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10-27-2011, 05:54 PM
NOTE: PM ME YOUR NOMINATIONS. The tallys will be posted on google eventually, but for now, SECRECY!

The Categories:

Wrestler of the Year (MVP-esque)
Best Promo Artist (Overall Award)
Jackass of the Year (Heel Promo Award)
Babykisser of the Year (Face Promo Award)
Best New Comer (I'm not sure what kind of limitations this is on since JBW started this year)
Rising Star (JBW star you think will increase their own worth and make a major impact on the company in the next year)

Best Tag Team of the Year

Internet Pay-Per View of the Year
Brand of the Year (Warfare/Mayhem/Showdown)
Match of the Year (Please link me to the match in question)
Moment of the Year
Rivalry of the Year

Yeah, I borrowed a lot of them from EWNCW--but they had the right ideas with them. They did it well and I think we can do it just as well. I did create three Promoist of the year awards because I think it's a bit more interesting to see who the "Best Face" and "Best Heel" are rather than just who the best mic worker is on. And the MVP award can be for anything, really.

Addition Categories may be added if they're a good enough idea.

10-29-2011, 11:34 AM
Pushed back from lack of nominations and request from Management.