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11-10-2011, 05:00 PM
Pyro and theme commences (1:00)

Michael: Hello WWE Fans! We are LIVE in Atlanta, Georgia for another great Monday Night RAW.

**CM Punk's theme song commences**(1:00)Cheers/Boos
He enters the ring.
Punk: (laughs) My arm is a bit shaky. And it's okay because I can take this shaky arm and whack it across Del Rios face! Ya see Alberto thinks its so great for him being WWE Champion, and to tell you the truth I am sick and tired of it. That is why in 2 weeks at Night of Champions, Rey Mysterio will become the WWE Champion. I guarantee it. Besides that let us back track just a bit. Last week on RAW. Main Event match, Cena and I vs Del Rio and TheMiz. I tap out to the cross-armbreaker but Del Rio refuses to let go. Can you believe it? Well Johnnyboy just stared and watched. He just looked at me while I was dying in pain. So now I have a problem with you John Cena. Your all about HUSTLE,LOYALTY,and Respect yet you have no respect for me, and becoming a tag team partner for that one night made you forget what loyalty means. I have a problem with you and what people do in this business when they have problems with people. They FIGHT! So what does Cenation say?

**John Cena's theme song hits (1:00) Cheers/Boos
He enters the ring
Cena: Punk, I did not intend to bury you. I was in shock at the fact that Del Rio refused to let go, it was something that left me in shock, Del Rio is a target. Not just for Rey Mysterio, and not just for you. But for me. I dont like him just as much as you dont like him. So lets clear up some confusion Punk, I would have helped but would you want me to put my ability in danger for helping another man who is gunning for the same title as me. Sure we were tag team partners Punk but just for the night. Every other day your just another obstacle in my quest for the WWE Championship. But now that you claim you have issues with me, for the record Punk I have issues with you. And your absolutely right, thats how we deal with our problems. We shut up and fight.

**Triple H's theme song hits (1:00) STANDING OVATION
He enters the ring;shaking his head
Triple H: So you guys want to shut up and fight? Then why in the hell are you guys continuing to bicker at each other like teenage girls? I have no intention to deal with two people who are not even currently contending for the world title, and cause havoc in the WWE. As COO I have no time to handle this. With Del Rio causing havoc is one thing, atleast he can back up his talk, he is the WWE Champion and is currently wiping out the competition you guys fail to do. I want all this bickering to end, but in the WWE it doesn't end. CM Punk are you really in a position to talk? You tapped out to the WWE Champion, and you have been begging for a title shot, and Cena, loyalty in this buisness is something you say you do. Last week did not look like it at all! So Punk has a reason why he wants to kick his ass, and you know what great idea. Night of Champions in Toronto,Ontario CM Punk will take on John Cena for the Number One Contendership to face Alberto Del Rio.

**Alberto Del Rio's theme song hits (1:00) CONSTANT BOOS
Alberto: Stop this foolishness Hunter! Just stop it, your really going to give these two men a Number One Contenders match when they haven't even proved that they are worthy for the title. So I dont agree to any of this. No, no way in hell Hunter. No voy a permitirlo Hunter, el hecho de que usted está tratando de tomar mi Campeonato de la WWE es una cosa, pero les ofrece en una ocasión en la Noche de Campeones, no soy el evento principal, estos dos pillos pidiendo pelear por el tÃ*tulo.

Triple H: Shut up Del Rio! Shut up! I am tired of your nonsense who runs the WWE? Myself or you? I do, and I book the matches not you, and if I feel that John Cena or CM Punk deserve a Number One Contenders match I am going to give it to them. So you can quietly hush that foriegn mouth of yours and worry about Rey Mysterio at Night of Champions.
**Triple H drops the mic, and leaves the ring**

Michael: Hey WWE, you heard Hunter the COO of this company! CM Punk will be taking on John Cena at Night of Champions to determine the next contender for Alberto Del Rio, or Rey Mysterio. I'm Michael Cole, joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross!

Lawler: Thanks Cole, we got a great show tonight. Our main event! Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger, and we got John Cena taking on TheMiz!

Ross: That's not all! We also have CM Punk taking on Dolph Ziggler, and right now? We got AirBoom taking on The Uso Bros!
**AirBoom's entrance hits** (1:00)
**The Uso Bros Entrance hits (1:10)
The match begins and lasts... (4:14)
Winner: AirBoom by pinfall
Climax: Kofi performs the Trouble in Paradise, followed by an AirBourne, which results in a pin from Evan Bourne to Jey Uso.

Michael: AirBoom continuing to prove why they are the best tagteam in WWE.
Lawler: Your right on Cole, but look what we got we have Zach Ryder in the ring.

Zach Ryder: Hello WWE FANS, I have alot to say tonight and personally it involves Jack Swagger, Mr.Money In The Bank. You have 6 months to cash in your briefcase, and if you do dare to cash in your contract you will probably be against The Best competitors in the world. Punk,Cena,Del Rio hell maybe even me. I will be gunning for that WWE Championship and I bet that by the time you cash in your Money In The Bank Briefcase I will be the man that you will try to take it from. So keep that in mind Swagger. Last week on RAW I'll hand it to you. You were a hell of a competitor but your stale, your the same every week, but me being the broski I am, I constantly change it up. So think about that Swagger, just think about it
**Jack Swagger enters the ring behind Ryder, silently;turns him around and performs "Gutwrench Powerbomb"**
Michael: And there goes Ryder, great move by Swagger
Lawler: Great move? Are you crazy Cole, how was that tactic a great move?
Cole: Swagger is the All-American American! Proving to Zach Ryder that he can only talk. and Swagger shut him up!
Ross: On to our next match! We have John Morrison taking on R-Truth
**John Morrison's theme song commences**CHEERS
**R-Truth's theme song hits** BOOS
The match begins and lasts (7:15)
Winner: John Morrison by Pinfall
Climax: John Morrison performs a huricanrana. Jumps on the top rope and performs the "Starship Pain" then pins

