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Backstory -

- After the 2011 draft, Alex Riley was drafted to SmackDown. The Miz, desperate to keep Riley at his side, teamed up with his assistant and won the tag team titles from Big Show & Kane for the sole purpose of keeping Riley in his corner. With Riley as 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions, he was able to remain on RAW by The Miz's side and helped him retain the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. The RAW prior to the I Quit Match at Over the Limit, Miz and Riley defended the tag team titles against New Nexus members David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in a lumberjack match. The Lumberjacks were all face wrestlers who took their opportunities to get their free shots in on all four men. CM Punk interfered in the match with an army of heel Superstars. Cena and the other faces met Punk's group head on and a brawl erupted. In the ensuing chaos, Punk was able to sneak into the ring, hit the GTS on Riley, and sneak out like a ninja, allowing Otunga to score the pin. The brawl was broken up, and Miz realized that Riley was no longer one half of the tag champions and unable to be by his side anymore. Riley was forcibly removed from the arena by Cena, leaving Miz to face Cena on his own. Without Riley by his side, Miz was easily squashed by Cena, saying I Quit after Cena threatened to shock The Miz with a car battery.

- On SmackDown, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase attempted to bully Riley, making homophobic slurs in regards to his former relationship with The Miz. Riley turned face by attacking Ted, while Cody just stood there and watched, hoping that Ted would "man up" and "handle his business." Riley had a series of matches with Ted, which Riley won every encounter. Ted filed a complaint to Teddy Long and Riley was sent back to RAW. Cody turned on Ted, embarrassed and disgusted that Ted wouldn't "took the cowards way out" and didn't "handle his business like a man." turning Ted face as a result.

Riley returned to RAW, and began feuding with The Miz, who was pissed at Riley for "abandoning" him. Riley & Miz are now mortal enemies. The Miz has also formed an alliance with R-Truth, as they feel they are held back by a con-spiracy. R-Truth has also helped Miz out in his never ending feud with Riley, as R-Truth, having had a similar break up with his own sidekick Johnny Curtis (Curtis helped R-Truth attack Morrison in the infamous Long Island episode of RAW, but walked out on Truth out of guilt), saw Miz as a kindred spirit.

- CM Punk cut his epic shoot promo, won the WWE Championship and walked out on the WWE. Vince McMahon fired John Cena as a result. Triple H returned and was announced as the new COO, relieving Vince of his duties. Triple H rehired Cena, but suspended him indefinitely for failing to retain the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank, hoping that in doing so, he would automatically be awarded the new WWE Championship. However, Triple H instead forced him to face the winner of the WWE Title tournament. The finals of the tournament came down to The Miz vs. Alex Riley, having the blowoff match for their feud. Riley won the tournament, but lost the title match the following week after Miz interfered, saying that if he couldn't have the title, Riley wouldn't either.

CM Punk made his return and at Summerslam, he and Del Rio fought to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. Also at Summerslam, Cena won a Fatal 4Way involving Miz, R-Truth and Riley, to become #1 contender for the title at Night of Champions. Del Rio retained, defeating Cena with the cross armbreaker. Cena did not submit, but he was unable to escape the hold after 4 minutes, even after dragging Del Rio across the ring with his freakish strength, and the referee saw no choice but to stop the match to protect Cena from injury.

Christian retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Orton and never turned heel. He successfully defended the title against a then heel Sheamus at Over The Limit and lost the title to Orton at Summerslam. Christian and Mark Henry fought for the #1 contendership on the following SmackDown and Henry won. Henry went on to defeat Orton and Night of Champions, and Orton demanded a rematch the following SmackDown, which he lost due to interference by Cody Rhodes. Christian began his One More Match campaign, attempting to defeat Henry on multiple occasions but losing over and over again. Christian, despite being a face, joined David Otunga's new alliance, but has no real interest in the other superstars' demands.

At Night of Champions, The Miz & R-Truth brutally attacked Air Boom before their scheduled Tag Title match could even get started, saying that they had bigger fish to fry than competing for the tag team Championship (interfering in the CM Punk/Triple H match). Vickie Guerrero chose this opportunity to bring Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler out and challenge the tag champions. Kofi and Evan, being the valiant fighters they were, accepted the challenge despite not being 100%. Although Dolph had competed earlier in the night, having successfully defended the U.S. title against Alex Riley, Swagger was still fresh which gave Vickie's team the advantage and Swagger won the match and the titles for their team after making Evan Bourne tap out to the ankle lock.

Miz & R-Truth were fired at the beginning of the following RAW, but Triple H gave them the opportunity to fight for their jobs by taking on the entire RAW Roster (All of the faces + Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez) in an elimination handicap match. Miz & Truth managed to eliminate all of the undercard guys, but were completely dominated by Cena, Punk, Del Rio, & Ricardo. Del Rio & Ricardo chose to walk out of the match. This angered Cena who chased them down, getting himself counted out, leaving CM Punk against Miz & Truth on his own. Triple H then came out during the match with his sledgehammer, and nailed CM Punk with it, purposely getting Miz & Truth disqualified. Triple H sent out the entire roster out to throw Miz & Truth out of the arena.

Here's how I would book the WWE

WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio
World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
WWE United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler
WWE Tag Team Champions: The All American Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger)
WWE Diva's Champion: Beth Phoenix

Alberto Del Rio
Beth Phoenix
The Bella Twins
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena
John Morrison
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Mason Ryan
Rey Mysterio
Ricardo Rodriguez
Triple H
Tyler Reks


Alicia Fox
Cody Rhodes
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Jimmy & Jey Uso
Jinder Mahal
Mark Henry
Matt Striker
Randy Orton
Rosa Mendes
Sin Cara
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
Trent Baretta
Tyson Kidd
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu

The NXT Roster consists of all NXT alumni with special appearances by former NXT pros. The NXT Superstars are allowed to appear on the main shows, but usually only the more over ones do so while the rest compete mostly on NXT.

Alex Riley (makes regular appearances on RAW)
A.J. (makes regular appearances on SmackDown and special episodes of RAW)
Aksana (makes regular appearances on SmackDown)
Brodus Clay (makes regular appearances on SmackDown)
Byron Saxton (makes sporadic apperances)
Conor O'Brian (makes sporadic apperances)
Daniel Bryan (cross branded with SmackDown; appears on special episodes of RAW)
Darren Young (makes sporadic appearances on both brands as enhancement talent)
David Otunga (makes regular apperances on RAW)
Derrick Bateman
Heath Slater (cross branded with SmackDown)
Johnny Curtis (makes regular appearances on Smackdown; sporadic apperances on RAW)
Justin Gabriel (makes regular apperances on SmackDownl; appears on special episodes of RAW)
Kaitlyn (makes regular apperances on SmackDownl; appears on special episodes of RAW)
Michael McGillicutty (makes sporadic apperances on RAW)
Percy Watson
Titus O'Neil
Wade Barrett (Makes regular appearances on SmackDown; appears on special episodes of RAW)

Former Pros occasionally appear on NXT
Alberto Del Rio (& Ricardo Rodriguez)
Alicia Fox
The Bella Twins
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler (& Vickie Guerrero)
John Morrison
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
The Miz
Ted DiBiase
Tyson Kidd
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Tag Teams

- Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth; occasionally appear on NXT due to both being former pros)
- The All American Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger)
- Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne)
- The Major Broskis (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)

Jimmy & Jey Uso

Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis (sometimes team up on SmackDown)
South Beach Psrty Boys (Percy Watson & Darren Young)
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (occasionally team up on SmackDown)

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RAW SuperShow opens with John Cena coming out to cut a "Is everybody having a good time tonight" esque promo. HE is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero coming out with Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger.

Vickie cuts a promo about how her skills have led many superstars to success. She has the United States Title and the Tag Team Titles in her camp. She says that with her guidance, Ziggler & Swagger are unstoppable.

Cena cuts her off and makes a few jokes about Vickie's appearance. Alex Riley's theme song hits, and he comes out in his ring gear, as he is scheduled to challenge Ziggler for the U.S. title. Riley has a mic, and he and Cena appear to be trying to out do each other in insulting Vickie and her boys.

Match #1: Alex Riley def. Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Championship

Riley goes for his A-Bomb elbow drop only for Swagger to trip him. Cena gets up from his chair and tackles Swagger. The referee ejects Vickie, Swagger, and Cena from ringside. While Swagger & Vickie argue with the referee, Cena simply waves goodbye to Ziggler, who turns around into a TKO from Riley. As Riley is celebrating winning his first title, the Miz (who is still fired along with R-Truth) runs in through the crowd and attacks Riley. Miz is in an emotional state, screaming at his former friend, "This is all your fault! You're not allowed to be happy while I'm miserable!"

Riley is backstage being tended to by the trainers. Triple H comes in and apologizes to Riley over what the Miz did. Triple H assures Riley that he's taking actions to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Vickei and her crew come in and complain about how Cena ruined everything. Triple H books Jack Swagger vs. John Cena as the main event.

Match #2. Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez def. The Major Broskis

Ricardo comes out to the ring with a new entrance theme. Justin Roberts introduces Ricardo. Ricardo snatches the mic from Roberts and says, "Afuera pendejo. Let me show you how it's done." Ricardo then introduces himself, then Del Rio's theme song plays and Ricardo does his normal Del Rio introduction.

Zack Ryder's theme song hits and The Major Broskis come out. Hawkins has a mic in his hand.

Hawkins: You gave a great introduction Ricardo, but now let us show you how it's done. Ladies and Gentlemen. It is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you the two hottest things to ever come out of La Familia, sorry Vickie. The Party Starter Curt Hawkins! The Internet Champion, Zack Ryder! The Major Broskis.

Ryder: And if you're not down with us, I just have one question. Are you serious bro?

Ricardo works most of the match, with Del Rio only coming in when one of the faces is down. Del Rio makes a blind tag. Eventually Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Ricardo, but Del Rio knocks Ryder out with the Enziguiri, knocks Hawkins off the apron, and then makes Ryder tap out with the cross armbreaker.

Del Rio grabs the mic and then says, "I am the WWE Champion, and these two gringos are not even close to my level. How do you say, are you serious bro?"

Del Rio & Ricardo then laugh, but then are attacked by John Morrison

Match #3 Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre
Orton wins a rather quick match with the RKO.

Match #4. Mark Henry vs. Evan Bourne.
Mark Henry wins the match in about 5 minutes. Bourne fights valiantly, but in the end gets squashed. After the match Henry continues the beatdown, but Kofi Kingston runs out to make the save

Match #5. Jack Swagger def. John Cena.

Swagger & Cena put on a 15 minute classic. Swagger actually manages to get Cena in the ankle lock, Cena crawls for the ropes, but Swagger pulls him back into the center of the ring. He does this multiple times for almost two and a half minutes before finally tapping out. Swagger does a victory lap and confetti begins raining down from the ceiling, while Michael Cole goes crazy over Swagger having made Cena submit. Vickie and Dolph come out and starts spraying Swagger with champagne and they make their way backstage. The music stops playing and Cena is in shock in the center of the ring. He slowly makes his way backstage in sadness and in shame over having tapped out.

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Awesome start bro

I am interested in where you take this Keep up the good work

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Wade Barrett comes out and cuts a promo about how he's been forced to return to the cesspool that is NXT. HE says he is the only decent thing to come out of this abomination of a show, and the name "redemption" is appropriate for a show that has fallen so far ever since he left.

Johnny Curtis comes out and says that he too is an NXT winner and Barrett laughs in his face.

Barrett: I've been blazing a trail through the WWE and main eventing PPVs. What exactly have you been doing other than making bad puns.

Curtis: You're right. I'm not as successful as you. Maybe I am nothing but bad puns. But I have a bad pun for you right now. Talk to the hand.

Curtis slaps Barrett to a huge pop. The two begin fighting and Curtis gets the advantage, knocking Barrett from the ring. Curtis grabs the mic and challenges Barrett to an NXT winner vs. NXT winner match, right now!

Match #1 Wade Barrett vs. Johnny Curtis
Barrett beats Curtis with the Wasteland after a back and forth match

David Otunga approaches Alex Riley backstage. He says that the Miz's attack on him was a result of Triple H's poor decisions as COO. He invites Riley to participate in the lawsuit with the other disgruntled Superstars. Riley turns his offer down and tells him where he can stick his lawsuit.

World Heavyweight Champion and former NXT pro Mark Henry comes out and cuts a promo. He talks about how the World Title is the ultimate prize in this business. It's what all these young guns in NXT strive for. He says as long as he's Champion, a shot at the World Title isn't a dream, it's a nightmare. Henry stays outside to watch the next match

Match #2 Brodus Clay vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Clay wins, and then has a staredown with Henry.

- Recap of Swagger making Cena tap out on RAW.

Match #3. Tyson Kidd vs. Alex Riley
Kidd has resumed his random manager gimmick, but he is oddly accompanied by The Miz. The commentators note that although Miz & R-Truth were fired, Miz is in the arena solely at Kidd's invitation. Riley & Kidd have a back and forth match, with Miz taking cheap shots at Riley and berating him whenever the referee isn't looking. When Riley gets the advantage, Miz trips him. Kidd takes advantage and gets Riley in the Sharpshooter. Riley crawls to the ropes, face to face with The Miz, who slaps him out of the ref's line of sight and yells at him. Riley then looks Miz dead in the eye, and says, "Your ass is mine." Miz gulps in horror as Riley gives him a sinister smirk and taps out, sacrificing the victory so that Kidd can break the hold, and then quick as a flash, goes after the Miz and chases him backstage.

Riley is searching for the Miz, who attacks him from behind. The Miz & Riley brawl backstage and Riley has the advantage, ripping Miz's clothes. Miz picks up a steel pipe and wildly swings it at Riley dropping it. Riley ducks, hits Miz in the stomach and picks up the pipe.. Riley chases Miz to the parking lot where R-Truth is waiting for him in a getaway car. R-Truth yells "Stop playing with Little Jimmy and let's go!" Miz gets in the passenger's seat and yells, "Go! Go! Go!" Riley smashes one of the car's windows with the pipe before it can peel out. Riley is left in the parking lot groaning in frustration

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* Superstars oddly opens up with Triple H coming out to the ring in a suit.

