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11-04-2011, 11:57 PM
Pyro, and Smackdown Theme song commence (1:15)
Michael Cole introduces the show.

Michael: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! I'm Michael Cole, alongside me is the future hall of famer Booker T, and not future hall of famer Josh Matthews, what a show we have tonight. As we draw closer to Night of Champions, who will become the Number one Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, tonight those questions will be answered

Booker: That's right Cole, we've got a great night of action, our main event the World's Strongest Man himself taking on the grotesque one Cody Rhodes! And all the great superstars here on Smackdown will be in action tonight.

Sheamus' theme song strikes (1:00)
Sheamus enters the ring and grabs a mic

Sheamus: Hello WWE, welcome to Friday Night Smackdown. You must be enjoying yourselves, I mean c'mon people Sheamus is in the ring ladies and gents. Tonight being the debut of Smackdown, and Randy Orton beggining as the champion disgusts me. The fact that the WWE is so cliche that they have to go with a man who they feel is the face of the franchise.. C'mon people, has my celtic cross mean anything to you? Has my Brogue Kick hit you in the skull a bit too hard? I should be the World Heavyweight Champion and since I can't I guess I have to earn my stripes. So what do I have to do Teddy to earn the title shot? Battle Royal? Triple Threat? What?

Randy Orton's Theme Song starts (1:00)
Randy enters the ring and grabs a mic

Orton: Who do you think you are fella? You think you can come here and demand title shots and waltz around thinking your the biggest ticket in town. Your wrong! I'm the biggest ticket in town. I am the World Heavyweight Champion. And the voices that are inside my head, are telling me you don't even derseve a glance at this title, until you start packing up some victories. Your not even close to my level yet Sheamus, what makes you think you can even beat me? So rally some victories and I'll give you a shot.

Teddy Long's Theme song commences (1:00)
He doesn't go to the ring, but instead stays where he is and grabs a mic

Teddy: Hold on there playaz. Now the both of you are bickering a bit too much, and as General Manager of Smackdown, I have to put an end to this. The Number One Contendership Match will happen tonight. It will be a battle royal consiting of 10 Superstars, this includes Christian,Sheamus,Justin Gabriel,Sin Cara, Wade Barrett,and many others. So that will be our match, and it's coming up next! So take a seat Randy, and see who will be your next competitor at Night of Champions.

Orton: Will do Teddy, will do...

--Commercial Break---

Battle Royal Commences
(Justin Gabriel,Heath Slater,Wade Barrett,Sheamus,Sin Cara,Ezkiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu,Brodus Clay,Jinder Mahal,Tyson Kidd)

The match begins... lasts (8:32)
Winner: Wade Barrett by eliminating Sheamus
Climax: Wade Barrett Peforms "Wasteland" before throwing Sheamus over the ropes

Michael Cole: Well there you have it ladies and gentleman. Wade Barrett is now your number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, we can only imagine how much pain can Wade Barrett cause to the locker room, by elimanating Sheamus has he drawn attention to himself? And is the enemy now, instead of Randy Orton?

Booker T: Your absoloutly right Cole, if I was any superstar in that locker room, I'd be angry with Wade Barrett, but this is how Battle Royal's work. If you win you become something, and when you lose, you get thrown in the dust man, and thats exactly what happened to Sheamus tonight!

Josh: I thought Christian put up a really good fight, eliminating Brodus Clay,Justin Gabriel, and Jinder Mahal. Clearly those three eliminations were not enough to become the Number One Contender!

Michael Cole: We now have 2 Number One Contenders for the World Title. Rey Mysterio from RAW, and now Wade Barrett from Smackdown! We'll come back after this commercial break!

--Commercial Break---

Cole: Alright we're back and we're already back with action. We have the Great Khali going up against Kane. This should be scary!

The match begins... lasts (4:45)
Winner: Khali by Pinfall
Climax: Khali performs the "Vice Grip" on Kane

Cole: Khali now shows how dominant he can be.
Booker T: Exactly Cole, Khali proved his worth by beating a dominant force in Kane. These two big men collided but only one prevailed, and that was Khali dawg!
Josh: Divas! Are up next, but before we go there, I think Todd Grisham has an interview with Cody Rhodes!

Todd Grisham: Hello Smackdown viewers, I am LIVE here with Cody Rhodes. Cody are you nervous about your match against the World's Strongest Man?
**Rhodes Grabs the Mic (results in a boo)**
Cody: Why, would I be afraid of this man. A second generation superstar be afraid of a refrigerator does that make any sense to you? I am Cody Rhodes the man of the company, and the face of the franchise not Randy Orton, not Sheamus, and certainly not Mark Henry! So I'll tell you what Todd! When I show Henry that I'll give him the most disgusting Cross-Rhodes of his life, he'll learn that before he tries to undermine me, he must understand that I will be gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Todd: Okay thanks Cody!

