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10-14-2010, 04:16 PM
This is basically the ideas ive been throwing around for what rivalries i'd like to see after Bragging Rights. I'll do each brand seperately, and if i miss someone off let me know and ill fit them in, and ill be assuming most things obviously.


Orton wins at Bragging Rights, most likely by the accidental aid of Cena or his incapability to help Barrett, so Barrett at this point is going to fire Cena.

In summary, Cena would get re-instated by the GM, and allowed to face Barrett that same night to defeat Nexus, but he again fails, leading to an Orton aid, and a match between those two plus others against Nexus in a traditional Survior Series match. I'd probably throw in the regulars for team Cena/Orton, R-truth, Henry and maybe Darren Young for the giggles. Basically Team Orton/Cena get stormed, with only those two left against Nexus, but then they manage to both together take out everyone bar Barrett. This is where the big twist comes, as Cena turns on Orton, AA's him and leaves, Barrett pins and Nexus are still alive.

Raw also win at Bragging Rights, with Morrison eliminating 3 SD members, but with only CM Punk remaining at the end. This leads to Punk being all cocky about how he won the match for Raw, being ex-SD and how his straight edge life helped etc. when Morrison interrupts saying he is the one who pretty much won Raw the match, having eliminated the most, leading to a feud and a match at Survior Series. I think this is a great way to put both these guys over as main eventers, Punk should already be one tbh and Morrison deserves it

The DiBiase/Goldust feud spills over to the point where DiBiase doesn't care anymore, and begins berating Daniel Bryan for a title shot, leading to a potential triple threat match at SS, seeing as Goldust has some major aduration for belts atm, and give both the experienced and the young to showcase a decent match

Sheamus is going back to his squashing opponent days, upset no one wants to face him, bragging hes too powerful and destroyed HHH, which leads to the return of The Game. This has potential to be massive, massive match at survior series, and i would have him come early enough to build it, even if he cant wrestle, and have them attempting to one up another, such as facing better or more opponents.

Now i wouldn't have forgotten about The Miz, so i've saved the best till last. He goes around tagging with Alex Riley for a couple of weeks, against different teams and alo some squashes, just showing why he was captain of team RAW and he beat Cena etc, when he attacks Bourne before a match on RAW (I know Punk put him out, but i needed a reason for the next bit) so the RAW GM bans him from having a match at Survior Series, he gets his panties in a bunch and goes ape shit. This leads to my final idea, at the end of SS, when Orton is laid out, you guessed it, he cashes the Money in the Bank in, stealing the title from Orton at his weakest physical and moral point.

Any good? thoughts would be great