Triple H : "Don't adjust your sets. This isn't a dream. Triple H is on Superstars. I realized that we have a bunch of talented guys in the back, who put their blood sweat and tears into this show week after week, yet hardly anyone acknowledges their hard work because they can't be bothered to take one hour out of their time to watch this show. I used to watch Superstars in the 80s, I remember when Superstars used to have 'super stars' and I loved it! Guys like Mr. Perfect, guys like Demolition, guys like The Hart Foundation, guys like Razor Ramon, and even guys like Kevin Nash, bless his heart, used to come on this show week after week. This show has fallen so far ever since then. I have made it my mission to make this show actually mean something again!!!

"That's why I've made a stellar main event tonight with two of the hottest young stars in the WWE. The Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes will go one on one with the United STates Champion Alex Riley in a Champion vs. Champion match."

* Cody Rhodes comes out in a suit, (NOTE: He still has the Attitude Era IC belt) He gets in the ring

Cody : "I refuse to compete against Alex Riley."

Triple H : "Are you afraid of A-Ry? If you are you can...say it to my face. Don't be ashamed, we all are afraid of something. I'm afraid of heights, and I'm afraid of people with thick glasses. It makes their eyes look big like they're judging you."

Cody : "I do not fear that common man Alex Riley. But Alecth Riley has a target on his back. The Miz...that tacky suit wearing....frog faced....glorified....reality television reject that used to work here has made Alecth Riley a target for reasons that I give an minimal amount of fudge about. I am the WWE Intercontinental Champion, and an innothent bysthander. I should not have to rithk being caught in the crothfire of a thychotic clown

Triple H: Tell us how you really feel. The match is still on.

Triple H leaves the ring while Cody stands there frustrated.


Ted DiBiase is having one of his DiBiase Posse tailgate parties outside the arena. Fans and Superstars alike are having fun and generally having a good time.

Suddenly we hear the voice of R-Truth...


Miz: This tailgate party is about to get AWWWWEEEEESOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!

* There is an awkward silence as Miz & R-Truth, both wearing DiBiase Posse T-shirts (Miz is wearing it with a suit) walk through the tailgate party with smug looks on their faces. They both put their arms around Ted

Ted : Nobody invited you here.

R-Truth: Come on Ted. A year ago you was begging me to be your buddy!

Ted: This is not quite what I had in mind.

Miz : Why so serious Ted?

R-Truth : We might not be part of the WWE anymore, but we still proud members of the DiBiase Posse, and we just came to enjoy a tailgate party.

* Miz snatches a burger out of Zack Ryder's hand

Ryder : Are you serious bro!

Ryder then storms off to the ring as his match is next. Miz smiles and starts eating the burger.


Match #1: Zack Ryder vs. Brodus Clay
Zack Ryder comes out with his camera, while Clay gets a jobber entrance. Ryder grabs a microphone, gets in the ring, and points his camera at Clay.

Ryder : Hey Brodus! You're on my show right now! You wanna be my Broski of the Week? I can call you Broski Clay!

Ryder tries to pal around with Brodus, oblivious to the big man's obvious annoyance. The bell rings and Brodus dominates Ryder with various power holds. Ryder does manages to get Brodus down to one knee, and attempts the Rough Ryder only to be caught and slammed down hard. Brodus then hits a running cross body and pins him.
Winner: Brodus Clay

After the match, Brodus grabs Ryder and tosses him out of the ring. He then grabs a mic

Brodus : "I told you I was gonna kill all your heroes! Starting with this one right here! AND YOU DO...KNOW...THAT!"

* Brodus then walks over to Ryder as he is getting up, and tosses him into the steel steps. He then leaves the ring area and makes his way backstage.

A recap of Swagger making John Cena tap out on RAW plays

* Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger are watching the recap backstage on a monitor. Brodus Clay walks past them, and Vickie stops him.

Vickie : Ahem, excuse me. I was watching your match, and I was pretty impressed. As you can see, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are the WWE Tag Team Champions. And most recently as a result of my guidance, Jack Swagger did the impossible when he made John Cena tap out on RAW. If you join me, I can guarantee that you'll have similar success,

* Vickie hands Brodus a business card. HE looks at it, and then tears it up. Brodus grabs Ziggler by his tie. Swagger moves in to aid his partner, but backs off when Brodus glares at him.. Brodus smiles, then lets go of the smaller man and walks away.

Ziggler then shamelessly quips in smartass fashion: "That shaved gorilla just made me soil myself!" and hurriedly heads off to the locker room to change


- A video package featuring David Otunga and his interactions with the various Superstars plays.

* All About The Power plays and David Otunga comes out along with his former Nexus stable mates Michael McGillicutty, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. All of them have their ring gear on as they are about to compete in an 8 man tag match. Otunga grabs a mic.

Otunga: "My name is David Otunga...."

The crowd starts to chant MISTER HUDSON * clap clap clap clap clap *

Otunga : "You may recognize me as well as the men you see before you as former members of The Nexus. These men would like to air their own opinions regarding the COO Triple H."

Gabriel : "While the group of individuals collectively suing Triple H have their own complaints, they at least have enjoyed the privilege of performing on RAW and SmackDown and competing for championship title, while we have gotten nothing but scraps."

Slater : How many times is Triple H gonna give Christian 'one more match' over and over and over again while the rest of us sit back on the sidelines?

McGillicutty : We are sick of the poor treatment that Triple H has given us. We are tired of being ignored. We will no longer be overlooked. No longer will we not be given the attention we rightfully deserve... *

The crowd is actually cheering for McGillicutty as he has another "This moment starting now" moment. McGillicutty's rant is cut off by The Usos theme starting up. Jimmy and Jey come out dragging a reluctant Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman out by the arm. Curtis audibly yells "I don't wanna!" while Bateman shakes his head no. The Usos then start to do the Siva Tau dance and Curtis & Bateman reluctantly do it with them....awkwardly and badly.

Match #2. Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman & The Usos.
The match lasts about seven minutes. Otunga hits his spinebuster on Curtis and scores the pin.

A recap of Miz's attacks on Alex Riley plays.

Miz & R-Truth are still at the tailgate party, each have an arm around Ted's shoulder, as they are watching the recap on a TV. Ted (and everyone else) is no longer having fun due to Awesome Truth's presence. Cody Rhodes shows up in his ring gear, along with his baggers, about to head out for his match.

Cody : Ted, Are you seriously cavorting with these outsiders?

Ted : I don't owe you an explanation! But just to let you know I didn't invite them! They just showed up.

Cody : If you have any sense of decency or brain cells, you will get rid of these interlopers now.

R-Truth : My dad used to take me hunting for interlopers when I was a kid!

Cody : As if a despicable worm like you could ever actually have a father....

R-Truth picks up a bottle of mustard and squirts it on Cody. Cody retaliates by taking out a paper bag and putting it on R-Truth's head. A blinded R-Truth begins spraying the mustard around wildly on everyone. Cody reaches into a bowl of potato salad and slaps The Miz

Miz then yells "Food fight!" and all of the superstars begin throwing food at each other and brawling. Cody takes the brunt of the punishment. Ted begins to grow increasingly angry as his tailgate party has officially been ruined. Ted grabs a toasting fork and tries to attack R-Truth and Miz with it, and they flee the scene. Ted turns his attention to Cody who is cowering behind his baggers. Ted tries to attack Cody but the baggers restrain Ted while Cody flees to the ring for his match.


Match #3. Champion vs. Champion match: Alex Riley vs. Cody Rhodes
This match lasts about 11 minutes, and goes back and forth. Riley hits a spinebuster on Rhodes, and then goes for his A-Bomb elbow drop, but Cody dodges it and then hits the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Cody hits the Cross-Rhodes on Riley for the win.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody celebrates with the Intercontinental title, and Ted runs out and attacks Cody, pissed off that Cody provoked Miz & R-Truth and started the food fight. Cody tries to run, but trips on the fallen form of Riley Ted beats Cody a few more times and Cody retreats up the ramp. Ted stares down Cody to end the show

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Whould u like me to review ur Shows? . I so i will give u feedback Etc

10-11-2011, 02:10 PM
I would appreciate that, thanks.

10-11-2011, 11:07 PM
Ill do ur first show now which was RAW

10-11-2011, 11:24 PM
The Opening segment was good and I'm glad you used Vickie as she is a brilliant Heel.

Great to see a title change hand in your first match. I also don't think that Vickie Dolph and Swagger will take this lying. If this leads into a Cena-Vickie's Crew storyline that would be great. Great to see Miz and truth return as well.

Good backstage segment with Riley-Swagger-Dolph and Vickie. Also a good set up for the main event.

Good to see Del Rio and Rodriguez win. Also great that Ricardo wrestled most of the match because Del Rio is champ.

Orton wins, Nice. I think if you made a storyline with those 2 it could turn out great. Only if u want to though.

Great To see Henry Dominate at the end.

Absolutely Brilliant Main Event. I have always wanted to see Cena tap out and he did. Also the celebration sounded great. Hopefully u continue on with this storyline for the time being.

Great first show man. What makes it really good is that when reading it feels so realistic.

10-11-2011, 11:26 PM
Will do NXT and Superstars reviews tommorow Morning (My Time)

10-11-2011, 11:40 PM
u should give alex riley a blow job, since u clearly think he's a wrestling god

10-12-2011, 12:00 AM
u should give alex riley a blow job, since u clearly think he's a wrestling god

Well aren't you just a really pleasant guy. What was the need in that comment?

Onto the thread in question, Tempest, this is some great stuff man. Keep going and ignore idiots like this one.

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* Smackdown opens up with Teddy Long's music playing. The Smackdown GM comes out flanked by Zack Ryder, who is wearing a suit similar to Teddy's, except purple in color, and wearing an orange tie and a Broski headband.

Teddy : Tonight, we have a great main event. Randy Orton will team up with former Legacy teammate Ted DiBiase to take on the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, and his lawyer David Otunga.

* All About The Power plays and Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel come out. (NOTE: All About The Power is the theme song for both teams of Slater/Gabriel and Otunga/McGillicutty. The two teams have not reformed "The Nexus" but they are a loosely affiliated alliance.)

Gabriel: Why have we not been booked tonight?

Slater : We're tired of being overlooked! We deserve to have competition on SmackDown tonight!

Teddy : I'm sorry, but the show is fully booked. There's no room to squeeze you in.

Ryder : Hold on, Teddy. If the Rad Bromance here is looking for competition, I'd be willing to give it to them.

Teddy : I can't let you do that player. You are only here as my assistant, not to compete. Besides, there's two of them and only one of you.

Ryder : You're gonna be mad at me Teddy, but I invited someone from RAW over. My tag team partner the Party Starter Curt Hawkins.

* Hawkins comes out to no music and stands on the stage.

Ryder : So why don't you do that thing you do so well and make a tag team match tonight!

Teddy : Zack, that's actually the smartest thing you've ever did. Later on tonight, it will be the team of Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins, takin' on the team of Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Holla holla!

Match #1: Daniel Bryan vs. Jinder Mahal
As soon as the bell rings, Jinder rushes Bryan and beats him down. He picks him up and then gives him a scoop slam. Jinder stops and yells at Bryan in Punjabi. Bryan, taking advantage of the opening, quickly trips Jinder, puts him in the LeBell Lock and Jinder taps out.
Winner: Daniel Bryan


Match 2. The Major Broskis vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel.
* Slater and Gabriel come out first to All About The Power. Hawkins and Ryder come out to the ring to Ryder's music

Hawkins : "No disrespect to Edge, but you're looking at the two hottest things to come out of La Familia! The Party Starter Curt Hawkins! Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder! The Major Broskis!

Ryder : And if you're not down with us, I just have one question. Are you serious bro?

Ryder starts off the match with Gabriel. Slater and Gabriel spend the match making quick tags and isolating Ryder. Ryder make the hot tag to Hawkins who beats both men with a flurry. Hawkins hits the Heat Seeking Elbow on Slater, and then tags Ryder in who finishes Slater off with the Rough Ryder.
Winners: The Major Broskis


* Just Close Your Eyes plays and Christian comes out with Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler & Jack swagger.

Ziggler : Last Monday night on RAW, I was screwed out of my United States Championship. John Cena had no right to interfere in my match! Alex Riley got lucky last monday, and next monday, I will have my rematch. Triple H, I demand that John Cena be fired for his actions!

Swagger : Even though Triple H generally thuckth at hith job, he actually did something good on Monday Night, when he placed me in a match against John Cena, and I made him tap out in the center of the ring.

* Christian is standing in the corner, looking bored while the other Superstars talk. Christian is still a face, but he hangs around with these guys for the lulz. The crowd cheers as he makes funny faces at the heel Superstars behind their backs.

Cody : Triple H forced me to compete against Alex Riley, a man who couldn't wrestle his way out of a paper bag, and I was nearly maimed by his self aggrandizing ex boyfriend The Miz and his ebony skinned friend R-Truth, and then that ungrateful hater of players Ted DiBiase tried to shank me with a toasting fork. Triple H made the stupid decision of allowing Ted DiBiase to throw his stupid tailgate parties when he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near sharp objects.

Christian : Yeah! Because of Triple H's poor job as COO * points at Dolph * His title got stolen by the Miz's slightly bigger and less charismatic clone/ex boyfriend. * points at Swagger * Triple H forced John Cena to compete with a cramp in his hand, and * points at Cody * and Cody almost got forked in the ass! This is unacceptable and because of that I should have ONE MORE MATCH!!!"

* The heels roll their eyes in annoyance and the crowd pops. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked plays and Mark Henry comes out.

Henry : Christian? You on drugs or something? If you ain't learn nothing from the last 28 times you got swatted into the ground you gotta be smokin' something!

Christian : 29, but who's counting?

Henry : Nobody standin' in the ring or in the back can beat me! That's why I got this! But If I gotta faceroll yo ass again, so be it!