11-10-2011, 05:46 PM
Michael: What a win for Morrison. Every single week he is proving why he deserves a United States Championship Run.
Lawler: Here comes Ziggler!
**Dolph Ziggler enters the ring grabs Morrison and performs ZigZag
He grabs a mic.
Dolph: So you want a United States Championship shot.. well JoMo I am so happy to say.... that I decline your offer! No way in hell are you going to easily jump onto the scene and try to take a title that I am trying to bring prestige too. No way in hell JoMo, no way in hell. So you can sit back and relax from that annoying ZigZag that I just caused you, because if we were to face at Night of Champions that is what will constantly happen to you move, by measly move.
**Triple H interrupts with his theme song** (1:00)
Triple H: Enough with this... Ziggler you called this upon yourself. Attacking Morrison in such a way prompted me to this decision. Dolph, you will defend your United States Championship at Night of Champions... against... John Morrison!
**Triple H leaves the arena, and goes backstage**
Michael: There you have it from Triple H, himself! But now we got DIVAS right after this quick commercial.
---Commercial Break----
Michael: Hello WWE Fans, and we are back LIVE in Atlanta,Georgia for Monday Night RAW. We have Alicia Fox and Eve in the ring.
**Alicia Fox theme song hits** (1:00)
**Eve's theme song hits** (1:00
The match begins and lasts (4:16)
Winner: Alicia Fox by pinfall
Climax: Alicia dodges the Moonsault, picks up Eve and performs a Superkick and pins

Michael: Great win for Alicia Fox!We now have CM Punk taking on Dolph Ziggler!
**CM Punk's entrance song hits** (1:00) CHEERS/BOOS
**Dolph Ziggler's entrance song hits (1:00) BOOS
The match begins and lasts...(7:49)
Winner: CM Punk by pinfall
Climax: CM Punk performs the running knee at the turnbuckle;followed by a bulldog. Then finally the GTS, then pins Ziggler.

Michael: This is why CM Punk is the BEST IN THE WORLD!
Lawler: He may be the best, but someone thinks they're better! We got John Cena and TheMiz Next!
Michael: We're back LIVE at Monday Night RAW, and we got Cena taking on The Awesome One!
**The Miz's entrance song hits** (1:00)
**John Cena's entrance song hits (1:00)
The match begins and lasts..(8:34)
Winner: John Cena by pinfall
Climax: John Cena reverses Skull Crushing Finale at (8:11), and performs "Attitude Adjusment" at (8:24) then pins.

Michael: Great win for Cena, but here comes Punk...
**Punk enters the ring turns Cena around and performs "Go To Sleep" He leaves the ring with half cheers/half boos follow him out
Lawler: Disgusting actions by Punk
Ross: Punk is clearly showing his intentions of what he wants to do to Cena at Night of Champions.
Michael: And thats in 2 weeks! In Toronto,Ontario! But for now were in Atlanta,Georgia and our main event is NEXT!
**Jack Swagger's entrance song hits** (1:00)
**Alberto Del Rio's entrance song hits;accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez** (1:25)
Ricardo:Señoras y señores. Su Campeón de la WWE, el mayor de todos ellos, el rostro de la franquicia, y el centerpeice de la WWE! Provenientes de México ... Alberto Del Rio!
**Alberto Del Rio enters the ring**
The match begins and lasts.... (8:32)
Winner: Alberto Del Rio by submission
Climax: Alberto Del Rio performs the "Cross-Arm-Breaker" at (8:23);Swagger taps out at (8:31)

Michael: More dominance being shown by Alberto Del Rio, thanks for joining us for Monday Night RAW! Thats all folks.. and we will see you next week for another edition of Monday Night RAW!

S.E. Zero
11-18-2011, 04:13 PM
Raw Review:

Great opener with Punk questioning Cena's actions the week prior making great light of his dislike for Cena and his lack to carry his M.O. of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect before Cena's defends his actions by saying he saw Punk as competition for the WWE Championship so why not let Punk be injured which contrary to his face persona over the years truly showcased him as a tweener necause face Cena would've made sure Punk was 100% to face him at his best so kudos to you on showcasing these 2 as tweeners.

This all before HHH makes a match official between the two at Night of Champions to determine a new #1 contender to the WWE Championship after Night of Champions, nice match to see but Del Rio comes out opposes this matchup before HHH reminds him and everyone he's in charge and what he says goes.

Good little win for AirBoom, and them being the WWE Tag Team Champions a win for them is a good thing.

Nice promo from Ryder though hecame off as a bit too cocky which interrsting for Ryder all before Swagger delivers another Gutwrench Powerbomb.

Morrison wins over Truth, interesting.....but interesting was Ziggler attacking then declining Morrison's challenge before HHH makes the match official himself.

Fox wins with a sweet Superkick.

A great win for Punk though he's injured.

Of course Cena wins -____-'

Fantastic win for Del Rio to end the show.

Overall it was a great show case of wrestling but....I'm a promo/segment man myself and like to see on average no less than 3 segments/promos per show and here there were only 2...well 2 and a half since Ryder's bit was very small in comparison to the others so I would've like to see more Superstars get involved in some other segments or get some promo time that can showcase why they are challenging for certain titles or are certain champions or carry certains prestiges like the MITB briefcase so be sure to be more selectiive as to who gets more promo time or segments from now on.

Aside from that good job.