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11-05-2011, 12:59 AM
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Pyro and RAW theme song commences (1:00)
Michael Cole introduces the show.

Michael: Hello, and another sold out arena to witness another great episode of Monday Night RAW. I'm joined here by Jim Ross, and Jerry "The King" Lawler, and guys what a week its been for CM Punk and John Cena, both failing to capture the Number one Contendership, all those accomplishments are now in Rey's hand.

Lawler: Exactly Cole, but Alberto Del Rio the current WWE Champion attacked Rey Mysterio to end off RAW. What a horrible way to do this and Rey will not compete tonight, however he is expected to face Del Rio at Night of Champions.

Ross: I've never liked Del Rio, and quite honestly I can't wait till he's stripped of the title..

Michael: This past week on Smackdown, the Intercontinental Champion Ted DiBiase was missing in action, but did release a WWE.com exclusive to determine his challenger for the IC title.

Lawler: But for now, we got John Cena and CM Punk, taking on Alberto Del Rio and The Miz in our main event. But for right now, we got John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler...

Triple H's theme song strikes (1:00)

Cole: Wait just a second... here comes the COO of the company Triple H!
He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

HHH:Hello WWE Universe and welcome to Monday Night RAW. I'm pretty sure many fans are upset with what went down last week on RAW, and wanted to confirm whether or not Rey will be missing out of action. As COO I can confirm that Rey will be missing out of action for 2 weeks. But will be back at Night of Champions, I am also very saddened in Alberto Del Rio in causing havoc to the WWE Universe, and risking Rey Mysterio's life. How immature actions of this WWE Champion caused the Number One Contender almost fatal injuries. Are you afraid at the fact that Rey Mysterio could indeed beat you at Night of Champions, so by slowing him down you intend to cause physical damage to this man. Is that the way you play games Del Rio. I'm the Game, and here at WWE we dont play those type of games.

Alberto Del Rio's entrance commences;luxury car in attendance (1:46)
Alberto grabs a mic and enters the ring.

Del Rio: You see, Hunter.. As WWE Champion I felt I was in danger. I felt disrespected by the way Mysterio thought he could stand up and act tall, just because he is the Number One Contender. Although he earned it, he did not earn my respect. And that is something that cannot be gained back. Rey Mysterio is now an enemy and a target. I've already showed signs to the rest of the WWE Universe, you Mr. Emotional Assassin, and Rey. Because you see Hunter..
Como Campeón de la WWE tengo que demostrar al mundo, que puede mantener. I am the WWE Champion and I will maintain it, because at Night of Champions I will make Rey Mysterio tap out in the first minute.

Triple H shakes his head..
Michael Cole: That's Del Rio for you.
Lawler: And that's Hunter for you.. haha Both of these guys trying to intimidate one another, and quite honestly both are trying to hard. Triple H hates the fact that Del Rio is champion, and Del Rio knows Hunter hates it, why not bask in the glory and run it through his skin. Exactly what the WWE Champion is doing
JR: Enough with it, lets get into some matches. Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison going head to head!

Dolph Ziggler (c) entrance song hits (1:00)
He gets ready for his match
John Morrison entrance song hits (1:00)
The match begins and lasts... (7:12)
Winner:John Morrison by pinfall
Climax: John Morrison performs a starship pain on Dolph Ziggler, before pinning him. Ziggler is left shocked.

Cole: What a win for the JoMo. John Morrison!
Lawler: Using his high flying maneuvers to his advantage. Ziggler dominated the match early, but was soon halted by the JoMo! Haha
Ross: Great win for John Morrison, he could be challenging Dolph Ziggler for the United States' Championship by Night of Champions. We'll see what happens for now, on to our next match

Zach Ryder's theme song commences (1:00)
Jack Swagger's Theme Song Commences (1:00) **Constant Boos**
The Match begins and lasts (5:38)
Winner: Jack Swagger by Pinfall
Climax: Swagger dodges the Rough Ryder, pulls him up and performs the "Gutwrench Powerbomb" before pinning.

Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez in the locker room
**No Dialogue is being heard**

Cole: So far,we are having a great night here on Monday Night RAW. And we are on to our next match....
Santino Marella's theme song hits (1:00)**Constant Boos**
R-Truth's theme song commences (1:00)

The match begins and lasts (6:12)
Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall
Climax: Marella performs "Cobra" and then pins R-Truth

Cole: We are drawing closer and closer to our main event. The Miz and Alberto Del Rio taking on John Cena and CM Punk! But up next DIVAS!
Lawler: That's Right! Beth Phoenix taking on Eve! for the number one contendership of the Divas Championship
Ross: Haha.

11-05-2011, 01:09 AM
Beth Phoenix's theme song commences (1:00)
Eve's theme song commences (1:00)

The match begins and lasts.. (7:10)
Winner: Eve by Pinfall
Climax: Eve performs the standing moonsault and pins Beth.

Cole: We are now gathered backstage with John Cena, and CM Punk discussing strategy
**No Dialogue is Heard**

Cole: On to our final match before our coveted main event..
Lawler: This should be a good one David Otunga taking on Alex Riley

Alex Riley's theme song hits (1:00) **Constant Boos**
David Otunga's theme song hits (1:00)

The match begins... and lasts (4:23)
Winner: Alex Riley by Pinfall
Climax: Alex Riley performs a dropkick and pins David Otunga with no hesitation..

Cole: And now on to our main event. The Miz and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio taking on John Cena and CM Punk..
Lawler: Let's do this!

The Miz and Alberto Del Rio's entrance hits (1:14)**Constant Boos**
Enters the ring and taunts the crowd (Del Rio taunts with the WWE Championship)
CM Punk and John Cena entrance hits (1:00)
The Match begins and lasts...(12:27)
Winner:The Miz and Alberto Del Rio by submission
Climax: Alberto Del Rio performs a cross-armbreaker on CM Punk. Punk taps out but Del Rio refuses to let go. A crack of the arm and Punk is down. Breathless and needs to be carried out on a stretcher. Del Rio's mad smile glances the crowd. John Cena's face in disgust.

Cole: Oh My God, what is wrong with Alberto Del Rio, first Rey Mysterio and now CM Punk... the whole WWE Locker Room must watch out for this man he is becoming destructive, and destructive quickly.
Lawler: Exactly, Del Rio does not know when to stop... Let's just hope at Night of Champions all this madness stops and Rey Mysterio takes the WWE Championship away from Alberto Del Rio
Ross: What a maniac, hurting precious talent, If I was John Cena I'd be knocking on that COO's door right now. Let's get Del Rio out of here..
Cole: That's our show for tonight, ladies and gentleman. Tune in next week for another great episode of Monday Night RAW.

S.E. Zero
11-09-2011, 10:29 PM
Raw Review:

Nice bit of commentary before HHH comes out gives an.update on Mysterio and calls Del Rio out on his actions of the last Raw as Del Rio.soon comes out and gives a nice small spanglish promo that came very much like a promo he would do in real life so good job on that and the commentary that followed.

A good win for Morrison to start the show and put him in the running for the U.S. Championship.

Good measure of revenge from Swagger as he gets the win over Ryder.

A small segment with Del Rio and Rodriguez was vague but served to cause intrigue as to what they're planning to do.

Were the boos for Santino? or fans booing R-Truth before he even came out? Either way I'm surprised to see Marella win, so it will be interesting to see where this win places Marella on Raw.

Good win for Eve.

Again a vague segment which I wouldnt mind but given that you did one earlier it did, I would liked to see them decide if they were going to win clean as faces or be what they wanna be without any care for the crowd or whatnot given last week's actions.

Confusion again are the boos for Riley or advanced boos for Otunga? This type of confusion is unnecessary and could be solved efficiently should you and I recommend that you do for future shows to avoid this confusion.

One more segment here would been great.

A good win for the heels but unless Cena and Punk were feuding and he were the heel which they dont appear to be it makes no sense for Cena not to get involved in preventing Del Rio from injuring Punk's arm and looking at Del Rio with disgust; if you're gonna live up to the reputation then Cena needs to the best face you have on Raw and that includes helping prevent or at least ''avenging'' Punk's injury by attacking Del Rio only to have Miz join and defend Del Rio and end the show with the heels dominating the end show.

Overall a lot confusing, vague and quite frankly weird spots throughout it all which in some cases is good but here not so much. I suggest organizing your work a bit better and rereading every now and then to prevent these of situations later on.

Aside from that not bad at all