Match #3. Jack Swagger & Dolph Zigger (w/ Cody Rhodes & Christian) vs. The Usos.
Swagger & Ziggler are already in the ring while Christian and Cody stand on the outside. The Usos come out and do their war dance. The heels look annoyed as Christian is actually bobbing his head to the Uso's entrance music.

The Usos put up a decent fight against the tag team champions, but ultimately Swagger makes Jimmy tap out with the Ankle Lock.
Winners: Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

* Tyson Kidd is shown walking through the hallways when he bumps into the Divas of Doom. He gives Natalya a kiss on the cheek and Beth rolls her eyes. The three of them walk out to the ring as Tyson Kidd has a match...NEXT.


Match #4 Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya & Beth Phoenix) vs. Trent Baretta
Kidd comes out with The Divas of Doom tonight. Kidd and Nattie are holding hands, while Beth has an annoyed scowl on her face. Your typical Tyson Kidd match with obligatory screaming. Nattie trips Trent up. Kelly Kelly runs out to the ring and attacks Nattie. Beth grabs Kelly and tosses her into the ring post. Kidd stops to laugh at Kelly, which gives Trent the opening to hit the Dudebuster DDT for the win.
Winner: Trent Baretta

Beth throws Kelly into the ring and starts beating her up. She stops when she notices that Nattie isn't helping her and is tending to a hurt Kidd. Beth gives Kelly the Glam Slam, glares at Nattie, kicks Kidd in the ribs for no reason and leaves pissed off.

* Randy Orton is in the back getting ready for his match when Ted DiBiase comes in.

Ted : Randy, I know we haven't seen eye, but tonight, we're gonna team up against Cody and David Otunga. You and I know Codes better than anyone else. He's lost it completely.

Randy : My issues with Cody, are about more pressing matters than some lame barbecue. It's funny when you think about it. Cody teaming up with his lawyer David Otunga to file a class action suit against Triple H. It wasn't so long ago that I tried to use lawyers against Triple H, back when we were Legacy. I guess I taught him a little bit too much. I'm gonna have to fix that

Match #5: Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes & David Otunga
Ted plays the face in peril for this match, but after hitting the juke out clothesline on Cody, he tags in Orton and Cody tags in Otunga. Orton cleans house on both men and hits the powerslam, and the DDT on Otunga. Orton then attempts to do the punt to Otunga, but Cody saves Otunga when he dives between them and takes the punt to the face. Cody rolls out of the ring, stunned, but not seriously injured; the commentators play it off as the mask having absorbed most of the impact. Orton hits the RKO on Otunga for the win.
Winner: Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase

Orton and Ted celebrate in the ring, and then Orton gives DiBiase the RKO for good measure, and poses for the fans

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Christian vs. Mark Henry

Christian uses his speed against Henry, while Henry manages to knock him down with clotheslines every time Christian gets the advantage. Christian drop toe holds Mark Henry into "619 position" and then hits his "Springboard Bitch Slap." Christian attempts to do his springboard thingy off the second rope, but Henry catches him and hits the World's Strongest Slam and pins him.
Winner: Mark Henry

We hear Henry yell, "THIS GON' HAPPEN EVERY TIME!!! YOU AIN'T GON' GET THIS!!!!" at Christian over and over again before finally leaving the ring. Henry walks to the stage and holds up the World Title belt. Christian manages to pull himself to his feet on the ropes, and hold one finger up in the air, signaling for One More Match and the crowd pops. Henry stares at Christian, seething in anger by his refusal to just give up.

10-12-2011, 03:30 PM
RAW Review:

Good opening Segment with 2 NXT winners.

Good match as well. Glad to see Barrett win as he is a great talent

Great to see Otunga asking other Superstars if they want to partake in the Law Suit

Good promo by Henry

Clay wins and has a stair down with Henry, Very Intresting

Just like you did on RAW, Brilliant!!!! Main Event and Ending!! I can't wait to see where this Miz and Riley storyline is going to end. Great stuff.

10-12-2011, 03:40 PM
Great to see HHH Show up. Also glad to see that u r going to make this a good show unlike the real one.

Rhodes not happy about the match, nice

Miz and Truth show up. Miz snatches the burger out of Ryders hand, great funny moment there.

Great to see Clay get a sort of big win.

Great to see that Clay wants to do it on his own

Good Promo and Tag Team Match

Haha food fight, nice.

Great to see Rhodes win in the main event

10-12-2011, 09:19 PM
Interesting Main Event announcement to open the show. Also great to see Ryder.

Good win for DB. I was just wondering, Does he have the MITB still in this?.

I'm glad you're making Ryder talk lots as he is very good on the Mic. Also great win for him and Hawkins

Good Promo and Win for Dolph and Swagger

Great to see that Kidd and Natalya and Beth are a stable. I think that Beth and Natalya are the best wrestlers. Followed by Maryse.

Orton and Dibease get a great win

Henry Retains the WHC. Great to see Christian say 1 more match.

Well Done on another great show. Your Realness, Humour and great creative skills makes this a joy to read and Review. Look forward to Reviewing your next show

10-12-2011, 09:20 PM
u should give alex riley a blow job, since u clearly think he's a wrestling god

Who the hell do u think u r mate?

10-13-2011, 07:20 PM
Dude, this is some good stuff but I can't help but feel that the heels would just beat the crap out of Christian for the blatant pisstaking he is doing.

It's less realistic to see stuff like this happening. Why would a face hang out with a heel anyway? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's humorous, but it's not realistic in wrestling, and thats what I personally, I'm sure a lot more people as well, like to see when they read stuff like this.

Other than that though, this is some good stuff.

10-15-2011, 04:49 AM
RAW opens with CM Punk coming out to the ring.

Punk : I have a few issues with the COO HHH. Now last week, I was forced against my will to team up with a roster of people that I can't stand to take on The Miz & R-Truth, the stipulation being that the two of them would be fired if they lost. Now, why am I concerned over Miz & Truth getting fired? Take a look at this.

He shows the a recap of the Awesome Truth vs. the RAW roster match, with Punk being left to take them on on his own. Triple H comes down with his sledge hammer and purposely nails Punk with it to get Miz & R-Truth disqualified.

Punk : Okay. Now, I don't have a problem with HHH firing Miz and R-Truth. Hell, I say good riddance and I think the WWE is a better place without them. What I do have a problem with was HHH making an example out of me to get his point across

Time to Play The Game hits and Triple H comes out.

HHH : Okay Punk, here's the thing, I really didn't want to hit you in the head with that sledge hammer. Nah, who am I kidding, I loved every second of it. I got to shut you up, albeit temporarily and fire two pains in the ass at the same time. It was like killing two birds with one stone. RAW was so much more quiet and peaceful without you around for a whole week. You talk about the status quo, but the new status quo has become you coming out here week after week, bitching and moaning about how the big bad HHH has been holding you down and screwing you over. Now it's starting to rub off on everyone else and it's pissing me off!!!!!

CM Punk : Cool story bro.

HHH : You say I haven't given anyone opportunities. Well, I'm gonna give one guy in the back an opportunity right now. You're gonna be in action. Next.

Triple H leaves, while Punk waits in the ring for his opponent.

Match #1 : CM Punk vs. David Otunga

All About the Power plays and Otunga comes out. Otunga has a mic.

Otunga : Punk, what kind of a name is Punk anyway?

Punk : I don't know. I asked myself the same question when New York gave it to you.

The crowd pops

Otunga : Very funny. You wanna know the truth. I never liked you. Not even in Nexus. It was a mistake for me to ever associate myself with you. You complain about how Triple H screwed everyone else for his own selfish reasons. I don't like Hunter very much either, but you were just as bad as he was. You held the rest of us bac. Soon as you walked out, the sky was the limit and...

Punk cuts Otunga off with a kick. He goes for a cover, but Otunga kicks out. Punk picks Otunga up, but Otunga rakes Punk's eyes and hits a vertical suplex. Otunga drops a few elbows on Punk and then goes for a cover. Punk kicks out. Otunga picks Punk up, whips him into the ropes and hits a back elbow, and goes for another 2 count.

Punk whips Otunga into the corner, and then hits the flying knee and the bulldog. He then hits the GTS and pins Otunga for the win.
Winner: CM Punk
Scott Stanford is interviewing John Cena backstage.

Stanford : John Cena, last night you were given the shock of your life. Could you share your thoughts please.

Cena : Jack Swagger is a hell of a competitor. I've fought the guy multiple times and he's always taken me to the limit. The difference between all those times and last week is that I always came out on top. But that was not the case last week. Last week, Jack Swagger made me tap out and off the record, I cried like a little girl. I was so sad that I spent the week eating ice cream and watching chick flicks. But I should be given the chance to redeem myself, by taking on Jack Swagger...in a rematch! Tonight.

Swagger walks up to Cena.

Swagger : Not gonna happen. I got nothing else to prove to you.

Cena : What's the matter Jackie boy? Afraid you can't do it again?

Swagger and Cena get into each other's faces.

Swagger : Fine! I accthept. But don't get mad when I make you cry like a little girl all over again.

Match #2: Cody Rhodes (w/ Christian) vs. Johnny Curtis

Cody comes out, but in lieu of his normal baggers, Christian comes out dressed as a bagger, handing out paper bags to the fans. All of the bags that Christian hands out have “One More Match” written on the “foreheads.” Johnny Curtis is already in the ring, having gotten a jobber entrance. Christian gives a bag to Michael Cole, who frowns at him.

Curtis backs Cody into the corner. He backs off, but Cody punches Curtis in the face. He whips Curtis into the ropes, but Curtis counters with a shoulder block.

Cody puts Curtis in a chinlock, but Curtis slowly starts to fight his way out of it. Curtis breaks free and starts hitting European Uppercuts, before running the ropes and knocking Rhodes down with a spinning wheel kick.

Curtis gets Rhodes in the corner and does the 10 punches while the crowd counts along. Rhodes slips out and drops Curtis face first into the top turnbuckle. Rhodes then hits the Beautiful Disaster kick and pins Curtis for the win.
Winner: Cody Rhodes.

* Ricardo Rodriguez is backstage talking to Natalya. Natalya gives Ricardo a $100 bill and an index card and walks off, and Ricardo makes his way to the ring.


Match #3: Tyson Kidd (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Curt Hawkins

Kidd comes out vwith Ricardo, reading from the index card that Natalya handed him backstage.

Ricardo : Damas y caballeros. *Starts speaking English * Allow me to introduce to you a man who makes my heart melt whenever I look into his eyes. A man whose thighs are even more amazing than Randy Orton's. I just want to grab his perfectly shaped butt and take a bite out of it. He is TYSOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN KIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDD!

Natalya comes out to the stage and waves at Kidd. Kidd gives a shy smile and looks down at the canvas.

Hawkins comes out to In The Middle Of It Now. He looks at Natalya standing on the stage swooning over Kidd, laughs, and makes his way to the ring.

Hawkins attemps a hammer lock on Kidd, but Kidd snapmares him down and puts him in a front facelock. Hawkins makes a comeback, but Kidd stops his flurry with a spin kick to the gut, and then hits a snap suplex. Kidd goes to the outside ring apron, and attempts to do the springboard elbow drop, but Hawkins gets his knees up. Hawkins then goes to the top rope and hits the Heat Seeking Elbow for the win.
Winner: Curt Hawkins

Natalya runs out to the ring to console Kidd, and they make lovey dovey eyes at each other.

* Beth Phoenix's music hits and she comes out with the Diva's title belt over her shoulder, and carrying a briefcase.

Beth : Now that this after school Disney crap is over, let's get on to business. I have an announcement to make. I am the WWE Diva's Champion. This (referring to the belt) is the WWE Divas Championship. What is wrong with this picture? This is a toy! This isn't any more a real title than Zack Ryder's Internet Championship!

Beth then drops the title on the ground,

Beth : That is a belt!

Beth then opens the brief case and then pulls a new belt out of it.

Beth : THIS is a championship title!

The new Divas Championship resembles the Women's title, except with the addition of diamonds (but not overly gaudy like the Spinner belt) on the “corners” of the faceplate. The belt is silver in color (made of white gold, not platinum like the Butterfly belt), and has the word “DIVAS CHAMPION” on it in purple (same lettering as the Women's belt).

Beth, Nattie, and Kidd walk out, all of then nonchalantly stepping over the Butterfly belt and leaving it in the ring. Ricardo stays in the ring as Alberto Del Rio's entrance hits and Del Rio comes out in one of his cars.

Ricardo : “Damas y caballeros, es mi honor de introducir, Un hombre cuyo Dick es más grande que el suyo. Tuvo relaciones sexuales con your mom last night.....

Cole : Ricardo is a genius. Where does he come up with this stuff?


Del Rio gets into the ring, picks up the discarded Butterfly Divas Title belt and tosses it out disregardingly onto the ramp.

Del Rio : After our tag match last week in Monday Night RAW. John Morrison. He come out here. And he deesrespect Alberto del Rio. The WWE Champion. Why he think he can hang with El Patron? Last time he challenge against me in the ring, I squash heem.

Morrison's music hits and he comes out.

Morrison : Alberto. You're right. The last time we faced off against each other you did quote unquote squash me. But I was not mentally ready for that encounter. My mind was else where. Woman trouble, you know.

Morrison gives a smirk towards the hard camera.

Del Rio : Ha. Woman trouble. Is funny, Was it that time of the month. Did you have to go to the Siete-Once, The 7-Eleven and get your self some tampons. Is okay. Don't be ashamed. Todos mujeres, all womens have that problem.

Del Rio winks at Morrison. Morrison attacks Del Rio and Ricardo makes the save. Del Rio bails from the ring and retreats to the stage, while Ricardo continues stomping on Morrison. Ricardo picks Morrison up and whips him into the ropes, but Morrison comes back with a flying dropkick. Morrison then picks Ricardo up and hits the Moonlight Drive. Morrison stares down at Del Rio, and motions that he wants the WWE Title.