Cole: What a resilient man in Rhodes, so confident, so keen.
Josh: Yeah a big jerk?
Cole: What do you mean, Rhodes knows exactly what he is doing, trying to get inside the head of the World's Strongest Man, and by the looks of it he could wound up accomplishing that goal.
Booker T: Who cares about that we got some Divas up next! Alicia Fox taking on Brie Bella!

Brie Bella's entrance song commences (0:54)
Alica Fox's entrance song commences (0:58)
The match begins and lasts (7:42)
Winner: Alica Fox by Pinfall
Climax: Superkick by Fox

Cole: What a Divas match, for seven minutes these two divas were gunning in out both waiting for their chance at stardom. And to me it looks as if a star has been raised from the heavens. Alicia Fox proved her worth, and is now destined for stardom.

Booker T: Let's take a replay look at that superkick!

11-04-2011, 11:59 PM
Your show sounds good so far, but I'm wondering, who are your faces and who are your heels?

11-05-2011, 12:10 AM
Cole: Alright, looks like Daniel Bryan is now in the ring ladies and gentleman what does the Mr.Money in the Bank has to say?

Bryan: Are you kidding me Long, Barrett as the Number one Contender for the Championship.. He's not fit for the distinctive honor.. but we will see of course at Night of Champions if Wade Barrett can hold his ground and of course me holding the Money In The Bank just means I can cash it at any time, I could cash it in at Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell?, Vengeance? Hell maybe even right now!

Randy Orton's theme song strikes (1:00)
Randy Orton enters the ring getting ready for his match

Tony Chimmel: This match set for onefall, coming first from Missouri the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton!

The match begins..lasts (8:23)
Winner: Randy Orton by Pinfall
Climax: Randy Orton counters the Guilitine Chock at (8:15), and RKO's Bryan for the pin

Cole: What the hell is this? Sheamus is now entering the ring, beating Randy Orton with a pipe.
Booker T: What the Hell? Not the Brogue Kick!
Josh: There goes Orton. **Constant Boos from the Arena**

Cole: Those are some devestating blows from Sheamus lets take a look.
Booker T: Brutal, just brutal actions by the Celtic Warrior.
Josh: We must move on to the Main Event.. Cody Rhodes taking on the World's Strongest Man after this commercial break.
--Commercial Break---

Cody Rhodes' entrance song commences (1:00)**Constant Boos**
He enters the ring.
Mark Henry's entrance song hits (1:00) **Constant Boos**

The match begins...lasts (10:34)
Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall
Climax: Cody Rhodes reverses the World's Strongest Slam to set up the "Cross Rhodes", then begins to pin.

Cole:Rhodes is clearly unsatisfied with his victory, continuing to impale Mark Henry.
Booker T: That's what he said he was going to do, he was going to inflict pain on the World's Strongest Man and that is what he's doing tonight.
Josh: Another Cross Rhodes! What a devastating move by Rhodes! Rhodes begins to walk off the arena.
Cole: Thats the show for tonight, catch us next friday for another edition of Friday Night Smackdown!

S.E. Zero
11-07-2011, 06:55 PM
Smackdown Review:

Nice use of the announcers to start the show and announce Henry vs. Rhodes before Sheamus comes to the ring and cuts a great promo as to why he should be champion intead of Orton before Orton himself comes out and puts himself over as the man to beat on Smackdown as not seconds go by and Teddy Long expresses his authority and makes 10 man battle royal to determine a #1 for the World Heavyweight Championship. This was a nice start to a potential feud between Orton and Sheamus and good way to open the show.

Very surprised to see Barrett win as it was made almost certain Sheamus would be the one to win and start a feud with Orton and the commentary afterwards was well done.

Interesting....very few people have ever used Khali again as a threat by winning against a big name such as Kane so seeing how this win will impact his current run on Smackdown will be very interesting.

A fantastic promo from Rhodes and me being.a huge Rhodes mark this was a great segment to see, great job here.

A good win for Fox.

Heres where my biggest confusion lies...is Bryan a tweener? cause his promo came off as him being face but facing Orton would've likely made him a heel unless this was a face vs face match and more importantly...did he actually.cash in the briefcase or not since right after he said he might cash it in this night the match almost immediately began and it was left unclear whether his briefcase was cashed in or not.

Aside from the win for Orton was expected but the attack from Sheamus was great as it truly showed despite not being the #1 contender he will make an enemy out of Orton.

Rhodes wins in the main event and delivers a second Cross Rhodes to Henry to end the show.

Overall a few surprises and a gteat main.event made this a good way to start this off.

Keep up the good work.