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10-15-2011, 04:26 AM

Here we are, it's a cool October night and I'm amped up. Why am I amped up? Well, simply because we have a TON to look forward to within the next six months of WWE Television. That's why. We're into the Fall months already and it feels like the year has still just begun. We've been through a lot within the confines of this organization alone let alone what the real World has gone through. But, I'm not here to reflect on the past with this blog. I'm here to reflect on the here and now.

Forgive me if I ramble on for a bit but, it seems that's what I'm best at doing. Now, I will continue my FCW blog series but, it's on definite hold for the time being. I have another project I want to get out of the way first and that's going to take up a lot of time. So, I honestly might even cancel the blog series due to the fact that some/all of these guys may be on the roster by the time I get to them. Hell, one of them has already walked out due to a nagging injury. But, I digress... here we are... six months away from WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII!!! You can feel it building, can't you?

t's definitely got a feeling this year. That's 100% sure... I don't know about everyone else but, I'm excited. In this blog, I'll explain why:

Why am I excited for this? Hell, if you've been living under a rock that you wouldn't understand why this is big so, I'll forgive you. But... this is hands down one of the biggest matches to happen in a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time. There's been smack talking for years now. They've gone back and forth over videos and HOF inductions, interviews on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, anywhere they went for a few years, they talked crap.

Of course it came to a head when The Rock came back earlier this year. THE 'E set in motion the biggest WM draw since THE ROCK VS. HULK HOGAN. They've now taken their feud to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They're the talk of the wrestling world and even in Hollywood they've talked about it a lot.

Face it, this match will be huge. And with the WWE Network launching next year with the promise of "THE BIG FOUR" being EXCLUSIVE to that network, this will be the last PPV draw for WrestleMania as well. There will be no more WrestleMania Pay-Per-View's after this year. The significance of that when looked at is astronomical. In all honesty, everything that happens at next years WrestleMania will be history changing just for that fact alone.

So, the question that everyone is asking... WHO'S GONNA WIN??? Well, in all honesty... it doesn't matter who wins. I personally want Cena to win. Unless The Rock is planning on sticking around for a couple years that is. I mean, Hogan went down to The Rock, now The Rock needs to go down to John Cena. It's wrestling 101. When the next generation is in full effect, the previous one lays down to make way. And like it or not, John Cena is our man.

This one has a lot of people talking. That's for sure. The WWE made a bold leap into the world of having a television network. They feel that they have the resources to pull something like this off. Hell, they definitely have the footage to do it but, it seems like they're going a different direction already. They've already announced by proxy 2 shows that they're doing. One of them, the first one announced was that of a "History Of WrestleMania". Now, no one really knows all of the details on this one but, suffice it to say I'm sure it'll be a multiple part documentary of the event.

They technically already did something like that this year but, why the hell not turn it into a show? Sounds reasonable to me. There's BOUND to be HUNDREDS of untold stories about the events and even footage recorded in the back we never have seen. It's going to be looking at it through a completely different shade now. I think that's pretty awesome too. Because like I said earlier, with "THE BIG FOUR" now being WWE Network exclusives as of the end of next year, we'll definitely be well enough to have a series act as a "primer" as it were. This network is going to open a whole new audience to the programming so, if they're not familiar... they will be.

And the second show that's been unofficially announced is "A Diva's Reality Show"... I'm not excited about this. I want to see a Divas show, but, not "Reality TV". Maybe if they mixed a reality show with a wrestling show I'd be excited to see something like that. But, think about the Network as a whole. VKM is going to get a lot of money out of this one. He's already opened a revolving account with a bank so that way the WWE as a company won't go into debt, which is smart as hell.

Simply because on a business level, if the network doesn't succeed, he doesn't lose much on the back end. Excellent deal for him. I honestly say there will be a lot of PG shows during the day with things aimed towards kids... not Dora and all that crap but, maybe shows to teach kids how to perform correctly, or showing the dangers of things... maybe that's where Santino's show can air. They already said ther will be two all new hour long wrestling shows, which many believe will be NXT and SUPERSTARS... I honestly think FCW should get a weekly show on there as well considering they are THE 'E's "farm league" so to speak.

And we also know of two new two hour wrestling shows, not RAW and SMACKDOWN! but, brand new ones exclusive to the network. Which means, we'll have new WWE wrestling shows every day of the week. Now, that may bode bad for RAW and SMACKDOWN! due to you having to watch every show for the week to know what's going on but, it'll be interesting to see how they keep things intact. If they go with the "SportsCenter" type show they've been discussing, that would be an excellent way to do it.

