselves he is about to go for a bulldog through the table but his leg is pulled by Shawn Michaels who was still in the vecinity, tripping onto the rope, nads onto it. He screams with agony. Danielson charges an elbow, about to slam it into Ray, but a duck followed by two quick jabs, finally an elbow to the top of the now groggy Danielsons, head. Danielson drops. Ray looks around face red with rage from the fight. "DEVON! SPIKE! LET'S FINISH THIS THING!" Devon and Spike are still down, Ray pulls his hair. He throws Danielson to the corner, REVERSAL! Danielson trying something new runs to Ray SHINING WIZARD! He spinning toe kicks Ray, him dropping in the turnbuckle. Danielson hit's him with a barage of punches, Devon back in the ring pulling Danielson away, BACK ELBOW stunning Devon, Danieson tosses Devon into Ray. Spike climbs the rope behind Danielson Black slides into the ring and super kicks Spike off the rope, head first on the guard rail, knocked out cold. Back suplex to Devon through the table by Danielson.


Winners: The Black Dragons!

Danielson and Tyler celebrate before walking back, Shawn Michaels walks to the back. Simpily leaving the spotlight. Devon is amess lying into the wreck of the table, Ray checking him. Spike runs against the ropes, drop kicking the side of Ray's face. He drops and Spike takes a microphone.

Spike: ALWAYS HAVE I BEEN THE ODD DUDLEY! Not enough agression they said, too little to compete, called me the runtling in TNA, but tonight I showed Ray with that kick, he is lying down near his "Brother" and isn't in the shape to get up, because Spike is the name, and breaking bodies is my game!

Spike takes the referee by the neck, running toward the turnbuckle and running up it to flip...SLICED BREAD! The PA plays "Insane in the membrane" by Cypress Hill...Spike posing on a turnbuckle as the show tunes out.

HBW logo

((Comments? A little rusty to this, show times will increase as they get bigger, the time between shows will decrease.))

10-14-2010, 08:04 PM
Not bad, it will definitely take a lot to maintain people's interest as well as constantly write and come up with stories/scenarios. What kind of roster do you have so far??

10-14-2010, 08:06 PM
As stupid as it sounds, nothing too big as of late, more or less Shawn waited to sign Indy stars mostly we have.
Super Crazy
Matt Hardy (He'd be released from WWE by this time and we need a jobber xD)
American Dragon
And Sabu

10-14-2010, 08:08 PM
The Briscoe Brothers would be a great add as well. You could have the Hardy Boyz revert back to when they first appeared in the WWF as a bunch of jobbers =P
Speaking of which, maybe the Brooklyn Brawler is still available to do shows in 2012??

10-14-2010, 08:11 PM
Will have to see who pops up :3 behind the scenes Shawn is always scouting talents. The Briscoes are being scouted ATM, and Shawn is thinking on Jeffro due to drug problems and reliability issues from the past, Brooklyn Brawler will probably be added, as Shawn likes to help some older wrestlers.

10-14-2010, 08:14 PM
You should check out (and add to) my ECW tournmanet btw =P
Not to pressure you at all, haha.

10-14-2010, 08:15 PM
Will try, playing World of Warcraft at the moment, Roleplaying, so I'm afraid I will posting a little delayed. :3

10-14-2010, 09:02 PM
Isn't Sam Raimi supposed to be making a Warcraft movie??

10-14-2010, 09:17 PM
Not sure quite honestly, not into that aspect as you can say, I'd have to sneak to see it though, since I LOVE the game. :)

10-14-2010, 09:20 PM
D'aww I can't resist 2 hour special of HBW on tommorrow, to kick off things officially, will be in San Antonio so expect all talents, will take place a week from this event in the Booking time.

10-14-2010, 09:36 PM
Well, it being in Texas of course, a few Texan wrestlers come to mind. Most notably Terry Funk, Paul London, Booker T, The Rattlesnake, as well as Haas and Benjamin, whom I beleive the both of them now reside in Texas. Anyways, just figured I'd toss that out there, oh, and it would be awesome if you somehow included Petey Williams. =]

10-14-2010, 10:15 PM
Will include some people, opening contest is an ECW reunion match, Sabu vs Super Crazy with a repackaged gimmick just to make things different, added a new team to the roster for a PPA deal in the begining of the show. To push a young team against Danielson and Black.

