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11-07-2011, 09:02 PM
Pyro and theme song commences (1:15)
Michael: Hello WWE Fans! And welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! Many questions are buzzing around the WWE Universe from the actions of last week. Im Michael Cole, along side me is Booker T, and Josh Matthews.
Booker T: What a Smackdown it was last week. Wade Barrett claiming the Number One Spot, and clearly Sheamus is not happy with it.
**Wade Barrett`s theme song hits (1:00)**Constant Boos**
Wade enters the ring
Wade: How great would it beat, if I took out the Viper. Let`s all be honest this man is crazy, and needs to be stopped. As number one contender, I vow to you, I will do that. I will rip out the Viper, and I will take out his narcissistic behavior. You see ladies and gentleman, you are too blind to see that all Orton is really doing is hooking you into his big scheme. That scheme is too make sure that you believe he is a good man. He wants you to bring your children to these events, and cheer for a man but at the end of the day will only rip your heart out. Is this the face of the franchise? Your role model? No ladies and gentleman, he is a criminal. And must be taken down. Thankfully I am here to do that, and at Night of Champions will not be the Evolution of a Predator, but a downfall of a madman.
**Randy Orton`s theme song hits**
Randy enters the ring and grabs a mic
Orton: You really think so Wade... you really think that I am the madman. Clearly you've seen nothing yet, I will destroy you at Night of Champions. You clearly do not know who your up against, winning that battle royal was mere luck and at NOC will not be the same. The RKOs, the viper is here, and once I lay my venom upon thee, it will be the end of them. Your up to the challenge.. haha silly Wade.
**Wade Interrupts**
Wade: Listen Orton, what Sheamus did to you last week, will pail in comparison to what I do to you at Night of Champions. This is my time to actually shine here in this buisness, I haven`t been here for the longest time, and running the Nexus is my only accomplishment. And not currently having the Money In The Bank briefcase slimmed my chances of actually getting this spot. But thanks to the kind words of Teddy Long, I guess me and you have a date in 3 weeks.
**Sheamus theme song hits**(1:00) **Constant Boos**
Michael: Things have got a bit interesting here tonight on Smackdown!
Sheamus enters the ring and grabs a mic.
Sheamus: Enough with this bullshit. Wade I will make you pay for the way you damaged my chances of becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Now, you think you can go toe-to-toe with Randy Orton... Wade you needed 9 other guys to wear me down before you could even try to throw me over the ropes. Dont think for one second you will last at NOC. Randy Orton will eat you for Dinner. I dont mind cleaning up the mess..
Wade: Well see fella, we will see..

Michael: What a way to begin Smackdown. Powerful words from Barrett, and Orton was very firm on what he wants to accomplish at Night of Champions. As for Sheamus? Haha what a way to kick off Smackdown
BookerT: That`s right dawg, luckily we got some matches tonight.
Josh: Thats right. Mark Henry will be taking on Sheamus later tonight, and our main event! Christian and Cody Rhodes!
Michael: Lets kick off the night with some IC action. Ted DiBiase taking on Heath Slater

Ted DiBiase theme song hits (1:00)
Heath Slater`s theme song hits (1:00)
Michael: And here we gooo!
The match begins and lasts.... (4:15)
Winner: Ted DiBiase by pinfall
Climax: Ted performs `Dream Street then pins Slater

Michael: What a win for the IC champion. Ted is continuing his great run. I see Ted floating in the World Heavyweight Championship scene soon.
Josh: Well not right now, we got `The Viper`Randy Orton taking on Sin Cara!

**Randy Orton`s theme song hits (1:00)
**Jinder Mahal`s theme song commences (1:00)

The match begins...and lasts..(3:15)
Winner: Randy Orton by pinfall
Climax: Randy Orton performs the RKO and pins Mahal

Michael: As usual Randy Orton dominates the competition and is looking in Champion form. Remember we are only three weeks away from Night of Champions. Wade Barrett will meet Randy Orton in Toronto,Ontario so call your service provider and order!
Josh: We now got Cody Rhodes in the ring ladies and gentleman lets see what he has to say!