10-15-2011, 04:50 AM
Match #3. United States Championship: Alex Riley (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler.
Dolph Ziggler comes out alone. He looks at the Butterfly belt, which is still laying on the ramp., picks it up, wipes his ass with it, and drops it back on the floor, before getting in the ring.

Alex Riley comes out next to a huge pop.

Ziggler and Riley have a staredown, and Ziggler slaps Riley. Riley takes Ziggler down by the legs and starts punching him in the face. Riley picks Ziggler up for the TKO, but Ziggler slips out and goes for the sleeper hold. Riley quickly grabs the ropes and Ziggler breaks the hold.

Ziggler takes Riley down with a headlock takeover. Riley fights his way out of it and hits a Spinebuster. He goes for the cover but Ziggler kicks out. Riley picks Ziggler up, and attempts to do the Impaler DDT, but Ziggler counters, kicks Riley in the gut and hits the FameAsser.

Ziggler goes for a cover. Miz runs in throught the crowd, pulls Ziggler off of Riley, and then slides in the ring and starts beating Riley up. The ref calls for the bell and Dolph protests.
Winner: Alex Riley by DQ

Ziggler gets back in the ring, pulls Miz off of Riley and argues with him. Ziggler yells “What do you think you're doing! You ruined everything!” Miz stares a hole through Riley and doesn't even look at Ziggler, and he resumes attacking him. Ziggler pulls Miz off of him again, and says “Hey! You listen to me when I'm talking to you!” Miz turns his head towards Ziggler, stares at him with cold,nemotionless eyes, turns his head back towards Riley, and starts beating Riley up once again. Swagger comes running out to the ring, and Miz bails , and runs back into the crowd.

Ziggler and Swagger both look at the fallen Riley. Swagger puts Riley in the anklelock and Ziggler immediately latches on the sleeper hold, both of them staring a hole through The Miz who is standing in the crowd staring back at them. Ziggler is screaming out “I HATE BOTH OF YOU! YOUR STUPID DRAMA IS RUINING EVERYTHING FOR ME!!!!!”

Referees and security, run out. Half of them try to pry Ziggler & Swagger off of Riley, while the other half jump into the crowd to try and chase The Miz.

Triple H and John Laurinaitis are in the office. Dolph Ziggler bursts in mad as hell.

Ziggler : Did you guys see that out there? The Miz ruined everything

Triple H : You wanna rematch. You gotta earn it.

Ziggler : I gotta earn a rematch that I was screwed out of! Are you serious bro?

Zack Ryder walks in.

Ryder : That's gimmick infringement! Are you serious bro!

Ryder leaves as quickly as he came in.

Triple H : As I was saying, you're gonna have to earn your rematch. Next week, in the main event. If you win, you'll get a rematch for the United States Championship. Oh, and your opponent. John Cena.

Ziggler scowls at Triple H, and then leaves.

Match #4. Randy Orton vs. Christian
Randy Orton comes out first. Then Christian comes out. He's wearing the sparkly pants and the hoodie once again.

The two of them start with a collar and elbow tie up. Christian backs Orton up towards the ropes and then Irish whips him Orton does the Lou Thesz Press and starts punching Christian in the face, before locking in a chin lock. Christian fights his way out of it, kicks Orton in the gut and then runs the ropes. Christian goes for a clothesline, but Orton ducks under it and hits his backbreaker move. Cody Rhodes starts to make his way down the ramp as we go to commercial

Back from commercial and Christian has Orton in a headlock. Orton pushes Christian off. Orton hits the powerslam and then starts going into that dark place of his. Orton coils up for the RKO, but Christian counters with the reverse DDT and gets a 2 count. Christian climbs the top rope and goes for a missile drop kick, but Orton dodges it. Orton tosses Christian over the rope. Christian lands on the apron, and Orton sets him up for the rope DDT. Christian counters by getting his feet off the ropes, and dropping Orton into 2nd rope in “619 position.” Christian then does his springboard bitch slap. Christian attempts the Killswitch, but much like their 2005 encounter, Orton counters by leapfrogging over Christian, and then goes for the RKO. This time however, Christian blocks it, and rolls Orton up for the victory.
Winner: Christian

After the match, Christian offers Orton a handshake. Orton thinks about it for a second, and then tries to RKO Christian for no reason other than being a general douche nozzle. Christian again blocks the RKO, and hits the Killswitch in self defense. Christian then “Kanye Shrugs” to the crowd. He leaves the ring and puts his hand up to try to get a high five from Cody. Cody simply glares at him and refuses to return the gesture. Christian, disappointed at being left hanging, leaves the ringside area. He notices the discarded old Divas Title belt and picks it up, mouthing “Somebody's gotta clean up around here,” before making his way backstage Cody slithers into the ring, gives Orton the Cross Rhodes and leaves.

Match #5. John Cena vs. Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger comes out first. He does his pushups and the push up pyro is back, which gets a few pops from the crowd.

Cena comes out next to the usual mixed reaction.

They begin with a collar and elbow tie up. Swagger immediately does an amateur takedown to Cena and tries to go for the ankle lock again, but Cena avoids it, and they have a staredown. Cena goes after Swagger with punches, and whips him into the ropes, but Swagger comes back with a huge clothesline, and covers for 2. Swagger picks Cena up and hits a belly to belly suplex, getting another 2 count. Backs him into the ropes and slaps him. Cena angrily punches Swagger, and then hits a drop kick. Cena hits a gutwrench suplex on Swagger. He goes for a second one, but Swagger counters, and hefts Cena over his shoulder. He puts Cena in the tree of woe and punches his ankle a few times, and then stomps him as well for a 5 count. Cena gets to his feet and Swagger hits a half nelson suplex and gets a 2 count. Swagger picks Cena up and whips him to the ropes. Cena comes back with his shoulder blocks, and then the Protobomb. He goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Swagger rolls out of the way. Swagger then hits the Dr. Bomb on Cena, but instead of going for the cover, he locks on the Ankle Lock. Cena raises his right hand as if to tap out, but then catches himself with his left hand. Cena is clasping on to his right hand with his left for dear life like he is trying to stop himself from tapping out. After a full minute, Cena can take the pain no more and finally taps out.
Winner: Jack Swagger.

Swagger keeps the ankle lock locked in and refuses to break the hold. The referee then reverses his decision

Justin Roberts : Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has reversed his decision. Therefore your winner by disqualification, JEEEEEYAHHHHHNNNNN CEEEENNAAAAAA!!!!!!”

The referee tries to raise Cena's hand, but Cena pulls away and argues with the ref, refusing to take the cheap win, saying “No! I don't want it like that!” And Cena walks away with his head down in shame once again, while Swagger looks on with a smirk on his face.

10-18-2011, 12:49 AM

Match #1 Heath Slater vs. Derrick Bateman
Derrick Bateman hits the Mantastic and scores the pin.
Winner: Derrick Bateman

Ricardo Rodriguez's music plays and he comes out, and introduces himself Mr. Kennedy style, before proceeding to introduce Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio : My name, is Alberto Del RIOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! But you, you already know that. Now the World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry. Last week he discourage the young superstars of NXT. He say that challenging him, in the World Heavyweight Championship match...is a nightmare. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to inspire the young talent. They can aspire to take the WWE Title away from Alberto Del Rio. They never will, but they can try. There's nothing wrong with 2nd place. When you're 2nd to Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio continues to talk until he is interrupted by Zack Ryder's theme song, and Ryder comes out

Ryder : Hey, Alberto. You say you wanna inspire? Well I'm pretty inspired. Inspired enough to challenge you to a match, tonight. How about it, bro? The WWE champion, against the Internet Champion, tonight!

Del Rio : Ha. This will be like taking a candy...from a little bambino!


Match #2. Michael McGillicutty vs. Darren Young
Finish: McGillicutty wins a short 5 minute match with the McGillicutter
Winner: Michael McGillicutty.


* Recap of the John Cena/Jack Swagger rematch.

Match #3. Justin Gabriel vs. Johnny Curtis.
Finish: Curtis attempts a superplex, but Gabriel pushes him off and hits the 450 Splash
Winner: Justin Gabriel

* Recap of The Miz interrupting the U.S. title match and Dolph Ziggler demanding a rematch and being forced to face John Cena next Monday.

Match #4. Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder
Finish: Ryder attempts the Rough Ryder, but Del Rio catches him and drops him across the ropes. He then makes Ryder tap out with the Cross armbreaker.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Del Rio refuses to release the hold, and then John Morrison comes out and makes the save.

10-18-2011, 01:47 AM
Match #1. Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Kofi Kingston
Ricardo is out first. He is wearing his Chimaera gear (without the mask). He is introduced by Justin Roberts, but Ricardo as usual, snatches the mic and performs his own introduction.

Kofi Kingston is out next to a huge pop.

Kofi and Ricardo put on an 8 minute match full of various high flying spots. Eventually Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise and scores the pin.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Match #2. Tyler Reks vs. Evan Bourne
Evan Bourne comes out first to a pop. Reks comes out next and he has a mic in his hand.

Reks : Ok, I was gone for a minute, but now that I'm back, every single superstar in the WWE, as well as those who used to work for the WWE (a veiled threat at Miz & R-Truth not to try anything with him) better watch their backs.

Reks uses his power to dominate Bourne, although Bourne manages to get his usual flurries of kicks and knees in. Bourne goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Reks moves out of the way. Bourne lands on his feet, but Reks quickly scoops him up and hits the Burning Hammer for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Tyler Reks

Match #3. Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase
They shake hands before the match starts. The match goes back and forth with the crowd cheering for both men. DiBiase goes for Dream Street, but Bryan counters into the LeBell Lock and DiBiase taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan and Ted shake hands. Bryan goes to leave the ringside area, but Ted grabs a mic

Ted : Daniel, hold on. Don't go back to the hotel yet. This night isn't over. The DiBiase Posse is going strong, and there's a party going on outside. I know you don't eat meat, but we've got some tofu burgers and asparagus, and you're welcome to join us!

Bryan smiles for a bit, and then nods his head in agreement. Ted and Bryan leave the ring together.

Match #4. Tyson Kidd (w/ Alex Riley) vs. Yoshi Tatsu.
Kidd comes out with Riley as his manager for the night. A-Ry is wearing a suit, carrying the U.S. title and even has the metal briefcase once again. Yoshi comes out with his Muta-esque face paint.

Kidd and Yoshi manage to go for about 15 minutes, while Riley observes from ringside. Riley, a face, does not interfere on the heel Kidd's behalf, but Kidd doesn't really need the help, matching Yoshi move for move. During the course of the match, Miz & R-Truth jumps the barricade. Truth knocks Riley out with the Water Bottle of Doom, while Miz, nods his approval and talks trash to his former friend. Yoshi, for some reason, stops to argue with Truth, which gives Kidd the opening to score a roll up with his feet on the ropes.
Winner: Tyson Kidd.

Natalya comes out, and Kidd walks up the ramp to meet up with her, and they make out like lovesick teenagers on the stage. Security runs in to try to apprehend Miz & R-Truth. In the midst of the chaos, Dolph Ziggler runs out, and gives Riley the Zig Zag on the floor. He grabs Riley's U.S. title belt, and holds it up high and shouts "Soon this will be back where it rightfully belongs!"

10-23-2011, 05:29 AM
Sorry Cant review Anymore

10-24-2011, 02:16 PM
* Fireworks go off and Michael Cole, Booker T & Josh Mathews welcome us to SmackDown.

* A.J.'s music plays and the ChickBusters come out, along with Christian. The three of them are wearing cheerleader uniforms with Christian's old C logo on it.

* The Chickbusters & Christian do a well choreographed cheer basically asking for Christian to get One More Match. Sheamus comes out.

Sheamus : Let me tell ya somethin' fella. Watchin' ya make an arse out of yerself and beg for a title shot every week is probably the most interestin' part of the show. But fella, give it up. Give other people a chance. Maybe if I were World Heavyweight Champion, ye might have a better chance at winnin'. Therefore I should be the #1 contender.

* Teddy Long comes out.

Teddy : Both of you have valid claims to be #1 contender. I say we settle it in the ring. So tonight, it will be Christen, vs. Sheamus. And the winner will be the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship! Holla Holla

* An Earlier Today segment plays. The Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger arrive outside the arena, where Miz & R-Truth are just lounging around.

R-Truth : Hey, Mr. Ziggles. Hey Mr. Swaggie.

Dolph : Hey listen, Miz. Could you lay off Alex Riley for the next few weeks?

Miz * glaring at Dolph * : Really? Really? That's like asking me not to eat or breathe.

Dolph: Listen! This past Monday, I was THIS CLOSE, to regaining MY United States Championship from your ex! Then you had to jump in and ruin everything just because you couldn't keep your hands off of Alex Riley! * Ziggler starts throwing a temper tantrum * STOP RUINING MY LIFE!!!!

Miz *unfazed* : I saw your lips move, but all I heard was blah blah blah.

Truth : I think he implied that you was a "homo-sapien" with Little Jimmy Riley

Ziggler : Just stay out of my way until I take back what's rightfully mine!

* Swagger calms his partner down.

Swagger : Triple H has unfairly forced Dolph into facing John Cena on Monday. Now that's an easy task, considering that I made Cena tap out two weeks in a row, but Dolph shouldn't have to waste his time.

* Dolph & Swagger storm off. Miz smiles at Truth.

Miz : I don't like the way they talked to us.


Match #1: William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel...
Regal & Zeke come out to Regal's music, while Slater & Gabriel come out to "All About The Power."'

Slater & Gabriel isolate Zeke by keeping him grounded and taking turns attacking the legs of the big man. Zeke eventually makes a comeback, hitting his scoop slams on both Slater & Gabriel, before tagging Regal in, who finishes Slater off with his old arm twist neckbreaker finisher.
Winner: William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson

* Backstage, Zack Ryder (wearing an black suit with an orange shirt, and a custom purple tie with Broski written on it), and Alex Riley (wearing his usual relaxed, tie-less suit) are hanging out backstage, showing off their Internet and U.S. title belts. They are approached by Ziggler & Swagger, who are pissed off.