I love the "behind the scenes" bits they've been doing on wwe.com, I think if we get a show like that on WWE Network it'd be amazing. A half hour show, right after every wrestling event for the week. RAW would air on USA from 9-11pm and then right after on the WWE Network, we'd get a 30 minute behind the scenes show. Interviews, backstage crap, the whole nine yards. I'd love it. Not to mention the library they have of old promotions they can air as well. "WWE OnDemand" will be useless at this point so, I'll be glad to save the $7.50 a month.

After the return of VENGEANCE in one week, we only have those four PPV's left until "The Grand Daddy Of Them All"!! hits PPV for the last time. That also means that 2012's Royal Rumble will be the last one on PPV as well so, you know it'll go out on a bang. Now, with everything were seeing on WWE TV, expect Survivor Series to be HUGE!! We know The Rock is coming back in the next few weeks and that's gonna kick off in my opinion one of the biggest times for the WWE in years.

We're seeing an immense power struggle play out on television right now with "Mr. Future Endeavored" pulling the strings to become the main power player on RAW and SMACKDOWN!... Haitch will not take this lying down that's for sure, and if he does, I'm sure VKM will once again be in the limelight to take control of his precious baby once again. This storyline kicked off with CM Punk talking trash on everyone, winning the WWE Championship and walking out of the company. It's spiraled into a complete mess of walk outs,, firings, hirings, unsafe environments, and everything else inbetween. And who's in the middle of it all? John Lauranitis.

I believe that the major writing powers will be put to the test in the oncoming months as we'll have the power struggle come to an end at Survivor Series, the fallout at TLC and of course the great year starter, the Royal Rumble! With so many things on the horizon event wise alone, that's enough to be excited about. In 2011 we've seen more new stars on PPV than we have in YEARS and it's damn sure going to continue. And the funny thing? In America it's dropped only 200,000 buys. Now, that sounds like a lot but when you take into effect that more people around the world watch them and they get revenue from that, they're not really worrying.

Now, I was going to continue but, I've reached my maximum limit with this one so, I apologize. I'll be back to finish up with another one tomorrow.

Please follow me along on my wrestling critic journey. Every week you can listen to Tom and myself on STATE OF THE 'E (www.onemorenerd.com) and you can find all of the other links there as well. Thanks for the time, remember to comment, hate, love and shower me with your awesomeness. Thanks everyone. See Ya' Space Cowboy!

10-15-2011, 05:04 AM
With respect to Cena v Rock they still have a bit of work to do on the story line to build it up. Dont get me wrong theres plenty of time and material to do with it - but right now theres not alot of substance to it.

But your right over the next 6months it should be exciting with Cena tied up with the Rock, Orton Tied up with Rhodes and I'm hoping Punk tied up with Nash returning I look around and its time for someone to stand up. Particularly in RAW.

10-15-2011, 05:09 AM
With respect to Cena v Rock they still have a bit of work to do on the story line to build it up. Dont get me wrong theres plenty of time and material to do with it - but right now theres not alot of substance to it.

But your right over the next 6months it should be exciting with Cena tied up with the Rock, Orton Tied up with Rhodes and I'm hoping Punk tied up with Nash returning I look around and its time for someone to stand up. Particularly in RAW.

There's definitely substance to Rock and Cena's match. It's literally been building for YEARS! Seriously. Cena and Rock have both been slinging shit on each other for years now and they did their build before WM and there's been some back and forth since then on YouTube and Facebook, not to mention wwe.com has a whole section dedicated to the match. Not to mention, he'll be back on TV in a few weeks to build through until WrestleMania. I think there's enough right now but, there's definitely more to come.

And Punk won't be with Nash. I seriously believe in my heart of hearts that Punk will end up against Austin at WMXXVIII. Orton and Rhodes will be a damn fine meeting over the next couple months as well. Can't wait to see their match at TLC in December.

10-15-2011, 06:57 AM
I hope that Undertaker and Kane are returning soon. And I also can't wait for Royal Rumble, its my 2nd Favourite PPV, right after Wrestlemania!

10-15-2011, 10:04 AM
Your information is false. The big 4 are no longer exclusive to WWEN, the last time I saw. They will still be on PPV but if you have WWEN, you can watch them a week or two after the live event takes place.


Also you forgot an "I" in the word It's in the beginning of the last paragraph in your intro.

10-15-2011, 11:54 AM
Love your blogs man. It's nice to read that somebody is THAT excited when looking forward. Nice break from the bitching we usually get. Got to say, you made me really excited for everything we have in store for us.