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11-03-2011, 12:17 PM
It's the matches, we all want.
It's the matches that have never happened
Might never happen in real life
And for damn sure will never happen again
BUT on December 24th, 2011 the man who started all of this Fantasy Booking will bring them to you, ONCE....AND....FOR....ALL

NRB6304 and Internet Independent Wrestling (IIW) presents:
Live from Dallas Cowboy Stadium
Christmas Eve Collision
Austin vs. Punk

The match that the entire world of professional wrestling wants to see will FINALLY happen. Not at Wrestlemania. Not at Bound for Glory. But at Christmas Eve Collision. The BIGGEST independent wrestling card EVER will be produced.
Not associated with the WWE
Not associated with TNA
Not associated with UWA
Not associated with UWE
Or any other federation on the planet, this ladies and gentlemen is the most premier indy event on the planet headlined main evented and show stolen by CM Punk('11) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (98).

Watch as the two biggest superstars in the history of professional wrestling collide.............more info soon.

[So, I just watched what I considered the biggest indy event of the year AWE's Night of the Legends I decided to throw my own "indy" event consisting of the best matches we all wanna see. This is 100% separate from UWA or that failed NWA I tried. This is it's own. The numbers in() is the year that that particular superstar will be preforming at. So 12/24/11 will see CM Punk (the 2011 version) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (the 1998) plus other matches that will be announced. I'm thinking if you guys are interested enough I will make this a twice a year maybe four times a year type of thing. Thoughts comments etc. Let me know.]