Ziggler: This is all your fault.

Ryder : What's the problem? Run out of hair bleach?

Ziggler: Move it. Grown men are talking.

* Swagger tries to use his size to intimidate Ryder, but Riley steps between them.

Riley : What's your problem.

Ziggler : My problem is that your stupid little cat fight with The Miz is starting to cramp my style. Because of your little relationship problems, I got screwed out of regaining MY United States Championship, and now I have to face John Cena on Monday to quote unquote earn another rematch. Keep your stupid ex boyfriend and his black friend out of my way!

Riley : I saw your lips move, but all I heard was blah blah blah.

Ryder : Bro, I think he implied that you were a homo-sapien with Big Fat Mike, but at the same time that would imply that Miz knows more than one move if you know what I mean. * Riley & Ryder laugh together, but The All American Perfection is not amused *

Riley : I don't condone anything that the Miz & R-Truth have been doing, but if it's making you unhappy, at least one good thing came out of it. If you're itching for a fight, I'd be more than welcome to give it to you.

Ryder : Hold on, A-Ry. You don't have to prove anything else to him. But I'd sure like to meet him in the ring *Ziggler & Swagger smirk *.

Ziggler *adjusts his suit * : You don't want none of this.

Ryder : Oh, I so want all of it!

Riley : I bet Zack can beat you. If I can beat you, and I can't wrestle to save my own life... * turns toward the camera and winks *

Ryder : He's right. He can't. * to Swagger * You know all about that Jackie boy.

Riley * continuing his sentence * : I know he can.

Ziggler * glares at Ryder *: Edge was right about you, you are a tool. You're on!

* Ziggler & Swagger walk away. Ryder and Riley fist pump together.


Match #2. Beth Phoenix vs. Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn is wrestling in her "One More Match" cheerleading gear. Beth wins in a three minute squash.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

Match #3. Randy Orton vs. Tyson Kidd (w/ Cody Rhodes)

* Randy Orton comes out first, and he has a mic

Orton : For the past few weeks, Cody Rhodes has been trying to get under my skin. Cody, for your entire career, you were like the annoying little kid that tries to tag along with the big boys. Now, you've become At Vengeance, you will realize that sitting at the big kids' table isn't all it's cracked up to be. Vengeance will be mine, when I take away the one thing that you value more than anything else. The Intercontinental Championship.

* Tyson Kidd comes out with Cody Rhodes & his baggers as his managers for the night.

Orton goes into his beast mode early, but Kidd manages to use his technical prowess to counteract Orton's intensity. He manages to escape Orton's rope DDT and counter with a Northern Lights Suplex. After 11 minutes, Kidd attempts a springboard move (think of the famous HBK/Shelton Benjamin spot) only for Orton to leap up and hit the RKO out of nowhere. Cody runs in and attacks Orton, and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Randy Orton by DQ

Cody & Kidd double team Orton. Cody gives Orton the Cross Rhodes, and then Kidd holds Orton down as Cody puts a paper bag over his head.


Match #4. #1 Contender's match. Christian vs. Sheamus
Christian comes out first, still wearing the "One More Match" cheerleading gear. Sheamus comes out next.

The two of them go at it for 17 minutes. Mark Henry comes out and attacks both men, laying them both out with The World's Strongest Slam. He repeatedly shouts "None of yall worthy!"
Winner: No Contest

* Teddy Long then comes out.

Teddy : Now it seems we don't have a clear winner. Therefore, at Vengeance, it will be Mark Henry defending the World Heavyweight Title, against Christian, and Sheamus, in a Triple Threat match! Holla holla!

We see a split screen of Ziggler/Swagger and Ryder/Riley coming out to the ring, as the main event is NEXT.


Match #5. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Jack Swagger) vs. Zack Ryder (w/ Alex Riley)

After 9 minutes, Ryder manages to hit the Rough Ryder on Ziggler, but Miz & R-Truth hit the ring. Truth shoves Swagger into the ring post, while Miz pulls Ryder out of the ring as he tries to go for the cover on Ziggler.
Winner: No Contest

Miz gives Ryder the Skull Crushing Finale on the floor. Riley tries to come to Ryder's aid only to be knocked out by R-Truth's Water Bottle of Doom. They throw Ryder and Riley in the ring and Truth continues to beat down the two of them (Ziggler is still laid out from The Rough Ryder) while Miz searches under the ring for weapons.

Truth continues beating on Riley in the corner. Swagger is also back up and he jumps into the ring. Swagger rushes at R-Truth, plowing through Ryder he is getting back up on his feet with a clothesline, and in one fluid motion, pulls R-Truth's legs out from under him and locks on the Ankle lock. Swagger is audibly yelling, "Tap you thupid <n-word>" R-Truth is tapping out. Miz smirks deviously as he pulls a sledgehammer out from under the ring. He gets the ring and nails Swagger in the back of the head with it

Ziggler slowly staggers to his feet. Miz goes to hit Ziggler with the sledge hammer, but he bails from the ring. Ziggler steals Riley's U.S. title belt, and clutches on to it as if it were his "precious" and retreats up the ramp, leaving Swagger behind to take another sledgehammer shot as he tries to pull himself up on the ropes. R-Truth picks Ryder up, and Miz nails him with the sledgehammer. Truth then picks Riley up and holds him for The Miz. Miz talks trash to his former friend, and then shockingly, he kisses Riley on the lips (the Kiss of Death) before giving him two sledge hammer shots, one to the gut and the second to the face.

R-Truth stacks Riley on top of Swagger, and then puts Ryder on top of Riley. Miz does Triple H's taunt with the sledge hammer.

* Triple H & John Laurinaitis are watching backstage on a monitor.

HHH : This is really starting to get old.

Johnny Ace : I agree. This Miz & R-Truth situation needs to be nipped in the bud now.

HHH : John, I just came up with the perfect idea. Miz & Truth wanna come back? Well Monday, they're coming back.

Johnny Ace : You're hiring them back?

HHH : No. Miz & R-Truth will get a chance to let their voices be heard next Monday, when they're guest hosting RAW.

* HHH walks away and Laurinaitis looks at him as if he's gone insane.

10-26-2011, 02:29 AM
Note: Although my BTB is an alternate version of recent storylines, The Hell in a Cell PPV does not occur. I am building from Night of Champions all the way to Vengeance which would occur on the same date as this past Vengeance

* We begin with a recap of Smackdown, showing Awesome Truth's confrontation with All American Perfection, Zack Ryder challenging Dolph Ziggler to a match, Miz/Truth interfering in the match, Ziggler stealing the United States title belt, Miz laying everyone out with a sledge hammer, and Triple H booking Miz/Truth to be the guest hosts of RAW tonight....

* RAW begins with All American Perfection standing in the ring to huge heat. Swagger's head is bandaged up due to the sledgehammer shot he received from the Miz on SmackDown. Dolph is clutching Alex Riley's U.S. title belt closely to his chest like a favorite stuffed animal.

Swagger : Shut up!!!! We are the two biggeth tharth in the WWE. We are the Tag Team Championth. I made John Thena tap out two weekth in a row! And the fact that we are overshadowed by two men who don't even work here anymore ith a travethy!

* My Time Is Now plays and John Cena comes out looking serious.

Cena : Jack, you're right, you did make me tap out two weeks in a row. At Vengeance, the two of us will go one on one, in a Submission Match, and Dolph, if by some chance you manage to beat me tonight, you will get your rematch against Alex Riley at the aforementioned event. Now, Zack Ryder was flown back to New York at his request, so that he could make his recovery in the same medical facility as his best friend Mike Chiappetta *Cena looks at Dolph with accusatory eyes when he says that *. Alex Riley is an emotional wreck. He blames himself for the injuries that Zack sustained. He's in the back, and he' a mess. He can't speak for himself right now, so I'm here to speak for him. Dolph, do the right thing, hand over the United States Championship, so that I can return it to its rightful owner

* Dolph starts to throw a temper tantrum

Dolph : I am its rightful owner! Miz screwed me out of my rightful rematch! I wouldn't have even lost this if it weren't for you! No one is taking this from me! Not you! Not R-Truth! Not The Miz, and especially not Alex Riley! The US Title is mine! Mine! Mine!

* Cena cuts off Dolph's rant with a right hand, and Swagger pulls Cena's legs out from under him and latches onto the ankle lock again. The commentators call Swagger's ankle lock "Superman's Kryptonite" Before Cena can tap, Dolph recovers and gives Cena a hard stomp to the head, knocking him unconscious, snatches up the U.S. Title and shouts "MINE!" Swagger is offended that Dolph robbed him of the joy of making Cena tap again but backs away upon seeing how crazed his partner has become. They walk to the back, with Swagger keeping his distance.

* Miz & R-Truth watch on a backstage monitor.

Truth : Mr. Ziggles is officially coo coo.


* We see a clip of what happened during the commercial break. Triple H had to forcibly take the U.S. Title from Dolph, but was met with resistance. Dolph had to be tased by armed security guards after trying to attack HHH.

Match #1. Battle Royal to Determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at Vengeance.
Justin Roberts : The following contest is a battle royal. The winner will receive a WWE Championship match at Vengeance.

* Ricardo comes out first. He introduces himself, and then Del Rio who sits at the announce table

* Alex Riley comes out with taped ribs, and he is accompanied by the armed security. Riley hands them the U.S. title and they stand on the stage, waiting for Riley to finish.

* David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel come out together.

* Cult of Personality plays and CM Punk & Mason Ryan come out together.


* The All American Perfection come out with Vickie. Ziggler slowly limps to the ring, trying to recover from getting tased. Vickie goes to do commentary as well, arguing with Del Rio throughout the match.

* John Morrison comes out, has a staredown with Del Rio before getting in the ring

The bell rings and CM Punk immediately gives Slater the GTS, who sells it by staggering and stumbling over the top rope. Everyone starts fighting. Ziggler & Swagger stay by each other's side throughout the battle royal, eliminating Santino, Primo, Darren Young, and Curt Hawkins.

Mason Ryan and Tyler Reks have a stare down and the two monsters go at it until Ziggler & Swagger toss them out. CM Punk begins cleaning house, and goes on a hot streak, eliminating McIntyre, Otunga, McGillicutty & JTG. Suddenly, Johnny Curtis of all people dropkicks Punk from behind, sending him over the top rope. Punk gives Curtis a thumbs up and a golf clap, and Curtis can't believe it. Suddenly the moment is ruined with Gabriel spin kicks Curtis over the top rope. Gabriel mocks Curtis, and then eats a knee from Evan Bourne. Bourne and Gabriel go at it for a while until Bourne makes the fatal mistake of going to the top turnbuckle, and he gets shoved off, into the barricade by Ricardo. Kofi gives Gabriel the Trouble In Paradise, and throws him out, before he is thrown out by All American Perfection.

Ziggler is eliminated by Riley. Swagger gets Riley in the ankle lock, but Riley rolls through it and flips Swagger out of the ring. Swagger runs back in the ring and throws Riley over the top rope before leaving

The last two men in the ring are Ricardo and Morrison. Del Rio jumps into the ring to interfere, but Morrison avoids his attack and he accidentally knocks Ricardo over the ropes.
Winner: John Morrison

Del Rio is astonished and Morrison motions that he wants the WWE Title.


10-26-2011, 04:43 AM
Back from Commercial

Justin Roberts : Please welcome your guest hosts for tonight, former WWE Superstars, The Awesome Truth!

* Miz & R-Truth come out rapping You Suck

Miz : For the past few weeks, the two of us have blazed a trail through the WWE. We attacked Triple H, we attacked Zack Ryder, We attacked Jack Swagger,

R-Truth : We made Mr. Ziggles go coo coo!

Miz : But no Superstar has felt our wrath more than Alex Riley. Now, a lot of you are wondering, why did I do all of this to Alex Riley?

R-Truth : Speak on it, my ninja! Speak on it!

Miz : You see, A-Ry and I have a complicated history. It goes back before Wrestlemania, hell, it goes back before NXT. It goes back ten years! Back when I was on The Real World and Alex was still at Boston College! We used to be pen pals. We sent emails to each other every day, and we promised that one day, we would meet up in person. I tried to get him to fly out to New York and make an appearance on The Real World with me, and he refused, because he was shy at the time and he hadn't come out of his shell yet. When Alex finally made it to NXT, I was so excited that I asked to be his pro. I protected Alex from all the bullies backstage, and I had his back whenever he got in trouble.

Alex and I were like best friends. Sure we fought for a bit, but what friends don't fight every now and then? I actually wanted to make things right with Alex, and then this happened. Alex hurt me and broke my heart when he betrayed me...

We show a video package of Triple H firing Miz & R-Truth. Miz pause the video to show that Riley is one of the superstars who is throwing them out of the arena.

Miz : Why'd you do it Alex? Why did you help them? I thought you would be the only person that had our backs! You threw me out in the cold in nothing but my wrestling trunks. Do you have any idea how cold it is in Cleveland! You embarrassed me in my home town! But that's okay. If you embarrass me. I'm gonna embarrass. I have another video to show the WWE Universe. A video of how Alex and I first met...

Riley comes out, still in his ring gear pissed off with Triple H trying to hold him back. Riley is shouting, "I will kill you! If you show that video, I will kill you!

Miz : Monkeys in the truck! Roll the footage. Cover your eyes kiddies. This isn't exactly, PG if you know what I mean.

The footage is apparently in Miz's house. Miz walks in with Riley and introduces him to Maryse.

Miz : Hey babe. This is the guy I was telling you about. We were pen pals for ten years, and I finally got to meet him when they put him on NXT!

Riley : Hi, I'm Alex.

Maryse * putting a hand on Riley suggestively and looking at Miz *: He looks almost like you, except bigger.

Miz : Oh's he's taller, but definitely not bigger. I gotta admit, I looked.

Riley: You looked. And she's okay with that?

Miz : Yeah. she's okay with it. She's really into that kinda thing. *he gestures toward the camera * She's into a lot of stuff.

