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Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 05:52 AM
The provincial team The Blue Bulls from Pretoria!Also known as the The Bulls franchise in SupeRugby.

Here is why: from affairs with girlfriend's moms,to killing farm workers,to killing police officers to racism(keep in mind its South Africa),the Bulls have done it all,not to mention a sex tape,allowing 12 year old fans to wave the Apartheid flag in the stadium,this union are one of kind.

Here are the stories,one by one

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 06:02 AM

He murdered a farm worker back,whilst still under investigation,he played for the Bulls.even worse and more embarrassing,he got picked to play four games for the Springboks in 1996,ya so all that 1995 World Cup unifying a nation stuff just about got flushed down the toilet.

He and his father had a dispute with the black farm worker,so they killed him!Oh and being a professional sportsman,to nobody's suprise,it was marked as 'unproven'

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 06:06 AM

He had a fling with his girlfriend's mom.Eat your heart out Charlie Sheen.when he called the affair off,the mom got two Nigerians to kill him.

‘You’re Deon, we’re paid to kill you’

November 20 2010 at 07:43am
By Hanti Otto
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Pretoria News
Blue Bulls player Deon Helberg. Photo: Masi Losi
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Cougar held in plot to kill Bull
“We are paid to kill you.”

These were the alleged chilling words of two Nigerians to Blue Bulls and SA Rugby Sevens player Deon Helberg, when they blew the whistle on a 47-year-old woman on Monday.

Branded as a “cougar” in earlier reports, Manda Reyneke is the mother of Helberg’s former model girlfriend, and wife to an anaesthetist.

It is alleged that she was a spurned woman, who plotted the 21-year-old rugby player’s death for the past year, after he apparently walked out on her. However, Helberg’s family yesterday firmly denied that there had been a relationship between the two.

Helberg left Pretoria for “safety reasons”, while Reyneke was arrested on Thursday during a sting operation for conspiracy to commit a murder.

She will spend the weekend in the Pretoria Moot police cells, instead of her luxury home in Silver Lakes, until she appears in court on Monday.

Her lawyer, Jacques Beetge, said they would apply for bail then.

Helberg’s uncle, Johan Lourens, yesterday stated that the young man never had a relationship or affair with Reyneke.

“He dated her daughter, Jalien. Deon never had a relationship with the mother. The mother apparently started with her stories when he and Jalien broke up two years ago,” Lourens said.

It was alleged that Reyneke began threatening Helberg via smses shortly after the break-up.

The plot to kill him was apparently hatched a year ago.

Two months ago Reyneke reportedly met the two Nigerians, asking them to “get rid” of Helberg.

She allegedly gave them money to buy weapons, ammunition and other equipment needed for the crime, promising them more money once the “hit” was completed.

However, Lourens said, the Nigerians contacted Helberg on Monday, after they were pressured to get the “job” done.

“They said to him: ‘You are Deon Helberg. You drive this car and you do this and that. We are paid to kill you’. They also said they did not want to speak to family, only a guardian. So Deon contacted me and then referred the Nigerians to me,” the uncle said.

The Hawks and Pretoria organised crime unit detectives staged a photograph of a “dead and bleeding” Helberg. This was SMSed to Reyneke as “proof” that the Nigerians had completed their “job”.

When the woman met with the “killers” in the parking lot of the Atterbury Valuemart on Thursday, she allegedly handed R10 000 in a bundle of R100 notes to them.

Seconds later armed police surrounded her silver Volvo, ordering Reyneke out of the car. To keep up the show, the two Nigerians were also “arrested”. It is expected that they will be used as State witnesses.

While it was still unclear when Reyneke would appear in court, one of the men was seen at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning.

Realising the media had recognised him, the Nigerian hid inside the car, winding up the tinted windows.

He made it clear that he did not want to be identified.

Lourens yesterday did not want to reveal where Helberg was, but confirmed he was outside the city.

“I spoke to him earlier. He is obviously relieved about the arrest, but is still stressed and concerned about his life. The family is still holding their breaths, waiting to see what will happen further.

“Deon’s parents are also doing alright under the circumstances. We are all very grateful towards the Hawks and the police,” the uncle said.

The lawyer said he had seen Reyneke on Thursday and yesterday and would also see her over the weekend.

“Taking the circumstances and the situation she is in, she is doing well,” he said.

As he represented the family, Beetge also did not want to confirm nor deny if Reyneke and her husband, Dave, who is believed to be in Middelburg, were in the process of divorcing.

Referring to rumours that the woman might have been planning more “hits”, Lourens said they had also heard that, but could not confirm, nor say who would have been the victims.

Police spokesman Colonel Vish Naidoo said they were not aware of these allegations.

Young Helberg sounded nervous and stressed when he answered his phone yesterday, saying he did not want to give any comment due to the ongoing investigation and the pending court case.

“Please, I can’t talk to you about this now,” he requested.- Pretoria News

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 06:09 AM

Nothing serious,he just murdered a police officer.......

Roux arrested for murder
27 Aug 2010

Bulls prop Bees Roux has been arrested for allegedly beating a policeman to death.

It has been reported that Roux is in police custody following the death of Tshwane Metro police officer in Schoeman Street, Pretoria. Eye Witness News posted a Twitter update on Friday, revealing the name of the player.

Roux’s attorney Ernst Serfontein said: ‘I believe there was an incident where a policeman died, passed away, and I know [he] was involved in the incident. How he was involved I don’t know yet, I can’t tell you.’

Colonel Eugene Opperman said a case of murder had been opened but would give no further details. Roux could appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Friday or Monday.

The Bulls also released a statement in response to the claims.

‘It has come to the Blue Bulls Company (Pty) Ltd’s attention that Bees Roux has allegedly been involved in an incident involving a metro policeman last night in Pretoria,’ the union said in the statement. ‘We do not have any factual information at this stage, but have been informed that the policeman passed away.

‘We would like to express our sincerest condolences to the relatives of the deceased. We are not in a position to make any further comments in this regard.’

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 06:11 AM

THe Axe Murderer!

A retired South African rugby star who allegedly went on a killing spree with an axe in one hand and a Bible in the other has been charged with three murders. Joseph Ntshongwana claimed to be taking revenge on a gang that raped his daughter and infected her with HIV, according to a victim who narrowly escaped with his life. Authorities, however, say they've established that there was no rape and the former Blue Bulls player doesn't even have a daughter, the Australian reports. His lawyers argue that he is mentally unfit to stand trial.

he is likely gonna go to jail

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 06:14 AM

best knwon as a former Bok and Blue Bulls captain,he had an affair with s stripper and got caught in a sextape sniffing cocaine of the chick.....

10-06-2011, 08:32 AM
Sounds like the South African version of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Subject Zero
10-06-2011, 08:42 AM
Wasnt there that New Zealand Rugby player a few years back who headbutted a pregnant woman outside of a bar?

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 12:52 PM
Wasnt there that New Zealand Rugby player a few years back who headbutted a pregnant woman outside of a bar?

Yes,the woman was Materrazzi!

Juvenile Junkie
10-06-2011, 12:54 PM
Sounds like the South African version of the Cincinnati Bengals.

with trophies,

and with no pads,no helmets,and no 10 minute breaks after each play.............