Cody: Last week I proved to you that I can go toe-to-toe with the best of the best. Sadly Mark Henry was no match of Cody Rhodes. This man right here, this man that you are looking at is in a destructive path, and nothing can take him down. The only man that is standing in my way is Wade Barrett. Surprisingly it isnt Randy Orton, although we've had our fair share of blows in our days back in `The Legacy`But those days are over aren`t they Viper Boy? As I was saying before I got sidetracked by the sadistic mind of the predator. Wade Barrett is the only man that is standing in my way. He was given a title shot by the horrible booking of Teddy Long. A battle royal is one thing, but a royal without Cody Rhodes is another.All is done, and Wade is now the Number One Contender. Can he handle Randy Orton? I sure hope so, because I am self declaring that I will be the next contender taking on whoever. Whether it is Randy Orton, or Wade Barrett (laughs)

Josh: Powerful words from the former Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, how did you feel about his words Michael, and Booker?
Michael: I was mesmerized by the words of Rhodes, he was firm, and he is a very diligent man.
Booker T: I dont know dawg, I think Cody has some dirty antics up his sleeve, and I dont think its healthy for the WWE Universe, or the WWE locker room. But as always we just got to wait and see..
Josh: We will be back with more Smackdown Action, after this commercial break!
Josh: Alright we are back here on Friday Night Smackdown, and we have Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan in the ring ladies and gentleman.
Michael: Should be a good match, Mr.Money In The Bank has been looking strong as of late
Booker T: Lets see what happens.

11-07-2011, 09:12 PM
**Daniel Bryans theme song commences** (1:00)
**Tyson Kidd theme song commences** (1:00)
The match begins and lasts (4:23)
Winner: Daniel Bryan by submission
Climax: Daniel Bryan reverses the sharpshooter, and performs the Lebell Lock

Michael: Great showing by Mr.Money in the Bank, proving his worth here on Smackdown!
Josh: We`ve now have Todd Grisham in the back talking to Mark Henry!
Todd: Hello Smackdown Viewers, I am LIVE here with Mark Henry! So Mark, right after this interview you have a match schedualed with Sheamus. Are you by any means intimidated by the likes of Sheamus.
**Mark Henry grabs the mic** CONSTANT BOOS**
Henry: Intimidated huh... You know who should be intimidated Todd... YOU!
**Mark Henry drops the mic and performs the Worlds Strongest Slam on Todd Grisham

BookerT: What foolish behavior from Mark Henry!
**Mark Henrys Theme Song Hits** (1:00)
**Sheamus`theme song commences** (1:00)
The match begins and lasts... (9:13)
Winner: Sheamus by pinfall
Climax: Sheamus dodges the Worlds Strongest Slam, and brogue kicks Henry before pinning him

Josh: Now on to our last match of the night! Main Event! Christian and Cody Rhodes NOW!
**Cody Rhodes theme song hits**
**Christian theme song hits**
The match begins and lasts (11:16)
Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall
Climax: Cody Rhodes performs the Cross Rhodes

Michael: A great win for Rhodes, and a sure confidence booster.
Josh: But yet again Rhodes is unsatisfied with his victory. Hes pulling Christian up!
Michael: And another CROSS RHODES!!
Josh: (shakes head) Good Night Everybody and we will see you next week!

S.E. Zero
11-10-2011, 01:43 PM
Smackdown Review:

A good opener as Barrett, Orton and Sheamus all give small but great promos each showcasing why they are all in the World Heavyweight Championship scene.

Good opening match as DiBiase wins over Slater.

`The Viper`Randy Orton taking on Sin Cara!

**Randy Orton`s theme song hits (1:00)
**Jinder Mahal`s theme song commences (1:00)

The match begins...and lasts..(3:15)
Winner: Randy Orton by pinfall
Climax: Randy Orton performs the RKO and pins Mahal

This small error confused me as to who Orton's opponenet would truly be Sin Cara or Mahal, but either of which wouldve been RKO'd and Orton won the match.

A fantastic promo for Rhodes.

Great win for Bryan over Kidd.

Nice segment with Henry but it was to no avail as Sheamus defeats him.

One last segment here would been great.

Another main event win for Rhodes and again he delivers another Cross Rhodes as the match finalizes this was great but a bit repetitive of the last Smackdown you did, so it'd to avoid this for future shows.

Overall it was interesting enough at the start but kinda died down until Rhodes' promo and the main event win from him, it wasnt bad but it couldve been better.

Aside from that good job.