Maryse : I'm into a lot of stuff. I'm into Mike *she kisses Miz* . I'm into you *she kisses Riley *, and I'd really like to be into both of you, at the same time.

* Maryse and Miz start making out and they both grab Riley by his shirt collar and pull him into a triple kiss. Maryse starts unbuttoning both of their shirts with her hands while Miz and Riley start kissing each other, and they are about to have a three way...

The show is cut off with a graphic of Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder: "WWE is experiencing technical difficulties.....Are You Serious Bro?"

* The production crew were able to cut off the video before it got too graphic. The live audience had already seen quite a bit. The huge pop from the crowd, Miz's smug expression, and the look of embarrassment, anger, and hate on Riley's face shows the viewers at home exactly what happened. Leave the details to your imagination.

Miz : Alex has a sweet tooth for all pastries! He likes pie, and strudel! For the benefit of those with smartphones, I uploaded that video to my YouTube channel right before the show. You won't get to see any of the juicy stuff, but Let's just say they won't be calling me #Missionary-Mike anymore. How about, #Down-Alex-Riley's-Throat-Mike, or in the words of my good friend Dwayne, #Straight-Up-Alex's-Candy-Ass-Mike.

* Riley, unable to take Miz's insults to his manhood anymore, attacks his former friend. Truth tries to aid his partner, but Riley tosses him out of the ring and continues his attack. HHH pulls Riley off of Miz and yells at him, "You can't do that! The company is liable!" Riley ignores the COO's pleas and resumes beating the Miz. HHH, left with no other choice, gives Riley the Pedigree to neutralize him.

HHH : I've had enough of this! Your guest hosts are gonna be in action tonight?

Miz : Really? All I had to do was show this video of me screwing Alex's brains out and you'll hire us back?

HHH : I'm not hiring you back! This is a one night only deal. Miz, you're going one on one with Alex Riley. And Truth, you're gonna team up with one of the men you attacked last Friday, the All American American Jack Swagger to take on the team of Christian and a partner of my choice. Consider this your tryout matches! If I like what I see, MAYBE, I'll consider hiring you back. Now get out of my sight!

Miz & Truth leave the ring.

Match #2. Miz vs. Alex Riley
Riley is in the ring already, having recovered from the Pedigree. Miz comes out next. They go at it for about two minutes before the match deteriorates into a brawl on the outside. Riley ends up tackling Miz through one of the barricades, breaking it.
Winner: Double Countout

EMTs come out to tend to both Miz & Riley.


R-Truth approaches Jack Swagger in the locker room.

Truth : Hey, Mr. Swaggie. On behalf of the Miz and myself, we want to apologize for bustin you upside the head.

Swagger : And I want to apologize for alling you a thupid....

Truth : Ah, ah ah...you can't say that word. PG show remember. The con-spiracy will fine you for sayin' that word. Now, I know that Miz and Mr. Ziggles don't like each other very much, but that don't mean we can't be friends.

Swagger nods.

Swagger : Thomebody'th ankle ith about to get got!


* CM Punk and Johnny Curtis are in Triple H's office. Curtis is sitting in HHH's chair while Punk massages his shoulders. HHH bursts in.

HHH * to Curtis *: You! Get out! *to Punk * You! STay! We need to talk!

Curtis : Ok. Thanks for giving me the rub, Punk. * Curtis leaves *

Punk : Any time. Hey Hunter, what's up? See any good movies lately?

HHH : I'm not in the mood to deal with your crap! You're gonna be Christian's partner tonight! Get your ass out in that ring, it's next!"

Punk *mocking HHH by talking like a slave * : Yessa, massa. I's gone get ready right away.

* Punk leaves. A frustrated HHH throws everything in the office around.


Jack Swagger & R-Truth vs. Christian & CM Punk
The heels come out together to Swagger's music. Truth does his dancing in perfect timing to Swagger's push up pyro. Christian is out next, followed by Punk.

The match lasts about 11 minutes, with Christian playing the face in peril.

Finish: Punk lifts Swagger up for the GTS, but Swagger lands on his feet, catches the knee strike and locks on the ankle lock. Christian breaks it up with his flying back elbow, and starts fighting with R-Truth. R-Truth reverses an irish whip and throws Christian into the steps before getting back in the ring and hitting his finisher on Punk. Swagger scores the pin and does a victory lap.

Winner: Jack Swagger & R-Truth


Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. John Cena (If Dolph Ziggler wins, he gets a shot at the U.S. Title at Vengeance).

This match goes back and forth.

Ziggler manages to counter every attempt at the five moves of doom. The commentators note that Ziggler's obsession with the U.S. title has given him freakish resiliance almost similar to that of Cena's own. Ziggler slips out of the AA and hits the Zig Zag.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

11-01-2011, 03:09 AM

* The show begins with Dolph Ziggler, wearing the hoodie from Z! True Long Island Story. He has a shrine filled pictures of Alex Riley, Miz, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, John Cena, Booker T, Mr. Perfect, Eddie Guerrero, Orlando Jordan and Chris Benoit (conveniently blurred out), and various other superstars. The one thing that all of these men have in common is that they were U.S. Champion at one point or another. A delusional Ziggler, is talking to all of the pictures.

Ziggler : I'm better than all of you! Do you hear me! The United States Championship looked better on me, than it did on any of you *Turns to the picture of Riley * Especially you. Tell me how Maryse and the Miz took turns saying it to your face. We do not need a sexual deviant who puts his mouth on anything that moves as our United States Champion * turns to a picture of Orlando Jordan * No offense, Orlando. * turns to two photos of Miz & R-Truth respectively * And you two. You tried to ruin my happiness. But I'm still here and the two of you are sitting at home waiting for a phone call! * turns to the censored photo of Benoit * And you, you failed at life so miserably, that I would be fired just for addressing you by name. * turns to a photo of Cena with the spinner US Belt * I'm not wasting my time with you. Swagger will deal with you soon enough. I AM DOLPH ZIGGLER! I AM SUPERIOR TO ALL OF YOU! I....AM....PERFECTION!!!!!!!

* Ziggler puts on the weird looking mask and leaves the room.

* The NXT Intro plays

* Matt Striker is standing in the ring with Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, and Derrick Bateman are standing in the ring. Percy Watson & Johnny Curtis are standing outside the ring to give moral support to their respective tag team partners (Young & Bateman) Christian's theme song plays and Christian and Ezekiel Jackson come out together. Zeke is carrying a briefcase.

Christian : As the last three competitors of NXT before the brass decided to say, just screw it already, Big Zeke and I thought that you should be rewarded for your hard work. Since there isn't going to be an elimination any time soon, We talked to Teddy Long, * mocks John Laurinaitis' voice * John-Laurinaitis-the-Executive-Vice-President-of-Talent-Relations, and the COO Triple H, and they all approved. At Vengeance, the three of you will compete in face off in a Triple Threat Match. for this.

* Zeke opens the briefcase. He pulls out a belt that resembles the ECW Championship. This belt is smaller, gold in color, and instead of "ECW", it has the word "EXTREME" in the ECW lettering, as well as the word "WWE" on top in the same lettering (rather than the WWE scratch logo)

Zeke : Christian and myself, competed in the final ECW Championship match. We have renamed it the WWE Extreme Championship. And we've decided to award it to one of you, as a reward for persevering through NXT.

Christian : Not only that, but it will be in the match that I made famous, a ladder match!


* Maryse and Maxine are walking through the halls when they bump into A.J and Kaitlyn

Maryse : Watch where going, little mouse.

A.J. : Who are you calling a mouse?

Maryse : Do you see any other mouses here?

[B]Kaitlyn /B]: Hey, looks aren't everything, okay.

Maryse : That is what ugly people saying. You wish you could be looking half as good as me. Do you know why I was gone all this time? I was in hiding from a stalker. Mens literally go crazy because they wanting me so badly. And if you watch this past Monday, you see that many mens want a piece of this.

A.J. : What I saw was two guys getting getting it on with each other after they got bored with your flat ass. It's kinda sad knowing that Miz has a fatter badonkadonk than you do...

* A.J. raises her hand and Kaitlyn gives her a high five. Maryse does her talk to the hand sign at them

Maryse : You are just jealous. You are jealous that I pull better men than you. I had Miz & Alex Riley at the same time. Who do you get? Primo? Hornswoggle? Don't make me laugh. I get the magic stick, while you just get the ugly stick.

(A.J. and Maryse get into a catfight and Kaitlyn & Maxine have to separate them.)

Singles Match: John Morrison vs. Byron Saxton
Morrison comes out first. We see a recap of Morrison becoming the #1 contender to the WWE Title. Saxton gets a jobber entrance.

Saxton manages to surprisingly hold his own against Morrison. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out, and starts wearing Morrison's jacket. Morrison is distracted, allowing Saxton to score a roll up.
Winner: Byron Saxton

Singles Match: A.J. (w/ Kaitlyn) vs. Maryse (w/Maxine)

Maryse wins with the DDT.
Winner: Maryse

* recap of John Cena attempting to reclaim the U.S. title from Dolph Ziggler only to get laid out.

10 Man Tag Team Match: Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman, Titus O'Neil & The South Beach Party Boys vs. Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty.

* The faces all come out to together to "Headin' Right Back" (Percy Watson's theme) , The former Nexus come out to End of Days.

After a huge brawl between all ten men, Barrett hits Wasteland on Curtis and gets the pin.
Winner: The Guys Formerly Known As The Nexus

* The other heels get in the ring and raise Barrett's hand, and then he walks away from them with a look of mild disgust.


* Alex Riley comes out to the ring in street clothes and his head bandaged up.

Riley : Okay, it's been established that The Miz hates my guts. All the stuff he said on Monday was true. I was his pen pal back when he was on the Real World. He did have my back when I needed him and I admit that I took that for granted. But none of those things I did were as bad as what The Miz did to me. He and his girlfriend used me for their own amusement! And then he embarrassed me by showing it to the entire world. It's unfortunate that Miz & R-Truth were fired, but that doesn't give them the right to single me out for something that was out of my control. I can't sleep at night because he's in my dreams! And not in the good way. Please Hunter. Re-hire the Miz and R-Truth, so that I can get my hands on them, especially Miz * gets down on his knees * I am begging you Triple H. Give me The Miz!!!!!

* The "masked figure" from Z! True Long Island Story appears on the Titantron.

"Masked Figure": Look at you, Alex. You're pathetic. On your knees like the little bitch boy you are. No wonder The Miz stuck you like a pig. The Miz and Maryse might believe that caring is sharing. But I don't. You have something that doesn't belong to you. The United States Championship, does not belong to you

Riley : Oh, God, Dolph this again. You're starting to sound like a broken record.

* The camera zooms out to show that the "masked attacker" is in a parking lot next to a car, Riley's rental car. The tires have been slashed and the word "MINE" has been scratched into the side of it repeatedly. An "I AM PERFECTION" t-shirt is draped across the hood.

* Riley goes out to the parking lot to confront who he believes to be Dolph Ziggler. He is attacked from behind by both Ziggler and Swagger. Swagger and Ziggler give Riley their double team finisher, the "Dr. Zag" (a Gutwrench Powerbomb into the Zig Zag) on the hood of the car. The show ends with the camera zooming in on the word "MINE" scratched into the car.

11-04-2011, 03:49 PM
* Superstars begins with a video package of Dolph Ziggler's "fall from grace," showing his losing the U.S. Title to Alex Riley, his run ins with Awesome Truth, his appearances on Z! True Long Island Story, the attack on Zack Ryder's friend Chiappetta, John Cena's failed attempt to reclaim the U.S. Title on Riley's behalf, and ending with the attack on Riley on this past NXT....

* The Superstars intro plays, and the announcers give us a preview for the main event tonight, All American Perfection defending the tag titles against CM Punk & Mason Ryan.

Match 1.
Singles Match : Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal
* Mahal comes out first, followed by Orton. We get a picture-in-picture promo of Orton saying that he hopes Cody Rhodes is watching, so he knows what's in store for him at Vengeance

* They tie up and Mahal backs Orton in the corner, and then does a few corner stomps for a four count. Mahal does a few basic moves like a vertical suplex, a scoop slam. He Irish whips Orton, but Orton comes back with the Lou Thesz Press. He picks Mahal up, but Mahal rakes the eyes. Orton counters with the powerslam, and The Viper is now hearing the voices. Orton coils up for the RKO but Jinder counters and hits his full nelson slam finisher. Jinder covers Orton with his feet on the ropes, but the ref catches him and stops the count. Jinder yells at the ref in Punjabi and then turns around into the RKO.
Winner: Randy Orton


* John Morrison is on the phone talking to someone.

JoMo : I tried talking to Hunter, but he won't listen. I'm sorry it turned out this way. There's nothing I can do.

* Ricardo Rodriguez walks up.

JoMo : What do you want?

Ricardo : Mira, stop worrying about your chica's problems. You need to worry about me tonight. Get your head in the game, because tonight, I'm gonna wipe the ring with that wind tunnel hair of yours. And if there's anything left at Vengeance, you're gonna get your face pwned by ALLLBERTOOOOOO.....DEL RIIIIOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

* Ricardo walks away laughing

*commercial break*
* A Recap of the Alex Riley/Miz saga.

Match 2.
Singles Match: John Morrison vs. Ricardo Rodriguez.
Ricardo comes out first with a personalized microphone with the letters "RR" on it, designed similar to the WWE Scratch logo. Ricardo introduces himself, then Morrison comes out to the ring. We see a recap of Morrison winning the battle royal to become #1 contender to the WWE Title.

Ricardo and Morrison chain wrestle a bit, with a few flips here and there but find themselves evenly matched. Ricardo gets frustrated and breaks the chain by punching Morrison in the face. They brawl, Morrison clotheslines Ricardo out of the ring and they go to commercial. After the commercial break, Ricardo has a headlock on Morrison, having stopped Morrison's flurry during the break with a drop kick. He has the advantage for another three minutes, but then goes to the top rope and misses a corkscrew moonsault. Morrison then hits the Moonlight Drive, and then says "Let me show you how to do it." Morrison sets up for Starship Pain and hits it.
Winner: John Morrison

Vickie and her boys are backstage, strategizing for their match.