10-16-2010, 01:23 PM
Well...Figured I'd post it in parts, and I'm not adding commercials BTW this is basically as if YOU were there in the arena.
Shawn Michaels presents
HBW: Heart Break Wreslting: IN WITH A BANG!
Live: From the Aztec theatre, San Antonio, Texas
On: Spike (2 hour event, given longer time slot so all talents may be introduced and toyed with.)
Attendance: 400. (Not much for the venue but they offered Michaels' the taping spot there.)
On the video screens plays a recap of last week. The formation of the "The Black Dragons" , the match between the Dudleys and The Black Dragons. And Spikes return and betrayal of 3D.
The lights flash as a picture of Black and Danielson show on the screen, "Coming undone" By Korn plays as they walk out in black trunks, and matching black elbow pads, microphones in their hands. They raise a hand as they approach the middle of the entrance ramp, a small little sparkler pyro goes off. The crowd boo's, screaming at them at the top of their lungs. They both jump onto the ring siding, and then go through the ropes, each climbing an adjacent turnbuckle holding arms up. the song trails off.
Bryan: Everyone last week when they watched us debut on Spike TV must've been amazed! Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson...The top tag team in wrestling history making a stir here! We've defeated Team 3D in a Tables match, we kicked the bosses ass what else is there left to do, my brother?
"Get Ready" by Sublime plays on the PA system, Cheech and Cloudy run out. Microphones in hand, potleafs on their kneepads and shorts. They're about to enter the ring when Tyler Black speaks with a loud and booming voice, the music cuts.
Black: Woah! Woah! Woah! Last I checked, two nobodies don't come and interuppt this here companies stars while they are at work, I suggest you walk your pothead asses back to the locker room...Or they'll be hell to pay.
Shawn Michaels sneaks up on Danielson and Black from the other side of the ring, pushing Danielson off the turnbuckle his stomach hitting the metal rail, Tyler Black would turn around..Sweet Chin Music! He'd fall backwards off the turnbuckle onto the mat, Cheech going after Black, and Cloudy, Danielson. Cloudly kicks Danielson a few times in the ribs before going to the turnbuckle, he climbs it about to jump on Danielson, Danielson rolls last second, Cloudy landing hard on the floor. Danielson quickly elbow strikes Cheech to stun him, dragging Tyler black up the ramp, they both look exhausted. He points to Cheech, and Cloudy, and then Michaels making the slit throat motion.
After Danielson and Black leave they all head to the back. Super Crazy walks out to no music, carrying a bat with him, wearing a bandana on his head, his head now shaved to a line up, he is dressed in urban clothes. He waits in the ring. Hopping around.
Arab music plays and running out is Sabu with a barbwired board. A female announcer an employee at the building stepped out.
Sabu slides the board into the ring, putting it in the turnbuckle, he points up at the sky. A fat male referee storms the ring. Ready to get this underway
Sabu vs Super Crazy (Goes by Homeboy Hector at the event)
ECW Reunion Match!
Hector runs at Sabu, Sabu leaps over him. Hector trips falling out of the ring to the padded floor, Hector gets up to a baseball slide by Sabu. Hector stumbles back from it. Sabu hitting a large dropkick on Hector dropping him. Sabu points up but is hit in the nads while doing it. Hector rams Sabu head first into the rail, then hops onto it moonsaulting onto the downed Sabu. Hector rips the bandana off, untying it, he places it around Sabu's neck trying to choke him out, Sabu falls back onto Hector getting worn out from the choke. He slips from the choke sort of flipping to bring his legs to kick Hectors face, Hector stumbles back yet again. Sabu slides and dives under Hectors legs, spinning toe kick to the back of Hectors head, making Hector fall on a knee. Sabu reaches into a pocket he has ripped into his pants before the match pulling out a small bag of tacks which he quickly dumps infront of Hector, he kicks Hectors face to keep him kneeling and stunned....He runs behind Hector, now at Hector, RUNNING BULLDOG ONTO THE TACKS! Sabu miscalculated a few locations and found some on his ass, aswell as his arms. A wrestling legend climbs the baricade, Terry Funk! He sends a stomp to the back of Hector's head. Him and Sabu throw Hector into the ring, but wait the lights are off! They turn back on! Funk is down, and so is Hector but behind Sabu ...is The Sandman! Kendo stick in one hand, he chugs down a beer, Sabu turns around to have it spit in his face, SNAP! the kendo stick smacks over Sabu's head...The Sandman picking up Sabu putting the kendostick against his neck WHITE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP ONTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD! he drags Hector onto Sabu. The Sandman leaves through the crowd.