Vickie : Okay, CM Punk is a former WWE Champion. Alone he is a force to be reckoned with, but now he has that beast Mason Ryan by his side.

Ziggler : I don't sweat Mason Ryan. He's just a brainless musclehead. I would call him a poor man's Dave Batista, but that would be an insult to Dave Batista.

Swagger : I've beaten former WWE Champions before. And if CM Punk has Mason Ryan as his secret weapon, I brought a secret weapon of my own.

* R-Truth walks in and Swagger smiles

Truth : What up ninjas?

Ziggler : You invited it into the building?

Swagger : Don't call him an it. He's a human being

Truth : Mr Swaggie says I'm a GOOOOOD R-Troof!

Swagger : Show me that thing that you and Miz do.

Truth * demonstrating the Awesome Truth handshake * : First you go like Ugh! Then you go....UGH!...and then you go like this

* R-Truth and Swagger do Truth/Miz's handshake/chest bump thing. Ziggler grabs Swagger by the arm.

Ziggler *shouting in R-Truth's face * : MINE!

* Ziggler drags Swagger off by the arm. R-Truth and Vickie follow.

* commercial break *

Match 3.
WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The All American Perfection (c) (w/ Vickie Guerrero & R-Truth) vs. CM Punk & Mason Ryan

The Tag champs come out with Vickie & Truth to Swagger's theme. Swagger gets down to do his push ups, Ziggler stands over him and does his hair flick, and Truth does his pelvic thrusts while Swagger's pyro goes off.

Cult of Personality plays and CM Punk comes out. He rubs the ground and Ryan comes up and taps him on the shoulder. Ryan appears to be asking "Hey, you got the time?" Punk looks at his wrist and then yells "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME" and Punk and Ryan make their way to the ring.

Ziggler starts off by talking trash to Punk, who knocks him out with a Muay Thai kick and tags in Ryan. Ryan dominates Ziggler with his power and Ziggler plays the "heel in peril" for a bit. Ziggler comes back with a dropkick to Ryan's knee and tags in Swagger, who challenges Ryan to a test of strength. Ryan gets Swagger down, and then Swagger kicks him in the gut and does a double leg takedown and wears him down with his technical skills. The heels take turns attacking Ryan's legs until he's able to hit a spinebuster on Ziggler and tags in Punk who hits the flying knee in the corner on Ziggler, turns to Truth on the outside, yells "Fudge your couch, ninja!" and does the bulldog.

Vickie gets on the apron and starts arguing with the referee. While the ref is distracted, Truth gets in the ring and hits The Little Jimmy on Punk. Ziggler tags Swagger in, and they finish Punk off with the "Dr. Zag" (gutwrench powerbomb into the Zig Zag), and Swagger scores the pin.
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The All American Perfection.

* Ziggler grabs both Tag Title belts and holds them in the air, screaming "Mine!" Truth gets in the ring and joins Swagger for the victory lap while Ziggler looks at them with a sour look on his face. The heels eventually leave, although Ziggles is still pissed off. (Swagger & Truth are like BFF's, but their respective tag team partners have hated each other's guts ever since Ziggler lost the U.S. Title.)

* After the heels have left, Punk tells Ryan to grab him a mic, and Ryan does as instructed. Punk then waves his enforcer off and Ryan goes backstage while Punk sits down in the center of the ring..

Punk : Alex Riley, my pastry scarfing friend, I'm with you. Our special friends Miz and R-Truth need to be taught a lesson. A lesson that they will never learn as long as they are unemployed. I would like to ask that you come out and join me for an old fashioned sit in

* Alex Riley comes out in street clothes. He offers Punk a handshake.

Punk : No thanks, I as well as the whole world knows where that hand has been.

Riley : Fair enough.

Punk : This is how it goes. You want the Miz. I want R-Truth. So the two of us are gonna sit here until Hunter comes out and gives us what we want. So Hunter, call your wife, ask her for permission, and then rehire the Miz & R-Truth so that the two of us can get some payback!

* Punk and Riley wait around for a bit but get no response.

Punk : Ok, I'm bored. You wanna make snow angels?

Riley : I would like that very much

* Riley and Punk starts making "snow angels" in the ring until "Time To Play The Game" starts playing and Triple H comes out in a suit.

HHH : Punk, does your skinny fat ass have anything better to do than whine and complain?

Punk : Did you not just see me making snow angels?

HHH : So the two of you want me to rehire Miz & Truth, so you guys can get some revenge.

Riley : Yeah.

HHH : The answer is no.

Punk : Welp, sorry A-Ry. I guess that means no. The Great Burier, Hunter Hearst Helmsley has spoken.

Riley : Come on Triple H! R-Truth just cost Punk the tag titles. And Miz, when I think about everything he's put me through since I came to the WWE it just makes my blood boil.

HHH : Go talk about it in therapy. I will not have those two running around and disrupting my company.

Punk * off handed comment * : Like they don't do that now?

HHH : You're a little smart ass aren't you. I gave you those stupid t-shirts, got the rights to Cult of Personality, and you still give me no respect? Why should I grant you another favor if it's not gonna change anything?

Riley : If you won't listen to Punk, please listen to me. I'm tired of Miz and R-Truth running in and coming after me. * Riley, in his enthusiasm starts trailing off until his words are all garbled.

HHH : Wait what was that? You sound like your head is buried in some chick's c*nt with a d*ck in your ass.

* Riley's expression turns from a smile to anger. Punk holds him back.

Punk *Sarcastically * : That was uncalled for and a bit hypocritical don't you think Hunter? For all this company's talk about Be A Star, anti-bullying you actually devalue this man as a person because of one incident. Don't listen to him Alex. What happened between you, Frog Face, and Frenchy was a one time thing. At least you didn't knock up the boss's daughter and marry your way to the top like some people I know...

* HHH punches Punk, and starts hammering away on him. Riley pulls HHH off of Punk and gives him the TKO. Punk then picks HHH up and gives him the GTS. Cult of Personality plays again and Superstars ends with Riley and Punk standing over the COO.

11-06-2011, 02:58 AM
* SmackDown opens with Teddy Long coming out to the ring, flanked by Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman who are wearing short sleeved shirts, ties, and slacks. A table is set up in the ring for a contract signing, as Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship will be made official

Teddy : If you don't know who these two are already, they are Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman from NXT. They wil be my two new interim assistants. They will be helping me in my day to day duties, until Zack Ryder recovers from his injuries, and is ready to come back to work. The two #1 contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship, will team up to take on the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, and a partner of his choice. And on to the matter at hand, it will be official. At Vengeance, Cody Rhodes will defend his Intercontinental Championship against The Viper Randy Orton.

* Cody Rhodes comes out alone. Randy Orton comes out next. They sit at the table, staring at each other.

Teddy : Now, both of you have looked over the contract. All you need to do is sign.

* Cody signs the contract.

Cody : Randy, once you sign your name on that document, it will be official. I will officially take my vengeance for all the pain, anguish, and abuse that you have given me ever since I first stepped into this company four and a half years ago.

* Orton signs the contract.

Orton : The mask you wear on your face, will not be able to protect you from what I have in store. You will need to put one of those infamous paper bags on your own head, to hide the tears of disappointment, when I bring your whole world crashing down around you and I take your precious Intercontinental Championship.

* Orton and Rhodes begin fighting. Curtis and Bateman attempt to separate them, only for Bateman to eat an RKO, and for Rhodes to give Curtis a low blow, and the Beautiful Disaster kick. Curtis staggers into an RKO from Orton. Orton and Rhodes get into each other's faces. Rhodes holds the IC title up high, and then Orton quickly strikes with the RKO and leaves the ring.
< commercial >
Match #1
Singles Match : Sin Cara Negro vs. Darren Young
Sin Cara Negro comes out, while Young gets a jobber entrance. Sin Cara Negro dominates the match with heel tactics until Young makes a comeback and clotheslines Sin Cara Negro out of the ring. They brawl on the outside until Sin Cara Azul comes out, and points at his rival. Sin Cara Negro is distracted and Young makes it back in the ring before the 10 count
Winner: Darren Young by countout.

* The two Sin Caras then get into a fight. As Young celebrates his win, Jack Swagger's music plays and he comes out with a smile on his face and applauding.

Swagger : Wow. Darren Young. You were pretty impressive there just now. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the black version of John Cena.

Young : Yeah. I get that a lot.

Swagger * His smile turns to a scowl * : And this is the black version of what's gonna happen to John Cena at Vengeance...

* Swagger quickly scoops Young up into a double leg takedown and slaps on the ankle lock. Young is tapping and Swagger yells, "Tap Cena! Tap! Tap like you always do!!!!" When Swagger finally releases the hold, EMTs come out to check on Young as Swagger may have broken his ankle.

< commercial >

Match 2.
Six-Diva Tag Team Match: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & Tamina vs. Alicia Fox, A.J. & Kaitlyn
The heels come out to Beth's music. Beth has a picture in picture promo talking about how she finally brought integrity to the Divas' Championship. The faces come out to Alicia Fox's music.

Beth scores the win for her team with the Glam Slam on A.J.
Winners: Beth Phoenix, Natalya & Tamina

* Swagger is in the back, bragging to Dolph Ziggler, as well as his two new friends Awesome Truth about breaking Darren Young's ankle. Mark Henry approaches.

Henry : Today is one of y'all lucky day. One of y'all come out with me tonight against Christian and Sheamus. Miz, Truth? Y'all want another chance to impress Triple H so he'll hire y'all back? Swagger, I saw what you did to Darren Young, and I like what you been doin' to John Cena for the past few weeks. You got your own little Hall of Pain goin on, and I think we can work well together.

Swagger : I already dealt with Christian on Monday...

Truth : *while Miz and Swagger do nWo pointing at him * : Wit' my help!

Miz : And while we would kill to get another chance back in that ring....

* Swagger nods with a devious smile on his face...

Swagger : We're going to have to respectfully decline.

* The four superstars surround Henry, ready to send a message, and Henry merely laughs.

Henry : So that's how it's gon be. Y'all think y'all slick. I'm the World's Strongest Man, and the World Heavyweight Champion. I ain't John Cena, and I ain't no bitch like Alex Riley!

* Henry immediately grabs the smallest of the four men, Ziggler. Ziggler is not scared at all, breathing heavily and staring at the World Title with that lust filled, obsessed look in his eyes.

Ziggler : Mine....

Henry : You wish this was yours. But it ain't. This mine, and if you know what's best for you, you leave mine alone.

* Henry lets go of Ziggler and looks around at the others.

Henry : I'm gon remember this.

* Henry walks away. Awesome Truth try to help Ziggler, but Ziggler still doesn't like Miz or Truth (he only associates with them because Swagger does) and pushes them away.

11-06-2011, 03:00 AM
< commercial >

* Useless Did You Know fact followed by a video package of Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman.

* Wade Barrett and Mark Henry are talking to Teddy Long, along with his two interim assistants

Teddy : Well, unfortunately Wade Barrett is already booked tonight, so he can't be your partner. He already has a match against Ted DiBiase.

Barrett : You wankers can't be serious. A world class performer like myself having to face Ted DiBiase. I blew the winds of change through the WWE, and main evented PPVs.

Curtis : Yes, you told me this story a few weeks ago.

Bateman : And that was a really cool story bro.

Henry : This some BS right here!

Teddy : Now Mark, I suggest you go out and find a new partner. And Wade, you'd best get out to that ring. As your match, is next. Holla.

* The heels leave angrily.

Match 3.
Singles Match: Ted DiBiase vs. Wade Barrett
DiBiase comes out first to a moderate pop. Then Barrett comes out

DiBiase starts things off with a flurry, but Barrett stops his roll with the black hole slam. Barrett continues to dominate until DiBiase makes a comeback. Ted attempts the fake out clothesline, but Barrett dodges it, scoops Ted up and hits the Wasteland
Winner: Wade Barrett

< commercial >

* Raw Rebound with Miz revealing his past with Alex Riley, Riley snapping on the Miz until a frustrated Triple H gives him the Pedigree, and gives Miz & R-Truth "tryout matches." Miz vs. Riley breaks down into a brawl, while Triple H orders CM Punk to team up with Christian to take on Truth and Jack Swagger. After Truth attacks Punk, Swagger wins the match for his team and Truth joins Swagger in the victory lap together...

* We see a clip of Cody Rhodes walking to the ring with his baggers.

< commercial >

Match 4.
Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan
Rhodes and Bryan put on the match of the night, with 17 minutes of back and forth action. Bryan locks in the LeBell Lock, but Cody manages to get his foot on the ropes. Bryan goes for a kick to the head, but Cody ducks and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.
Winner : Cody Rhodes

Rhodes goes to put a bag on Bryan's head, but then Randy Orton runs out and chases him off. Cody watches from the stage as Orton helps Bryan up, and then gives him the RKO. Orton and Cody have a staredown.

* Natalya and Tyson Kidd are walking down the hall.

Natalya : There he is. Go ask him.

Kidd : I don't know. Is he gonna be up for it?

Natalya : He's done it before, so of course he will.

* Kidd walks up to the person they are talking about, Alex Riley, and tap him on the shoulder.

Kidd : Um, hey A-Ry. Nattie and I were watching that video of you, Miz, and Maryse this past Monday....and um....I was wondering...Well, me and Nattie both....we were wondering if you were willing to join us for....

* Riley gives an angry glare at the smaller Kidd, and he backs away nervously.

Kidd : I'll take that as a no.

* Mark Henry then walks up and has a short staredown with Riley.

Henry : Ain't nobody got nothin' to say to yo' nasty ass. Now make like a tree and get da hell out my face!

* Riley walks off, and Henry puts his hand on Kidd's shoulder. Kidd gulps in fear.

Henry : I need you to do me a favor real quick.