Winner: Hector
Announcer: And here is your winner, HECTOR!
Hector runs down the ramp, celebrating his victory while the ring is cleaned from that last spot. Blood coats Sabu's back. He lie there selling the move still. Though it did hurt. Sabu eventually rolls from the ring, limping back

10-16-2010, 07:49 PM
Announcer: This match is for one fall! It is a singles match! First being accompanied to the ring by Devon Dudley....BUBBA RAY DUDLEY!
The PA system seems to have trouble with the music but the video screen show's 3D on it...They walk out fists taped, Bubba and Devon seem on the same page untill...BUBBA CUTTER ON DEVON! Leaving him out of the ramp...Bubba punches at Devons face.
Devon is being pummled but out comes Spike...He tackles Bubba off of Devon and since he caught Bubba offguard huricaranas him onto the ramp. He ignores Devon, trying to drag Bubba into the ring. But he fails horribly. Spike waits in the ring and Bubba slides into it, they back into seperate corners. ready to get the fighting on!
Bubba vs Spike
Singles match!
Devon is brought to the back, as Spike and Ray circle each other, Spike claps a little, the crowd seems to chant his name, due to the fact Ray turned on his "Brother" and tag team partener Devon, Ray sends a punch at Spike, who kicks the fist, Ray then tries to run at Spike who LEAPS...BUT WAIT! ON HIS WAY DOWN BUBBA GETS A GRIP ON SPIKE, BIG IMPACT NECKBREAKER SHAKING THE RING! Bubba pins..
Ray being the angry Dudley pulls his hair, screaming, face reddening, It's actually kind of funny as his chubby face moves. SPIKE WITH A POSSUM PIN!
Bubba throws Spike off of him, Spike climbs a turnbuckle, as Ray struggles to his feet, pissed off. Spike jumps off looking for a double axe handle BUT IS CAUGHT! Ray shifts the way Spike is positioned and drops. Another pin!
Spike tries to struggle out of being pinned to the ground, he headbutts Ray, sending Ray rolling over in a groggy state, Spike RUNS AT THE RING ROPES, SPRINGBOARDING OFF OF THEM.....LEG DROP! Spike gets up looking around, shocked he actually landed it! He slaps Ray around a few times. Ray gets up enraged, grappling Spike to a corner, Spike tries to break it but it's too strong. Ray screams at him. A HARD CHOP! Bubba takes the stunned Spike from the corner HE GOES FOR THE BUBBA CUTTER IT IS REVERSED, ENZIGURI TO THE BACK OF RAYS HEAD! Spike goes for a pin.
Ray seems to be quite out of it, so Spike gets on the turnbuckle, waiting for Ray to get up, Ray slowly makes it to his feet, SPIKE GOES FOR A JUMPING CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF RAYS HEAD.....IT'S REVERSED! A HIGH IMPACT BUBBA CUTTER! Bubba pins.
WAIT! DEVON DISTRACTS THE REFEREE! Bubba gets up enraged, going to spin the Referee around he is tripped by a downed Spike, pushing him out of the ring, Ray looks helpless, Devon approaches the ring, sliding in, brass knuckles on his right hand, he shakes his head. Ray runs at Devon in desperation only to be rocked with the brass knuckles sent back stumbling, Devon leaves the ring eyeing the referee almost up, Spike takes Ray, SLICED BREAD INTO A COVER!
Winner: Spike
(Time: 25:00)

Spike stands up as "Insane in the membrane" plays, arms raised, hands in fists, Shawn Michaels walks out clapping as he was celebrating.

Michaels: Spike! You just won yourself a spot in the battle royal tonight! You'll be going against...Hector, Abyss, Pyscosis, and finally....Let me introduce him.....You may know him from WWE programming...Kaval...And lastly tonight we will have a three way tag team match for the tag team championships, Cheech and Cloudy versus The Black Dragons...Facing....THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS!

10-23-2010, 09:46 AM
Not bad, not bad. But where's the n.W.o.?? lol, j/k
Please don't use the n.W.o =/