Kidd *stammering * : Su....su...sure. Anything.
< commercial >

Match 5.
Tag Team Match: Christian & Sheamus vs. Mark Henry & Tyson Kidd

* Sheamus comes out first, followed by Christian. Mark Henry's music plays and he comes out with a nervous Kidd trailing behind until Henry turns around and yells "LIL' BOY BRING YO ASS!"

Henry works most of the match, dominating both Sheamus and Christian with his power. Every so often, he would tag in Kidd to continue wearing them down with kicks and holds (and screaming) until harshly ordering his partner to tag him back in. Christian eventually hits a missile dropkick on Henry and they each tag in their partners. Sheamus starts cleaning house. Sheamus knocks Henry off the ring apron, and Henry gets frustrated and leaves his partner behind. Kidd, the legal man, gives Sheamus a spin kick to the gut, runs the ropes and then runs into a Brogue Kick.
Winners: Christian & Sheamus

As the faces celebrate their victory, Henry stands on the stage and raises the World Title Belt up to close the show

12-27-2011, 03:47 AM

Raw begins with a recap of Awesome Truth being invited as the guest hosts. Miz revealed his secret past with Alex Riley, in which they were best friends dating back to Miz's Real World days. Miz also revealed a home video he made shortly after NXT2 began, in which he introduced his former protege to his girlfriend Maryse. The footage turns to static as it begins to get "too hot for TV". The COO Triple H was so infuriated that he booked Miz and R-Truth in "tryout matches." Miz and Riley fought to a no-contest, and the next night on NXT, Riley got on his knees in the center of the ring and begged HHH to rehire the Miz.

Meanwhile, R-Truth and Jack Swagger began to form an odd friendship as they teamed up to face Christian and CM Punk. Truth displayed a bit of aggression towards Punk, attacking him and allowing Swagger to score the victory. On Superstars, Swagger invited Truth to be in his and Dolph Ziggler's corner as the All American Perfection defended their Tag Team Championships against CM Punk and Mason Ryan. Ziggler and Swagger scored the victory after Truth interfered, attacking Punk. A frustrated Punk called Alex Riley out to the ring. Punk and Riley demanded that HHH rehire Awesome Truth so that they could get their respective revenges on Truth and Miz, but The COO refused to give in. The two angry superstars left HHH laying in the center of the ring

The show opens with HHH coming out to the ring

HHH : Okay, last week, I invited Miz and R-Truth to Monday Night RAW, and everything got shot to hell. You saw things, that you should have never seen on a PG show, and Alex Riley was embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief, and on Superstars, he took that anger out on me when he laid me out in the center of the ring. Alex, I'm not even mad at you for the way you reacted. I understand that you're a bit frustrated, and a bit, pardon my language, butthurt after what The Miz did this past week. I'm going to admit that it was partially my fault for the way I brushed you off. I'm not going to punish you. In fact I'm going to reward you. The main event tonight was John Cena and Alex Riley teaming up to face Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger. I'm going to up the ante, and make that match a WWE Tag Team Title Match. There is one other person I'd like to address. And that is CM Punk. You see Punk, the difference between Alex Riley and yourself is that Alex laid me out in that ring out of blind rage because he was mad at someone else. You laid me out in that ring because * mocking voice * "I'm CM Punk. I do what I want." You are like a selfish, spoiled child throwing a fit in K-Mart. Charles Montgomery Punk, get your skinny fat ass out here right now! You're in big trouble young man!

* CM Punk comes out. He's mockingly walking to the ring, holding his head down like a child.

Punk : Young man? What are you gonna do? You gonna put me in time out? You gonna make me stand in the corner?

HHH : No. What I'm gonna do is put you in a match. Right now. You against the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Punk : That actually sounds like a good idea. Finally you come up with something entertaining and give me a shot at the WWE Championship.

HHH : I didn't say all that. This match is a non title match.

HHH walks out, and when he gets to the stage, Ricardo walks out on stage with a microphone in his hand. Del Rio's music plays and he introduces the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, who comes out in one of his cars.

< commercial >

Match #1
Singles Match. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) in a non-title match

After a back and forth match, Punk goes for the GTS, but R-Truth runs out and jumps on the ring apron. Punk tries to give Truth a Muay Thai kick but misses. Del Rio runs up, and enzuigiris him in the back of the head. Punk slumps across the ropes, and Del Rio grabs him and hits a bridging German suplex for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo : Su ganador, el campeon de la WWE, ALBERTOOOOOOO DELLLLL RRRRRRIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

As Del Rio celebrates in the ring, The All American Perfection and Vickie Guerrero come out. Swagger gives Truth a thumbs up and pats him on the butt while Ziggler looks on with a scowl on his face and a look of jealousy. They all head backstage together

* Meanwhile, Maryse is walking backstage, she sees Alex Riley and then stops.

Maryse : Bonjour, Alex.

Riley : What do you want?

Maryse : I've been so lonely for the past few months. I had to go into hiding, and I couldn't even see any of my family and friends at the time. I've been sitting in that safe house, watching the intensity between you and Miz for the past few months...seeing the two of you go at it...it bring back.... such fond memories of that wonderful night. I hope that you and Miz bury the hatchet, and it can be the three of us once again...

Riley : Your little boyfriend and I are not burying the hatchet, or anything else, any time soon...

Maryse : Don't be like that. Let me go talk to Miz. I'm sure I can get him to....turn around. *she winks at him. *

* Riley thinks about it for a second, and then gives her the talk to the hand sign to a huge pop. Maryse scoffs and walks away.

< commercial >

* Ziggler & Swagger are backstage arguing. Awesome Truth is with them.

Ziggler : What the hell Jack? Why do you keep bringing Thing 1 and Thing 2 into the building?

Swagger : Hey, those things have names.

R-Truth : He the Miz, I'm The Truth, we the Awesome Truth.

Swagger : And they're my friends,

Ziggler : Your friends? Miz and R-Truth are responsible for ruining my life!

Swagger : That's a lie and you know it!

Ziggler : Okay! Alex Riley ruined my life, but * points at Miz * it's your fault he's here in the first place!

Truth : Everybody calm down! Geez! It's like I'm the only sane and rational one around here. * Ziggler holds back a snicker * LEt's think about it for a second. Miz, you hate Little Jimmy Riley. And Mister Ziggles, you hate Little Jimmy Riley. So why can't we all just be one big Little Jimmy Riley hating family?

Miz : And Ziggler, don't you forget that Truth and I actually went out of our way and did something nice for you.

Ziggler : Shhhh, don't talk about that! The KID might be watching at home.

Miz : What's he gonna do? The Kid can't be any of us, much less all of us. The point is, we're all a team. So let's shake on it.

Ziggler : Fine.

* Miz and Truth each do the Awesome Truth handshake with Ziggler

Match #2.
Diva's Match. Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly.

The bell rings and Maryse quickly goes on the attack. Kelly reverses an Irish whip and whips Maryse into the corner. KElly hits the handspring elbow and then goes for the Stinkface, and Maryse dodges and starts hitting Kelly in the corner for a 5 count. She then quickly finishes Kelly off with the DDT.
Winner: Maryse

* Maryse then grabs a microphone.

Maryse : * starts talking in French *. Let's face it. I am above all of this. I am the sexiest woman here. Everybody in that locker room knows it. Look at Alex Riley. He idolize the Miz soooo much, that he want to follow in his footsteps and touch this body. I allow him to touch this body and he acts all ashamed. Do you believe that? A man like HIM, ashamed of woman like ME. It's like the Zack Ryder always say. Are you being serious bro?

King : I think it's "Are you serious, bro?"

Maryse : Beth Phoenix and Natalya. They lump all of us into one category, but * speaks French some more * I am above all the quote unquote Barbie dolls. I am above this entire circus freak show. That is why at Vengeance. I shall bid you all, adieu. For those who not understand. That means, Deuces!"

* Maryse drops the mic and leaves the ring.

< commercial >

* We get some recaps of Cena's recent string of bad luck against Jack Swagger as well as his loss last week to Dolph Ziggler.

* Michael Cole shows us some exclusive footage of a pre-taped promo made by The Rock....via satellite

Rock : John Cena! The Rock has been observing your Fruity Pebble ass over the last few weeks, and I have to say. You're in a bit of a slump. Two weeks in a row. You got raped in the ankle by The All American American American American American American *slaps himself * Jack Swagger, a giant 12 year old with Down syndrome and a foot fetish! And last week, you got beat by Dolph Ziggler, a short and stumpy little jabroni with a tiny face and a giant Jay Leno chin who uses hair bleach as if it were food and water. Which brings The Rock to his main point. John Cena, if you can't beat the Buck Wild Blond Bitch Boy Brigade, what makes you think you can go one on one with The Great One! The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment! You need to step your game up son. IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK...IS....COOKIN'!

* The commentators talk about what the Rock just said as well as Cena's misfortunes.

Match #3. Air Boom vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Otunga and McGillicutty isolate Bourne. Otunga attempts his Verdict finisher only for Bourne to counter with a tornado DDT. He tags in Kofi while Otunga tags in McGillicutty. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on McGillicutty for the win.
Winners: Air Boom

* We see the SmackDown rebound with Orton/Rhodes contract signing

* John Morrison comes out to the ring as he is scheduled to compete next.

< commercial >

12-27-2011, 03:47 AM
* Morrison is still in the ring, awaiting his opponent. Del Rio's music plays and Del Rio and Ricardo walk out to the ring and stand at ringside.

* Tyson Kidd's music plays and he comes out accompanied by Melina. Del Rio and Ricardo laugh at Morrison as he looks confused about what's going on. Morrison asks his ex girlfriend, "What are you doing here?" Melina explains, "This was the only way they'd let me come back!"

Match #4.
Tyson Kidd (w/ Melina, Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. John Morrison

These two men go back and forth with many high flying spots. Eventually, Natalya stomps her way down the ramp, pissed that Melina is out here with her man. Ricardo goes up to her to try to calm her down, but gets punched in the face. Nattie starts arguing with Melina, and Kidd tries to explain that nothing is going on. The ref is trying to get Natalya to leave. Kidd is explaining, "This was all Alberto's idea!"

Morrison dropkicks Kidd in the back, causing him to stumble and knock the ref over. While the ref is out, Del Rio comes in and nails Morrison in the head with the WWE Title belt. Kidd slowly goes for the cover on Morrison. The ref comes to and slowly makes the three count
Winner: Tyson Kidd

Nattie quickly pulls Kidd out of the ring and drags him backstage. Kidd is continuing to try to explain himself while Del Rio stands over Morrison and holds the WWE Title belt up high.

* Cena and Riley are getting ready for their match

Cena : Hey Alex, I wanted to let you know that, despite all the jokes I made about you and Miz in the past, I'm not judging. Miz can show all the freaky videos he wants, but I'll always have your back.

Riley : And despite everything the Rock said about you earlier, I have your back.

Cena *gets excited * : The Rock was here?

Riley : No.

Cena * hangs his head down * : Awwww, The Rock's never here.

Riley : Hey, don't sweat it. Tonight, we finally get to shut Ziggler and Swagger up once and for all.

Cena : You're right. I gotta forget about The Rock and focus on the task at hand. You know what the best part about tonight is. After tonight, for once, I get to be tag team champions with someone I actually like.

< commercial >

Match #5.
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (c) (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. John Cena & Alex Riley.

Ziggler & Swagger come out first to Swaggers theme, Ziggler stands over Swagger and does his hair flick as Swagger does his pushups with the pyro. Riley is out next, followed by Cena with the usual mixed reaction.

The tag champs isolate Cena for most of the match, with both of them attacking Cena's ankle to soften it up for Swagger's ankle lock. Ziggler hits the FameAsser, goes for the cover and Cena kicks out. Cena makes his Superman comeback and, does the the shoulder blocks to Ziggler and then the Protobomb. Cena tags Riley in, and Cena and Riley hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and A-Bomb elbow drop simultaneously. Vickie jumps on the apron. Cena goes over and kisses Vickie on the lips. Ziggler recovers, and whips Riley into the corner. He charges at Riley and eats a boot. While the ref is distracted, a man dressed like the "masked attacker" from Z! True Long Island Story comes in the ring, gives Riley a flying clothesline eerily similar to the one Miz does. Ziggler tags Swagger in, and they finish Riley off with The Dr. Zag.
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The All American Perfection.

After the match, Swagger, Ziggler, and the masked man begin stomping on Riley. Cena tries to help Riley, but a second masked man comes in and "Nancy Kerrigan's him" in the leg with a pipe, before tossing him into the ring, and joining in on the beat down. The two men remove their masks and it's Awesome Truth. Miz gives Riley another kiss of death before he and Truth hit the Little Jimmy's Finale on him.

Swagger puts Cena in the Ankle Lock while Ziggler puts Riley in the sleeper in the ring. A group of undercard superstars come out to try and make the save, but Miz and Truth hold them at bay with their lead pipes. HHH's music then plays and he comes out.

HHH : Okay, enough of this. You guys think you're smart with your little "Alliance to End Alex Riley" or whatever you wanna call this thing. But it ends now. Jack Swagger, you match with Cena at Vengeance is now a Submissions Count Anywhere match. * The crowd pops. * And Dolph, your little quest to get your precious United States Title back from Alex Riley just got a little bit harder. Because now, I've decided to add someone else into the mix. The man, I just rehired, The Miz! That's right. The United States Championship match at Vengeance is now a Triple Threat Match!

R-Truth : What about me?

HHH : I didn't forget about you Truth. You're rehired too. And at Vengeance you're gonna go one on one with this man!

* Cult of Personality plays and CM Punk comes out. The army of Superstars part so that Punk can meet Awesome Truth face to face.

HHH : One last thing. I hope you all kill each other. You can all go straight to hell. I'm done.

* Triple H drops the mic and walks out. Laurinaitis tries to catch up with him

Laurinaitis : Hunter! What are you doing?

HHH : I thought this was a company of men. But they're all behaving like children!

Laurinaitis : What are you saying?

HHH : I'm saying I'm done babysitting! They're your problem now!

* HHH gets in his limo and it leaves.